Strange story: The Party wants to form a “Communist ethnic group”

Dr. Nhi Le, former deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Review

The title of an article in the Vietnamese newspaper of author Nhi Le said that the Communist Party “increasingly deserves to become a nation” has caused a lot of controversy on its social networks.
Nhi Le is a former deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Review, an agency specializing in the theory of the Communist Party.

The article on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 2, 1930-2020) by Nhi Le offers a striking proposition: “In general, the Party must constantly become a nation by itself. That is the aspiration of our nation 90 years ago, when the Party was born, as it is today.”

The author also said that national institutions revolved around three important issues: the Party, the rule of law and the Civil Rights. The idea that comes from the Platform of the Next Party followed by the Law and then by Civil Rights, all three elements are important.
He upheld morality and raised a number of serious issues which he referred to as a moral category: “It should be emphasized that corruption, in other words, theft, is a terrible immorality. The child steals petty, big, to carve the national treasury of trillions of dong; burial of conscience then “piety”, “piety”, that is stealing position, stealing “seats”, titles, and the most dangerous is stealing trust.”

The introduction has a saying about the urgency of the present moment – “never as it is now“, referring to the ruling party, that “people’s hearts must be cherished, cared for and glorified immeasurably” so can only talk about continuing to build our Party ethical and civilized

The logic and layout of the article are quite devious and heavy about words praising the Party. But it is possible to understand Dr. Nhi Le with the saying: “Never as now, the country, the people, the party is as beautiful as now” – so some people speculate that Dr. Nhi Le is the author of recent speeches for General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong also made many humorous statements to millions of people such as:
 “Dark clouds cover the globe but the sun is still shining on Vietnam.”
That: “Our party has unrivaled power, no force can stop it
And “… with all the modesty of the revolutionaries, it can be said that our country has never had the opportunity, potential, prestige and position it is today.”
… there is hardly any nation in the world when it comes to the ruling Party, the people have the respect, pride and love of the Vietnamese people towards the Communist Party of Vietnam.”
… international friends admire, admire and look forward to learning from Vietnam’s experience.”
In the spring of 90, our nation has the Party leading the way, inspecting and bringing our country’s revolutionary cause to one success to another one.”

In Vietnam, there is no other political force, other than the Communist Party of Vietnam, has enough bravery, wisdom, experience, prestige and ability to lead the country

The article entitled “The Party deserves to become more and more national”

This work is about the role of the Communist Party as “rising to become a leading force in the nation” but never “becoming a nation.”

There is also an opinion like Ngoc Nguyen Van on Facebook wrote that this title will lead to two interpretations: “First, the nation is being partyized. Second: the writers don’t understand what it means to be a nation, what a political party is.”

There are people sharing on Facebook that “In the great family of ethnic groups in Vietnam, now the Communist Party is biggest only after the Kinh.”

Nguyen Hieu wrote in BBC News’s Facebbook Vietnamese: “In general, I don’t understand anything. So a non-party person is not a nation’s member? Again, so what was the Party so far more worthy now ??? Oh my headache.”
Duclong Hoang commented:
… the Party as a nation is not true both scientifically and in practice. Only those who are anesthetized by a skull will have such unrealistic ideas.”

Facebooker Vu Hoang Hung wrote: “Most likely, my generation is outdated. Yesterday read the online newspaper also thought they typed wrong. Today, I saw a newspaper on paper and I saw that Vietnamese language and grammar now are not like what I have learned under the school … socialism in the period of centralized socialism.”

This Facebooker comment added: “The Party is a political component. Ethnicity represents a social race. One can say that the people of Vietnam, the people of Thailand, the people of France … or in our country, there are Kinh people, the Muong people … no one is called the Communist ethinic people, the Democratic ethnic people, nor the Republic ethnic people.

Journalist Doan Bao Chau commented: “I read without understanding this headline. The party is a political organization, no matter how many years exist, it is still a political organization. And the Vietnamese people are a nation that has existed for many thousands of years. So how did the party become a nation?

Vietnam now has 90 million people, so why does an organization of several million party members become a nation? So if the party becomes a nation, where is the people? At this rate, we will equate the party and the people again.”

Picture of some senior government officials and Police General imprisoned for corruption

By definition, an ethnic group is a community of people who share a common language, territory, economy, and cultural tradition. Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, is it not clear which Nhi Le wants the party to become? Or do you want the party to become the 55th ethnic group?

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chu poses the question: Does the party commend or harm the party? Dr. Chu had to call to heaven after reading Dr. Nhi Le’s article: “My God! This is the Investment Review – written by Dr. Nhi Le: ‘The Party itself deserves to become more and more national’ – ‘It’s the way the Party deserves to become the people‘ …

Why is it so vague? How did the party become an ethnic group? Or did Mr. Nhi Le force all Vietnamese to become party members? Or expeling 90 million Vietnamese who are not party members to go to other countries to live?
A cliché article with nonsense words. An article full of grammatical errors. An article that the Literature teachers will red brick everywhere! Could the party members read to see if Mr. Nhi Le praised the party as such could make the party more glorious

Currently, the Communist Party of Vietnam has 5.2 million party members, out of a population of 96.2 million (2019’s Consensus).

On average, each of the 19 Vietnamese people, including children, has a communist party member, while all costs of this organization are taken from the national budget.

The number of Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s members is close to that of some European countries like Slovakia and Finland.
However, this rate is less in Vietnam than in China where there are 90 million Communist Party members over 1.4 billion people, ie one out of every 15 residents.

When the Communist Party of Vietnam was established, the whole Party had only 310 members (according to Nguyen Ai Quoc’s report to the Communist International on February 18, 1930).
It is also necessary to recognize more clearly the motives of the party members who are part of the Party’s revolutionary ideology, the people, the country or their positions and interests.
For many years, the ruling Communist Party in Vietnam has focused on internal, internal ‘disciplinary’ disciplinary measures.

However, Vietnam does not currently have an independent mechanism for the people to vote and decide the ruling of the Communist Party members, who are favored politically and economically.

In fact, Dr. Nhi Le’s article is in the line of ‘ethical calling’ thinking and expects the Party to correct itself, but the words of praise are raised excessively, causing public opinion.

Despite taking over 90 million Vietnamese people, the CPV’s leaders seem to be increasingly showing paranoia and ostentatiousness to promote the outdated and miserableism, continue to deceive the people, but it has completely failed because the people’s intellectual is very high, they know themselves to realize the truth.

The only and meaningful thing the party can do now is to disband and hand over the authority to the people.

Thu Thuy from Hochiminh – (Translated)