Dong Tam: Police shoot resident – no arrest warrant

After a surprise raid at 3am of January 9, 2020 that an ordinary citizen and policemen, in the end, the Vietnamese authorities held a press conference about a serious incident in Dong Tam. Despite having fired in Dong Tam in the early hours of January 9, Vietnam’s police affirmed that they did not come here to arrest people.

At the press conference, a police general also rejected the news about the “pit of tunnel” near the wall of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh’s house.
Similar to the case in which General To Lam organized the abduction of Trinh Xuan Thanh from Germany and brought him to VTV1 to “confess,” this time the Vietnamese police also replayed a cheap screenplay and forced the arrested people to make plea on VTV.

Police enter Dong Tam village with well-trained dogs

On the morning of January 14, Deputy Minister of Public Security Luong Tam Quang informed press agencies about the progress of the Dong Tam incident that happened on the night of January 8 and the early morning of January 9.
Accordingly, on 9/1, Hanoi Police planned to deploy a number of security posts in the Senh field “to ensure the safety of commune offices, commune officials, and village cadres” when the Ministry of Defense is building fences of Mieu Mon airport in this area.
The Ministry of Public Security also identified “20 key objects to prevent.”
“When the functional forces were deployed to the points, the subjects attacked with grenades, petrol bombs, and knives. We propagated and used speakers to persuade them to give up. But the subjects were very aggressive. After the attack, they withdrew to the houses of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh and Mr. Le Dinh Cong nearby, continued to attack from inside the house,” said Quang.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Luong Tam Quang further emphasized “This was a criminal offense, so the authorities have implemented a plan to arrest them.”
Mr. Quang also confirmed “absolutely no entry to arrest,” and “no arrest warrant.”
Explaining the reason for deploying troops into Hoanh hamlet, Dong Tam commune in the early morning [around 3-4 am], Mr. Quang said the initial goal was to ensure security, safety for people and fence building.
Mr. Quang also explained the situation of “collision” that killed 3 policemen and Mr. Kinh. He said police had received an information saying the opposing individuals plotted to set fire to destroy the headquarters of the communal People’s Committee, cultural house, petrol station, and hinder the construction of fences.” Therefore, police “must arrange forces into Hoanh village to protect the construction activities.”

Mr. Le Dinh Kinh (84 years old)

Mr. Quang also said that because of the “objects that throw grenades” at the force from their home, so “the functional forces took the necessary measures” to prevent law violation.
Mr. Quang also confirmed that three police officers were killed by falling into skylights between the two houses, and that the “subjects” then set fire by throwing gasoline bottles from the second and third floors.
Mr. Quang also denied that this pit was a “trap,” adding “In that situation, police officers must shoot.”

three police officers were killed by falling into skylights between the two houses

Earlier, the state-controlled media reported that Hanoi City Police Department had decided to prosecute and detain 22 people in the incident in Dong Tam on January 9.
But people in Dong Tam described differently about this incident. You should watch a video recording the moment the police forces started their attacks at 3am of January 9.

On the evening of January 13, the three members of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh’s family, Le Dinh Cong, Le Dinh Doanh and Le Dinh Quang, and a Dong Tam resident, appeared with bruised faces on VTV channel to make confessions.
Twenty people, including three members of Mr. Kinh’s family named Le Dinh Chuc, Le Dinh Cong and Le Dinh Uy, were charged with “murder.”

Two people were accused of resisting law enforcement officers: Le Dinh Hien and Bui Viet Tien.
Thanh Nien newspaper also reported that Hanoi Police Department is also holding subjects Nguyen Xuan Dieu, Tran Thi Phuong and Dao Thi Kim and Nguyen Thi Dung. The first three may be charged with the first allegation while the remaining one is under threat of being charged with the second accusation.

According to Luan Le Lawyer, pleading guilty on television is an “irregular” practice. On his personal Facebook, Luan Le wrote:
Confession on TV is an unethical and convicting act. It does not guarantee evidence to be used in the case, even if it is a proof of the violation at a certain stage of the proceedings. Confession on television also makes the nature of the case misunderstood, the evidence changed and the conviction becomes obvious. It is a violation of the principle of innocent assumption.”
All evidence and evidence must go through a proceeding process and will only be reviewed directly at the trial rather than the police. The police only collect and assess at their stage, so it is still not guaranteed to be a solid evidence for conviction but must be defended in court.

Thus, the Ministry of Public Security has come up with an interpretation that contradicts to its previous explanations of the Dong Tam case. The initial statement, released on January 9, claimed that the police forces was attacked while protecting off the fence but now is deploying a number of barricades in the village and being attacked at the posts.

The reason for the change was because information on social networks showed that at 4 am of January 9, a police force with thousands of policemen opened a raid in Hoanh village, about 3 km far from the airport fence.

The following is a video recording the scene where the police attacked the people of Dong Tam while local residents were sleeping, in the morning of September 9, 2020.

The inconsistent and ever-changing information of the Vietnamese police increasingly accuses the true face of the legal protection body that has become the most corrupt and violating organization.
The Communist Party of Vietnam and its government are also deeply divided over the acts of thugs and unlawful acts of the police forces headed by General To Lam. He must be fully responsible for the death and pain of the suffering people of Dong Tam

General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong always said “Build a socialist rule of law state.” Now millions of Vietnamese and the international community have seen the true face of the model of communism brought from the Soviet Union was utterly miserable.

The rich and corrupt Party and State officials are willing to take cruel actions against the Vietnamese people.

Trung Hieu from Hochiminh city, (translated)

Source: BBC

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