Dong Tam: Elderly leader Le Dinh Kinh’s body with many bullet holes

After the attack of Vietnam’s Police on the people of Dong Tam in the morning of September 9, 2020, the state press finally announced that police had killed Le Dinh Kinh – a loyal member of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) with 60 years of its membership, more than that of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

An official newspaper website, VietNamNet, confirmed that the representative of Dong Tam Commune People’s Committee said that the commune had just handed over Mr. Le Dinh Kinh’s body to his family.

VietNamNet wrote “In an incident against officials on duty happened on the morning of January 9, Mr. Le Dinh Kinh died.”

“The daughter of Mr. Kinh, Ms. Le Thi Nhung is the family’s representative receiving his body.”

Mr. Le Dinh Kinh through the drawing of artist Le Sa Long

Also according to VietNamNet “Representative of Dong Tam People’s Committee also said that this afternoon, functional forces handed over Mr. Kinh’s house to his family. Mr. Kinh’s funeral will be held at Mr. Kinh’s house in Hoanh hamlet, Dong Tam commune.”

“Also on this day, 4 people were released to the local authorities, including 2 men and 2 women,” according to this news site.

Do not shoot at people

State-run media under the direction of the Communist Party, are only allowed to post news stories in the direction of serving the government, and ignore the reality.

Facebooker Pham Ngoc Hung: “The thesis of Senh field is a defense land that the government is obliged to reclaim so the responsibility of the case belongs to the people of Dong Tam is fallacious.

Fallacious argument is that the government sent police to Dong Tam to perform official duties, so the deaths were due to people resisting on duty.

Because, what is the reason to justify the government to send the regiment equipped with gun armored vehicles to ambush into the village at dawn?

What is the reason for avoiding describing the raid as a battle?

So, before discussing the right and wrong origin of the land, before saying what is the duty and against the performance of public duties, let’s recognize one of the most basic things, that is: DO NOT BACK INTO PEOPLE.”

“To blame the people of Dong Tam?”

Ms. Vu Kim Hanh, director of Business Research and Enterprise Support Center (BSA), angered:

“After months of searching, monitoring, and then planning to raid with large scale and many details, why did they let soldiers die so many? Who is responsible for these deaths? The commanders surely will not accept that their management was bad so it can only say they want to do that.

To blame the Dong Tam people and to a clan who dare to “lead” the people against them? If Mr. Kinh had been as greedy as he was described by the newspaper, why people in Dong Tam had no opinions for the past decades and did not take him to police?

Currently on social networks Facebook is spreading videos and images of Le Dinh Kinh’s body with an incision running in front of the body.

Land rights activist Trinh Ba Tu wrote on his personal Facebook page “Kinh’s left leg was broken, his head was covered with blood, there was a bullet hole in his heart, his blood covered his bed. He died at 3AM on January 9, on the second floor of his house.”

Mr. Le Dinh Kinh, the loyal party member with 60-year membership, suffered a painful and extremely brutal death from the bullets fired by his comrades from the submachine gun.

The attack of the police under the orders of the Communist Party persecuting the people of Dong Tam right at dawn of January 9 when the people from the whole commune from adults, children and women were sleeping in sleep exposed the true face of those the country’s leadership.

Now they have completely lost trust from the people and true party members. There are only the cruel faces who are ready to fire at the people of Vietnam.

Hoang Trung from Ha Noi – (translated)

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