Hundreds of victims of state-sanctioned injustice are left hungry, thirsty and without answers in front of the Government Inspectorate in Hanoi

Live coverage from the Government Inspectorate in Hanoi.
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Activists like Huệ Như, Nguyễn Trần Công and others came to Hanoi to support victims of state-sanctioned injustice, the so-called “dân oan”. In front of the Government Inspectorate in Hanoi, they received some rice and other kinds of food from the activists. Meanwhile the dân oan ask the government to answer land seizing issues.

Hundreds of “dân oan” from all over the country came to the department of citizen reception Government Inspectorate in Hanoi to ask the government about land seizing and compensation issues. Within the dân oan are many old people, women, disabled persons and even children, sitting day and night in front of the Government Inspectorate. They all live on the streets of Hanoi as homeless people and face inhuman conditions as the government does not take care of their complaints. Even party members and government officials who were “contributing to the revolution” had their land seized and did not receive sufficient compensation. The issue seems to be unclear responsibilities. Many of the victims do not know where to file their complaint. It is common practice that the responsibilities are being shifted every time someone asks, resulting in citizens ending up not knowing what to do and not getting answers on their issues.

Police forces were mobilised to the department of citizen reception in Hanoi, fearing the protests could get out of control. In the past there were many tents in which the dân oan camped in but according to the acticist Huệ Như, those were removed in order to hinder support and charity actions by her group coming from Thái Bình province.

Nevertheless, the activist group still managed to give support to the dân oan. They rented some rooms for them to rest and handed almost a ton of rice, 90 kilograms of MSG and 180 kilograms ò stock cubes for 180 people.

The department of citizen reception of the Government Inspectorate in Hanoi is known for not being welcoming. There were many cases in the past, where citizens came all the way to Hanoi and were left without any talks and answers. A recent example are the victims of Lộc Hưng vegetable garden in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City who were not invited to come inside the citizen reception for talks.

Family members of government officials, party members, veterans and KIAs (killed in action) had their land taken away and now face unfair treatment by the government
Dozens of dân oan are sitting on the pavement in front of the Government Inspectorate in Hanoi, Vietnam
Even at high temperatures, women, children and elderly sit to wait for government reception
Amongst the dân oan are also pupils which had to pass school because their homes were taken away and now they advocate for more justice in Hanoi
Police forces and a tow truck standing in front on the Government Inspectorate in Hanoi
A police officer asks an elderly woman to move onto the pavement
Dân oan waiting in the bright sun for government reception

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