Discipline Politburo members – Party admits recession

The two party secretaries of the two largest cities of Vietnam have just been proposed by the party’s Central Inspection Committee to discipline them for big mistakes. These Communist Party secretaries have caused losses worth trillions of dong from the state budget and pushed thousands of families into misery.

Two prominent figures who have held important and powerful positions in Vietnam were asked by the Central Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) to be disciplined.

Hanoi Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai, Politburo Member, and Mr. Le Thanh Hai, former Politburo Member, former secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, were asked for disciplinary review on January 8. 20.

CPV’s Central Inspection Committee asked the Politburo to consider the discipline of Mr. Hoang Trung Hai at the 42nd meeting of the committee on January 3-8, 2020. In the previous meeting on December 4-6, 2019 in Hanoi, the committee checked for violations against the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Steel Corporation (VSC)’s Party Committee.

The conclusion of the committee is that the VSC’s Standing Committee has been irresponsible for not inspecting and supervising properly which led to many serious violations and shortcomings when implementing the second phase of production expansion project of Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Company (TISCO II).

Regarding the case that Director of Nhat Cuong Trading and Service Co., Ltd was fleeing, on the sidelines of the 11th session of Hanoi City People’s Council’s 15th term, talking to the press about the mistake related to bidding for digitized bidding packages documents for business registration in Hanoi, Secretary Hoang Trung Hai said “The city’s authorities are cooperating with the investigating agency, and the conclusions will be made by the investigating authorities.” He added “In fact, the software provides public services level 3, 4, business registration. business, business registration, online registration still work normally, the city must have a unit to manage these works.”

On the sidelines of the session, before the reporter’s question related to some officials of Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment (MPI) who had just been detained, Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung, chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee, suggested “waiting for investigation authorities to conclude.”

Currently, Mr. Bui Quang Huy, general director of Nhat Cuong Trading and Services Co., Ltd., Director of Nhat Cuong Software Solutions Co., Ltd. Is currently sought by police.

Since December 2019, the Central Inspection Committee has proposed disciplining Mr. Hoang Trung Hai for “violations and shortcomings when giving some directing comments to the TISCO II Project.”
The committee said that the violations of the VSC’s Standing Committee, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and many leaders, including Mr. Hoang Trung Hai “have adversely affected the reputation of the Party organizations to the point that discipline is required.

Mr. Hoang Trung Hai was born on September 27, 1959, from Thai Binh province, and is a member of the 14th National Assembly. He served as a deputy prime minister, and minister of Industry and Trade.

Meanwhile, Mr. Le Thanh Hai, former member of the Politburo, secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, was named as the main person responsible for the violations and shortcomings during the implementation of the project named New Urban Area in Thu Thiem.

Mr. Le Thanh Hai, born in 1950, has retired since 2016. He held the position of secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee for nearly 10 years, and before that he was chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.

The January 8 statement of the Central Inspection Committee named many senior officials of Ho Chi Minh City in the period of 2010-2016, headed by Mr. Le Thanh Hai, who “violated the principle of democratic centralism and working regulations,” irresponsibility, lack of inspection and supervision, causing many violations and shortcomings, causing very serious consequences, damaging the State’s money and properties, adversely affecting socio-economic development and the life of a part of the people in the city, causing annoyance in society” to the point needed to be disciplined.

House A8/B Luong Dinh Cua, An Khanh Ward is located on an area of 5,000m2 of Trinh Thai Bang’s family, flooded in front so the main gate is closed for many years. “At the time of planning, the compensation price was only 200,000 VND/m2, we could not accept it,” the landowner said.

Nguyen Thi Nha Khanh (A2/8B, Lien Phuong Street, Binh An Ward) said her husband Nguyen Huy Hoang has traveled to Hanoi more than 10 years to prove his land is not in the planning area. “Previously this area had a school, a health station, electricity, water … fully but a few years ago was demolished, so the lives of those who stayed behind were difficult,” she said.

Along with Mr. Hoang Trung Hai and Le Thanh Hai, many senior officials of the two cities, the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee, leaders of related companies were also disciplined or to be considered for being disciplined.

Since 2016, after being re-elected at the Party Congress, General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong has stepped up the so-called “furnace-burning campaign,” intensifying the inspection and enforcement of party discipline for many senior officials.

Two days ago, at a national online conference on January 6, Mr. Tran Quoc Vuong, permanent secretary of the party’s Secretariat, called on the party’s Internal Affairs Committee to “definitely handle serious corruption cases,” and furthering the fight against corruption.

According to this conference, in 2019, the Internal Affairs Committee participated in directing and handling 55 cases, 67 corruption cases, economic concerns that have been handled by the public opinion, in which the 49 cases were completed.

With General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong bringing the furnace from the North to the South to burn his party members, but lacking the supervision mechanism of the Three-branc power separation and democratic institutions, his works will not be effective and cannot be maintained for long time.

Boldly transform to civilized and democratic institutions, so that over 90 million Vietnamese people will burn up corrupt people and bribe with the fire of the rule of law.

Trung Nam (Da Nang) – Thoibao.de (translated)