Thai female tourists loses curls after asking local Vietnamese people to line up

Thai female tourist Warakorn Kulsawad before and after the incident in which her nose was scratched

The social network has spread photos and videos of two Thai female tourists abused by a Vietnamese woman for asking them to queue.

The incident took place in the sculpture tunnel tourist area in Da Lat operated by Sao Da Lat JSC

Representative of Sao Da Lat JSC confirmed that – on Feb 17, there was a scuffle between a Vietnamese and a Thai tourist group at about 10:30.
A representative of the company said that when Thai tourists were lining up to take photos at the Infinity Lake, a woman in orange and a Vietnamese man interrupted. Thai female tourists reminded them to line up, the two sides controversy occurred. However, when the Thai tourists came ashore, Vietnamese women suddenly rushed to shock a Thai female’s hair, causing her to suffer from a broken nose and broken glass. Another Thai female tourist in the group was also attacked when she was trying to intervene. After that, the local police came to solve the case, the two sides wrote reports asking police not to handle it.
The green circle is the photo spot, the pink line is the line of people

Through this case, the company also apologizes to the Thai tourist group. At that time the management and security were also present, but because the actions of the Vietnamese tourist group were quite fast and aggressive. The Thai Embassy, the ​​Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lam Dong as well as the People’s Committee of Da Lat City also requested the company to submit the report of the incident,” said the firm.

The company’s representative also added that the behavior of the Vietnamese group is not polite, affecting the image of Lam Dong tourism in particular and Vietnam in general:

Vietnamese female tourist (red shirt) is arguing with Thai tourists. The status about this incident attracted hundreds of comments, more than 4,000 shares.

This is an unfortunate incident. At that time, if we could work directly, without any language barriers, our side would try to handle it better. The husband of the orange-shirt woman representing the Vietnamese group apologized the Thai guests, I myself did too,” the firrm’s representative said.

What did the assaulted female Thai tourist say? Ms Warakorn J Kulsawad, with a broken nose and broken glass, said: “Seven of us had to line up to take a picture at the rocky muzzle when a woman in orange stepped back from the side exit. left to cut right in front of me and I remind her in English is to line up there.
The Vietnamese woman shouted in English ‘Get out! Get out’ but I did not care and continued to take pictures
But she did not leave us in peace, taking water from the lake to attack us. My group asked her to stop but she shouted ‘You are foreigners, get out!’.

Before I could take a picture of my friend, she came over and asked my friend to follow her outside to talk. I followed them and saw her asking my friend to apologize for my rude. When she saw me, she slapped me right in the face and I fell down the road,” Ms. Warakorn said.

She added: “My friend tried to take her away, but she grabbed a pinch of hair from her, and my glasses broke. In my video, the woman even deliberately took off her shoes to attack me. A man in her group ran to find a piece of wood to attack my friends. Finally, the tourist staff intervened and separated the two groups.”

A man traveling with a Vietnamese tourist group holding a wooden stick to threaten Thai women

Asked about the feeling when the accident occurred, the Thai victim was shocked:
At that time I was really shocked and scared. My nose was bleeding, my glasses were broken and my female friend’s hair was cut off. If I fight back, then things get worse so I think they should be handled by the law. We asked the resort staff to show CTTV (Camera) but they refused. We had to wait for the police to take nearly an hour and a half.”

Ms Warakorn said the Vietnamese woman did not apologize her group.

Because the lawsuit and compensation process took a lot of time, she accepted to sign the minutes and did not ask the police to intervene.

I am really dissatisfied. The police said this was a public dispute even though we had both physical and property injuries and never fought back.

According to Thai’s law, this is clearly the assault.”

She added that this is just an individual case, not every Vietnamese person is so aggressive: “I am very grateful to the driver and the translator, they have been very dedicated to helping to reclaim the fairness for us.

However, it seems that Vietnamese law has not really comprehensive protection for the safety of foreign visitors. Therefore, I recommend everyone to avoid conflict when coming to Vietnam.”

Warakorn said her nose was still swollen and bruised. Her friend still aches from losing a pinch of hair but the spirit is stable: “After the accident, the group canceled all plans to visit in Vietnam and went to the airport the next day to return to Thailand.”

What did the witness say? The interpreter for the whole case for both parties said:
When the police came to work, the Vietnamese female tourist admitted she had beaten two Thai female friends. The police also asked the aspiration of the Thai tourist group, they answered: Firstly, they want the police to fine the woman. Secondly, a claim was made because two girls suffered from scratches, hair cuts and broken glasses. The third asked the woman to apologize.”
According to the translator, the Vietnamese tourist was angry because she did not intend to take photos, so she was offended when Thai friends asked her to line up.
So, with three requests from the Thai tourist group, she did not accept. She said if they want compensation, they have to go to court, if they want her to get fined, they should go to police statuon. After seeing complicated and time-consuming procedures, the Thai group asked her to apologize, but the Vietnamese did not agree. She also requested them to offer apology,” the translator said.

Place where the problem occurred – the green circle is the photo spot, the pink line is in line

The translator said “I personally think that Vietnamese women are really exaggerated. I am a translator but I feel angry for the Thai tourists because when I went to work with the police, the other woman kept cursing them. The husband initially defended his wife but eventually came to ask me to translate, saying that he wants to apologize the Thai group on his wife’s behalf, but the Thai friends still felt angry because the woman who hit them refused to acknowledge the error, so they shared the story on Facebook.”

Mr. Vang Bao Thuy, driver of the Thai tourists delegation said:
When the incident happened, I stood outside the car. I ran in and saw my guest one had all his nose scratched and another had all her hair cut off. I went down to the lake to look for a group of Vietnamese people to ask about the situation. When they knew I am their driver they tried to attack me too. They said ‘We would beat even foreigners if they are bad.’ I was scared and ran to the site manager to call police.”

Regarding the late arrival of the police, the translator added: “I explained to the Thai tourists group that the police encountered a traffic accident and had to wait for the traffic police so it was late. Police intended to impose administrative fines, however, because Thai tourists did not have enough time to do so, so they could not complain that the Vietnamese police cannot fulfill their duties.”

The reaction of the Thai people
For publicity, the Facebook post of Warakorn’s boyfriend about the incident has more than 4,000 likes, more than 4,000 interactions, and hundreds of comments.
The majority of comments said that this action was “too aggressive” and “barbaric.”
The article about the incident attracted more than 8,000 interactions on Facebook
A Facebooker female wrote: ” It is so uncivilized. I was going to go to Vietnam to play, but I would never go there like this. Never.”
A friend of Warakorn consoled: ” May God bless you. I hope the bad thing is over, remember that wherever you go, you need to be careful. Good things are waiting for you at home. ”
A male Facebooker wrote: “After reading, I want to swear. Cruel and less civilized. I will tell my friends not to travel to Vietnam anymore. ”
After the first series of comments, the Facebook account holder said he was locked out from receiving further comments.

The ancient town of Hoi An – where many foreign tourists visit

This person is selling next to a famous shop on Le Loi Street, the center of the old town. As soon as the video clip spreads online, we immediately verified about the woman on the sidewalk who had an offensive behavior with tourists “- said Nguyen Van Lanh, head of Hoi An Culture and Sports Department.
Earlier, from the night of Oct 22, on the personal account of a person working in Hoi An posted video clips recorded on the same night, which was shared widely on Facebook.
The half-minute clip recorded a couple of foreign tourists renting a bicycle for a walk in the old town. They left their vehicle near the sidewalk stall of an elderly woman, and walked into the old town center to visit.

Upon returning, the two tourists were confused because the bicycle was locked by a steel buckle. Trying to solve the problem, a woman selling on the sidewalk ran out looking for the key to open. As soon as she opened it, this person swung her fist towards the male tourist.
When the key was pulled out of the wheel, the woman also jerked with a very aggressive attitude, swinging the key chain with aim to beat the pair of tourists, causing these two to scream and jerk back.
The clip was shared and caused a wave of backlash. Many people were angry about the woman’s acts in Hoi An, which is encouraging people to keep their good attitude with tourists

Recently, on March 3, 2020, at the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong declared that “With all the humility of the revolution, we can still say that: Our Party is great! Our people are truly heroes!”

But ignoring the attack on foreign tourists, the perpetrators have challenged the people and authorities without being punished by the law, this is an attitude that condones the crimes, it made so the “great” barbarism of the party.

Trung Nam from Da Nang – (Translated)