Putting Party documents into the Temple of Literature – Phu Trong wants to “save name”?

Literatural epitaphs in Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam stele was erected for nearly 300 years, including 82 steles and engraved epitaphs with the name of Confucianist scholars in Vietnam

After praising the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) as great one, General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong compared the party’s document to the literatural epitaph.

Mr. Trong’s internal anti-corruption campaign made him officially praised by the Vietnamese media as a “great furnace burner” in early 2018.
Vietnamese newspapers often publish many impressive directing statements of General Secretary and President Trong.

Most recently, on Feb 14, Trong used the term “epitaph” to comment on completing the draft of the 13th CPV’s Congress scheduled in 2021.

Referring to the motto of listening to grassroots party congresses to contribute ideas, Mr. Trong, a professor of ‘building the Party’ reminded the editor of the document to be brave.

According to him, it must be considered “the Party’s document as the epitaph left forever.“, He implies that the Party document is a crystalline mind, very valuable for later generations to collect learning and can be engraved into stone epitaphs …
The reception of comments is not simple, easy on both sides, not absorbing is also wrong, but saying what is imbibed right is wrong.”
Earlier, on Feb 3, the Vietnamese newspaper extensively published Trong’s praise for his party:
With all the modesty of the revolutionaries, we can still say: Our party is truly great! My people are truly heroes!
The official media in Vietnam said the speech was read “in the atmosphere of excitement, pride, emotion to welcome the new spring is also the party’s 90th Anniversary.”

However, public opinion in this country and the world at the same time is very worried about corona virus spreading from China.

The defendants in the AVG case that Trong said was a great success and proudly said: “Never has revoked such a large asset”

The somewhat unexpected way of speaking, contrary to normal logic may be the way Mr. Trong uses to awaken the daily mindset of his comrades.

Vietnam is believed to have a young population, and a large number of young people with thoughts far different from the ‘revolutionary’ generation and admiring non-political system figures.
Mr. Trong’s sentences are often shared on social networks, with criticisms and compliments, but nonetheless create public opinion.
As at the end of 2019, when talking about the serious criminal cases like the AVG case, Mr. Trong was quoted as saying that after the AVG case, there were still many cases to be continued.
He also said “all the defendants argued at first, but later they admitted [for wrongdoings].
The defendants sent to prison also thank us.”
The head of the Party, the State emphasized, in fact, “we have never accused state cadres of giving and accepting bribes because they wrongdoing were classified as irresponsible, violating that and that caused serious consequences … It has never been such a large asset, and I remember rightly, it was more than VND8.5 trillion ($366 million).

Mr. Trong with the saying “Anti-corruption” must be like brushing your teeth, washing your face every day “)

He asked: “For example, in Ho Chi Minh City, what will it be like in ten years, 15 years from now? Can you figure it all out? What will Hanoi be like?
More broadly, he wondered: “What is our country going to 2030?
He also turned to the issue of “industrialized countries” that his predecessor- General Secretary Nong Duc Manh said in 2006 that by 2020, Vietnam will achieve:
… We have determined that by 2020 our country will basically become an industrialized country in the direction of modernity, has it become an industrialized country in the modern direction? Have to change, don’t use that word anymore.”
Then he asked himself again: – What is it going to be?
And he commented, “It is very difficult, comrades, both theoretical and practical, to have a very deep understanding of reality, both domestically and internationally.

Perhaps Mr. Trong implies that the goal of bringing Vietnam to become an industrialized nation by 2020 has failed, that is the end of a dream of will. Because when asking questions about 2030, he himself did not dare to say too much as before, General Secretary Nong Duc Manh once boldly declared that, when Vietnam was in 2020 but still a backward country, many fields poorer than both Laos and Cambodia

Need to prevent the boredom of the Party, the Youth Union, the political difficulties, prevent the situation of alienation, damage, unstable ideology, fighting with each other …

In general, before the major political events he directed, Trong had simple speeches, strong verbs to help the public understand the problem.
In June, for example, he himself said that “the arrangement of the police apparatus is very formidable.”

Earlier, the Vietnamese press simultaneously posted his words in April 2018 that “anyone who is corrupt and indigo has to handle thoroughly.”
More than 5 years ago, in May 2015, Mr. Trong, then just the General Secretary of the Party, told Hanoi voters about the pairing of Party and government positions:
The secretary and president is too big, who controls?”
But in October 2018, he held both the position of President and General Secretary of the Party.
Also in 2018, on the occasion of the New Year, Mr. Trong (born April 1944) was officially praised by the Vietnamese media as a “great furnace burner.”

General secretaries of the ruling CPV

After missing for a while, suddenly on Jan 20, General Secretary Trong reappeared to make a funny statement: “There are few ruling parties in the world loved by people like ‘My party’ .”
Mr. Trong explained, it is thanks to the spirit of “self-criticism and criticism” that “there is hardly any nation in the world when it comes to the ruling Party, the people are devoted to a respect, pride and love. like the Vietnamese people to the CPV.”
The interview with Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong was launched at a time when the public was still relentless in criticizing the Communist Party and the Vietnamese government for the “heartless act” when conducting raids in Dong Tam just before the traditional Lunar New Year of the nation, killing 84-year-old revolutionary Le Dinh Kinh and arrested dozens of young men and women here.

It can be said that there has never been a time when the Vietnamese people have resentment against the Communist Party like now.

Yet General Secretary Trong can still say that his party is more popular than any ruling party in the world, knowing that the General Secretary’s perception is a serious problem. .

The atmosphere is thick in the center of Hanoi capital because of fine dust

At the end of 2019, when the country and people were suffering from natural disasters, and China annexed its territory in the economic zone of Vietnam, Mr. Trong was still confused with the sentence with saying: ‘Dark clouds cover the globe but the sun is still shining in Vietnam’.
The comment of the CPV’s General Secretary escapes a fact every day, that any citizen who looks up at the sky of Saigon and Hanoi can see that the dust is covering the sun. Sai Gon, Hanoi due to frequent pollution levels which pose a danger to health and life.

From the direct sense to the worry of snoring, pork price hike, leading to the price of many other items, people are more and more skeptical about the sun that is shining. ? Or is it an illusion, perhaps because he used too much Korean ginseng, Chinese high medicine after the stroke?
In fact, this is a judgment of some experts who prefer to use sweet words to the Vietnamese regime at the World Bank. However, the head of the party did not distinguish between flattering and middle-hearted, so he took care of these words, Vietnamese people.

Trong speaking on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the CPV’s establishment

On the 90th anniversary of the founding of the party, Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong continued to be highly inspired:
That: “Our party has unrivaled power, nothing can be prevented
And “… with all the modesty of the revolutionaries, it can be said that our country has never had the opportunity, potential, prestige and position as it is today.”

… there is hardly any nation in the world when it comes to the ruling Party, the people are devoted to the respect, pride and love as the Vietnamese people towards the Communist Party of Vietnam.” “… international friends admire and look forward to learning from Vietnam’s experience.” “In the spring of 90, our nation has the Party leading the way, inspecting and bringing our country’s revolutionary career to success and success.”

In Vietnam, there is no other political force, other than the CPV, has enough bravery, wisdom, experience, prestige and ability to lead the country” …
Master Nguyen Tien Trung commented that: “Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong is a professor and doctor of the Party building industry, meaning he has been trained in social sciences. In fact, natural sciences and social sciences are based on very strict statistics, not what he said.”

Hoang Lan from Ha Noi – Thoibao.de (Translated)