Dong Tam case: Trong and Phuc were afraid of being overthrown by people

Explanating of the Dong Tam case, a domestic expert had such a view. This can be said as a realistic perspective.
Dr. Giao explained the communist government’s fear of people quite logically by comparing with the case of thousands of people who had revolted in Thai Binh province.

Associate Professor, Dr. Hoang Ngoc Giao, Director of Institute of Policy, Law and Development Studies of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA).

Police Force set up Guard Point in Dong Tam

Professor Giao said the clash that killed Le Dinh Kinh and three policemen in Dong Tam commune, My Duc district, Hanoi, reflects the “unconfidence” and “fear of people” psychology of the government.

Dr. Giao said: “From the perspective of the authorities, it seems that Le Dinh Kinh’s remarks are peaceful, but Mr. Le Dinh Cong’s remarks seem to be a challenge to the government and that challenge scared the government, making it worried that the farmers in Dong Tam would become an opposing group and fight against the government.

The first uprising in Thai Binh, consisting of about 3,000 farmers in Quynh Phu, was an organized demonstration. During the two days of June 26 and 27, 2017 in several other districts protests broke out. In Dong Cuong commune, Dong Hung district, farmers violently attacked commune officials who were considered corrupt ones.

The culmination of this wave of violent attacks was Thai Thinh, Thai Tan and My Loc communes in Thai Thuy district. Thousands of people flocked to the local government headquarters, initially questioning and pursuing the commune leadership, then smashing the headquarters, houses, confiscating properties, assaulting commune officials. Most of the attacked commune officials fled. The remaining people must use the form of self-defense with weapons and the support of relatives and neighbors.

According to a source, between three and five local leaders died in June after being beaten by crowds for allegedly stealing taxpayer money. On the protesters side, more than 100 people are said to be organizers, were arrested and imprisoned after the government took control. It is reported that some of them were secretly killed in prison.

The Thai Binh case was smoothly solved by the right decision of Mr. Vo Van Kiet, who was the Vietnamese prime minister at that time, and imcumbent PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc seems rather clumsy and lacked real rights.

Dr. Giao said: “In recent days, if we noticed, many articles talked about stories in Thai Binh to compare with the story in Dong Tam. But then, by the story of former Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Cong Tan and Mr. Pham The Duyet – then the Fatherland Front president, the government at that time handled the problem very gently.

If the government is so afraid of public criticism and is so scared that it must go beyond behavior such as self-defense or prevention to deal with … it is a completely wrong method from the government,” Dr. Giao explained.

It can be said that it will lead to unpredictable consequences and indeed it has brought already, only the words of the people, but that has turned into a call of repression and deaths of ordinary people and police officers.

My advice to the government is to calm down, find solutions, how to ease the pain of Dong Tam, how to further strengthen people’s trust. The government should not use tricks and conceal the information about Dong Tam incident.

At certain levels, it is necessary to make these things transparent, as well as to handle them wisely, in order the government to get benefit, that is the first idea.

Secondly, in the long run, I think that the root story is still the story of the entire people’s ownership of land in the Vietnamese Constitution, and from there it comes to land law. The regime needs to amend the Constitution and laws in the way to recognize the private ownership of land.

National Assembly member Duong Trung Quoc speaking about Dong Tam prior to the incident on January 9. Mr. Duong Trung Quoc said “It should be seen as a crisis of trust, not merely a criminal case.

Everything that happens there is one element that I see the National Assembly, the Government, the responsible agencies to pay attention to, that is, the complaints of the people are not paid attention, reviewed promptly, to accumulate, becoming a phenomenon “water breaking the shore.”

I say this because up to this point, Hanoi City as well as the Government have been closely guiding the settlement of Dong Tam case, but for the past 2 and a half months, the people of Dong Tam have related recommendations to the conclusions of the Hanoi Inspectorate that has not been answered by any agency, including the prime minister. Do we have to repeat the same thing?

Dr. Giao said “It is impossible for the current situation to be called the land of public ownership, but actually it empowers a number of civil servants and at the same time stands behind businesses that take advantage to use their rights and administrative force to deprive people of the land ownership.”

Regarding the fatalities in the raid on January 9, Dr. Giao commented “First of all comment on the deaths, the fatalities on both sides, from the side of the police, as well as the people and especially Mr. Le Dinh Kinh, I found that this was a huge loss not only for family members, but also for the pain for all of us.”

With Kinh, we are clear that he is a citizen and even a loyal party member with 58-year membership, a peaceful opponent of the land, he is obviously very painful.

Dr. Giao said “Secondly, for the deaths of three police officers, I also have a touching, a pity for these soldiers who are on duty, but that mission is not worth doing.

The task of going to suppress people is not a worthwhile task. If only these three police soldiers joined a force to suppress a group of drug-trafficking criminals or mafia but sacrifice is obviously of immense value,

But here they have to make sacrifices, can I use a word that their sacrifice seems to not know what its purpose is, does it make sense or not? I feel the sacrifice of life.

Dr. Tran Tuan, a policy and social critic from the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), expressed his views on how to solve the Dong Tam case:

In terms of solutions, we must always be in the right mind to think that crises should not be allowed to happen in row. Because the current solution is pushing the crisis further and disaster heavier, in all respectives.

Why, because up to this point on the government is the state agency to solve this case, especially our state media (Vietnam), we feel that bringing it to the people is in the old way, given that the people of Dong Tam opposed the government with violence, so it was necessary to organize the January 9 campaign and treat them like criminals and at the same time to conduct criminal trials, and then introduce various forms of confession.

Dr. Tran Tuan said that the government is striving to prove that it is doing right, but it will lead to greater tragedy.

The Vietnamese authorities through more than 800 state-run media outlets are trying to propagate that it is right as they shot and killed revolutionary Le Dinh Kinh who is with 58-year party membership. This will lead to serious consequences in the coming time.

The countries under the communist regime are the same everywhere, they are always extremist and cause harm to the people in those countries until the complete collapse.

The crime of the Vietnamese government in Dong Tam has triggered hatred from the people with this regime, like a giant bomb chain, exploded in Ba Dinh to bury the unjustly communist regime in Vietnam.

Hoang Trung from Ha noi – (translated)

Source: BBC

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