Dong Tam case: 3 policemen fell into the pit and hit explosives

Police enter Dong Tam villager with well trained dogs

Vietnam’s Police mobilized more than 3,000 troops to sweep the Dong Tam raid, which led to disaster for both citizens and the authorities. The lie of the authorities and the media in the country has made things more serious.

Vietnamese newspapers including Soha and VTC reported a group of “officials and people from Hoanh village, Dong Tam commune, My Duc district” paid the final tribute to 3 police officers who “sacrificed on duty” in Dong Tam commune.

Activist Trinh Ba Phuong

But activist Trinh Ba Phuong said that this information is not true:

Today the party newspaper posted this picture saying that the people of Hoanh village came to mourn the death of three soldiers (in fact, they fell into a sky well when they rushed to kill people at night).
Actually, the people are from Thuong Lam commune, a commune adjacent to Dong Tam.
Here are the names and positions of the four dummy names disguised as villagers:

  1. Nguyen Van Binh, wearing a yellow shirt, is the chairman of the veteran soldiers’ organization.
  2. Trinh Xuan Hien, the police chief.
  3. Deputy police chief Nguyen Manh Huong, phone number.097 4223266
  4. Trinh Van Tan is the secretary of the Youth Communist Delegation.
    This is information from the people of Dong Tam sent to me.”
Police and officials in civil cloths disguised as villagers mourning in funeral

Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang shared:
Before police launched the bloody attack in Dong Tam, local residents recognized that army units collected a drone in the area, and during the attack, there would be numerous drones with cameras used by the police forces to serve for their attack which aimed to kill Mr. Le Dinh Kinh.”

For several days the Ministry of Public Security has been constantly drawing different scenarios about the attack and the cause of the death of the three policemen, showing that they do not hold any videos that are beneficial to them, nor have videos proving that the three police officers were burned.
There are only videos showing people’s defenses in their house, closed doors and weak self-defense of Mr. Kinh’s family in front of a powerful army with all kinds of aggressive weapons to kill.

Activist Bui Thi Minh Hang added:

“VTV’s use of the testimonies of those arrested (without witness of family-designated lawyer, signs of torture, coerced confession) is further confirmed this hypothesis.
Looking closely at this hole, I saw no sign of having enough fire to burn 3 people at the same time, the amount of oxygen under the hole was not enough to burn instantly at 3 people, 4 sides of the pit walls were not smoky and the wall does not show signs of peeling due to fire. However, the need to reconstruct the scene under international supervision will reveal the truth. When setting up the scene, there must also be medical, fire and thousands of people behind ready to assist in the rescue.
If the Ministry of Public Security did not dare to reconstruct the scene and invite international supervisors to directly supervise it, then the only way to continue thinking of another scenario about the death of 3 police officers.”

“Another problem is that the cause of Kinh’s death was clearly due to 4 bullets, so what is the police purpose for the autopsy of his body.
If it aims to get bullets only to delete the evidence, all they need to do is to make surgery at the bullet wound.
Police did Kinh’s fast autopcy without the consent of his family but they did not publicize the forensic record of the three policemen who died, if there were any injuries, the cause of death? due to injury before fire (if any) or other causes.”

Activist Bui Thi Minh Hang

Currently the EU is proposing to meet with the Deputy Minister of Public Security regarding the Dong Tam case. Let’s wait and see if the Ministry of Public Security has a scenario that can see through the European Union.

The Dong Tam incident, which occurred on January 9, was described by the Ministry of Public Security as the most recent on January 14 as the “suppression against law violators. In this case, three policemen were killed, and a local resident, Mr. Le Dinh Kinh, was shot dead. The context that led to the deaths of 4 people is still unknown.

The root cause of the incident was a “defense land” dispute adjacent to Mieu Mon Airport between residents and authorities for many years.

Reporting on the funeral of “3 martyrs sacrificed in Dong Tam,” the Vietnamese press said that the Ministry of Public Security “solemnly organized according to the rituals of the People’s Public Security Forces” at the National Funeral House in Hanoi.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and “many leaders of party committees and organizations” attended the funeral of three police officers, reports said.

A retired police officer said three police officers died in Dong Tam on January 9 amid the siege of his home Le Dinh Kinh, not “chasing criminals.

The former officer, who asked not to be named, said “Those policemen fell into the pit by climbing on the roof of Mr. Kinh’s house, then jumping to the house next door. All three jumped. But the roof next to the house was too weak and collapsed, so three people fell into a hole between the two houses.”

The loud noises stimulated “Mr. Kinh’s descendants” to react in the midst of their encirclement, which led them to “throw the burning petrol bottle into the pit,” the former police officer said.

Police attacked to Dong Tam in early morning

“So the mobile police outside used explosives to destroy Mr. Kinh’s wall, then rushed to shoot him to death,” an anonymous source told the international media.

“In this case, the fixed assets showed that they both had poor reconnaissance and had a bad job, relying only on their number,” the former officer commented.

Vietnamese police were extremely barbaric when Le Dinh Kinh was shot dead with 4 bullets, then they operated on the revolutionary old veteran revolutionary with nearly 60 years of party’s membership.

3 police fell into this hole and burned died

After killing Le Dinh Kinh, Mr. General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Minister of Public Security To Lam proved very happy, calling on people to follow and learn bloody police officers.

The truth was revealed, this could be a brutal drama to confront the people, which was built by the Communist Party.

The closer to the 13th Party Congress of the Communist Party, the more dangerous happenings across the country, the most disadvantaged, suffering and deadly are the people of Vietnam.

The screen of land robbery, competition for power within the Party seems to be taking place drastically to eliminate each other mercilessly.

Even the old revolutionary with nearly 60 years of party’s membership like Mr. Le Dinh Kinh was also killed by the party’s top officials.

That is also a sign of the end stage of the communism that perish in Vietnam.

Trung Nam from Da Nang – (translated)

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