Dong Tam case: New terrified images in Mr. Le Dinh Kinh’s bedroom

In the morning of January 18, 2020, at 7:30 am – A newsletter continues to shock the social network with images that have never been published, this can be considered the most accurate evidence of the murder committed by Vietnam’s police under Minister To Lam’s supervision.

This is a picture of the chamber where Mr. Le Dinh Kinh slept on the night of September 9, 2020 and was killed with four shots

The original image shows solid blood clots (the image has blurred the blood spot) at the corner of the chamber.

This position may be the place where Mr. Kinh fell and was taken out by police, but the wound has bleed a lot here.

The incident has passed more than a week but looking back is still frightening because the way policemen executed so cruelly the 84-year-old resident who was beaten by the My Duc district police three years earlier.

The room where Mrs. Kinh slept was disturbed with scattered clothes and blankets falling to the ground. But in particular, the wardrobe was rattled and a small chest of important papers was opened. Not sure what the police searched and what they took.

A wardrobe was opened with clothes falling out. Next to it is a chest (small trunk) like a wooden place where the documents are rummaging up and left next to the bed. A thick blanket fell down near the bed.

Although the state-run media has published a lot of articles about the attack in Dong Tam on January 9, the scenarios for the death of 3 riot policemen are still not tight, leaving many questions unanswered.

The image of a 4-meter deep gap where all 3 riot policemen reportedly fell and died in a fire.

As for Le Dinh Kinh’s death, they almost did not mention it, although the family members let the media know freely that he died with four shots on his head and his left leg almost broken. The only detail reported by the newspapers was that Kinh held a hand grenade during an autopsy.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Luong Tam Quang at the press conference in the morning of January 14 said:
“When we build (the fence of Mieu Mon airport) to the area of ​​Dong Tam commune, these people will strongly resist, buy petrol bombs, make homemade weapons, iron tubes with a launcher in a bid to fight back the police forces.

Then Mr. Quang said:
When working groups were en route to deploying the posts, more than 20 local residents attacked the police forces with grenades, gasoline bombs, with rudimentary weapons, using iron tubes and knives to launch pigs to attack functional forces.”

But the truth is, the Vietnam Police has infiltrated Dong Tam commune early in the morning 9.1.2020 to raid, beat up while people were sleeping – invite you to watch the video that Dong Tam people have recorded at the time there.

What did the police find out when searching the chest of Kinh’s documents?

This is a picture outside the front door of Mr. Kinh’s house with two bullet marks shot straight across the upper body of the person standing, the bullet wound at the position of light blue glass.

The news of young activist Trinh Ba Tu recorded on Facebook personally as follows: The scene of Le Dinh Kinh’s room was murdered by communist troops

Terrible injuries on Kinh’s body, they shot him twice in his head, once in his heart and once in his foot, the wounds also showed that they tortured before killing him.

Police destroyed Kinh’s house in a bid to steal documents which would prove that 59 hectares of Dong Senh land is agricultural land of Dong Tam people.

They killed Mr. Kinh in his bedroom, but they said he went to Senh field about 3 km away to disturb the fence’s construction workers.

Earlier the state-run newspapers had reported that Mr. Kinh died but only briefly said that he was involved in “resisting the people on duty.”

In the morning of January 14, Deputy Minister of Public Security Luong Tam Quang talked with the press about what happened in Hoanh village (Dong Tam commune, My Duc district, Hanoi).

Absolutely no newspaper has mentioned bullet wounds all over his body although after executing him, police conducted autopsy without having approval from his family. No one has been officially publicized the cause of his death.

On January 14, 2020, the Ministry of Public Security said that it released information about Dong Tam case in which they mentioned the deaths of three police officers but not the causes of the death of 84-year-old Le Dinh Kinh.

The newly released image from Trinh Ba Phuong’s Facebook page reaffirms the hypothesis that Kinh was executed right in his bedroom, right on his bed.

This is a newly released image showing the riot police wearing special little-seen clothing with knee guards, shin guards, shields and batoons

The riot policemen then rummaged through the room to seek documents they wanted. In the end, they carried Mrs. Kinh’s body out and arrested his wife Du Thi Thanh.

Trinh Ba Tu notes that “The bedroom, where Mr. Kinh was brutally murdered, they ransacked the room to steal documents proving that 59 hectares of Dong Senh land is agricultural land of Dong Tam people.”

The close-up images of Kinh’s wounds can make everyone feel shocked.

This is a picture of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Minister of Public Security To Lam met to praise the Riot Police Force for completing the task in Dong Tam.

The video images taken when Mr. Kinh’s grandchildren wash off his body show that Kinh’s head has blood stains above the ears about 10cm to the back, probably the bullet wound shot here.

The bullet wound on the left chest is very small and compact, proving that the killer had put the gun in very close.

The biggest injury was the left leg under the knee, which accounted for more than half of the shin radius, the bone of the shin bone that was adjacent to the knee was gone, proving to be extremely impacted. The possibility of multiple hits or slashes was the result of such a large wound.

His family is still suffered from his death, the social network was stunned to receive the news that Vietcombank bluntly blocked VND528 million ($22,500) contributed by Vietnamese people worldwide for Mr. Le Dinh Kinh’s family.

Hanoi-based activist Nguyen Thuy Hanh with the 50K Fund is helping hundreds of prisoners of conscience and their families.

Two days earlier, Mrs. Hanh publicized her account in Vietcombank to receive donations for Mr. Kinh’s family.

Activist Trinh Ba Tu at noon on January 17 posted an urgent new as follows: Mrs. Hanh was under de facto house arrest for more than a week immediately after the Dong Tam deadly attack started, when policemen withdrew from the building where she lives with her family, Hanh went to Vietcombank’s branch in the morning of January 17 to withdraw the money from the community to support Mr. Kinh’s family.

But the bank informed Ms. Hanh that her account was blocked, Hanh asked but the bank refused to give the reason. The bank gave her a bank statement of more than VND528 million ($22,500) contributed by about 700 people.

The social media reaction was fierce with thousands of people calling for a boycott and withdrawing all money from Vietcombank starting Monday next week. Some people take videos and take photos of them cutting and breaking Vietcombank ATM cards. Vietcombank’s Fan Page on Facebook was also locked for only a short time later.

Although Le Dinh Kinh’s funeral has passed nearly a week, the threatening atmosphere still covers Hoanh village in Dong Tam commune and independent journalists have not been able to come to the scene.

The riot police are blocking the way to Dong Tam commune on September 9, 2020

Meanwhile, people in Dong Tam commune, continue to live in the atmosphere of “tension” with heavy presence of police. A number of activists and observers from Vietnam quoted people speaking to the BBC on Saturday.

“It is not clear whether there will be more arrests, but summoning and searching is definitely possible There are summons and intimidation“, activist Trinh Ba Tu told BBC News Vietnamese on January 18.

“I received this news this morning as people did not say anything about the upcoming Lunar New Year. There is the atmosphere of terror, people were summoned and threatened. People did not dare say publicly how they were specifically threatened for fear of being identified, afraid of being revealed.

Activist Trinh Ba Tu said that “The security officers are deployed across the commune, sitting at the crossroads, the shops, it is not clear which part they belong to, they wear plain clothes.”

Mr. Trinh Ba Phuong, added:
The police are still pursuing very harshly, many are arrested again, rather than just the number of people arrested as of the first day (January 9). They are still pursuing to such an extent that it is almost impossible. who to contact with anyone in Dong Tam.

The additional campaign took place immediately after returning Mr. Kinh’s body and the first thing they started was to send troops into the village to arrest them, for several days they went to arrest, currently it is not possible to statistically count how many people were arrested, it is the villagers themselves who cannot know who is arrested.

Some people had to leave the locality, so they did not know if anyone had left the locality, or if anyone had been arrested. The current situation is that the people of Dong Tam are very panicked.

People in Dong Tam are still threatened, so there are still many truths that have not been published yet, but thousands of Dong Tam people still keep and will continue to announce to wake up 90 million Vietnamese people at home and abroad about the brutal Communist regime led by Nguyen Phu Trong. The regime’s use of guns to kill people is the most obvious sign of the time when the Communist Party’s doom is imminent.

Trung Hieu from Hochiminh city – (translated)

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