“Rubber-stamp parliament” is hindering Vietnam’s economy

The opening session of the 7th session of the 14th National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on Feb 20, 2019, led by National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan

According to recent comments in the international media, the weak legislative capacity adversely affects the market economy in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Law on Organization of the National Assembly of is being discussed, there is a proposal to give 5% of the seats for experts, scientists and managers who have reached the retirement age but are still capable. go on bussiness.

Commenting on the 5% plan for the National Assembly above, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chu said that this is a proposal containing the desire for a “stronger” parliament and taking into account “scientific people and experts as well as managers.”

But Dr. Chu said that due to the arrangement by the Vietnamese political system, often called the “structure“, the result will be “old faces” in parliament and in goverment.”

Writing on Facebook, which has more than 48,000 followers, Dr. Chu said that reforming the quality of deputies and activities of the National Assembly lies at another core, which is “to go through the path of free election“. . He emphasized: “Only the free election can choose an effective and intellectual parliament.”

Referring to the most important general principle that congressmen are elected by voters and the delegates must be assigned according to the number of voters and by locality, Dr. Chu thinks that the law sets the percentage figures on parliamentary seats for deputies of ministries, branches, genders, etc. is “not scientific.”

This is one of the main causes of poor parliamentary deputies, consequently weakening parliament,” wrote Nguyen Ngoc Chu.

To fix this problem, the doctor reaffirmed that there must be “free election” with the voting decision “in the hands of the voters.”

Also speaking about this issue, lawyer Ngo Ngoc Trai wrote on his personal page and some forums on social networks that “should give that 5% to candidates for independent delegates” who are “Having confidence in our ability and prestige, we have stood up for candidacy.”

Ukraine’s parliament on April 8, 2014, Ukrainian MPs of the UDAR and the Communist Party quarrel with fists in the fight – this is not uncommon image in parliament of countries with multi-party democracy

Lawyer Ngo Ngoc Trai said that the National Assembly deputies must be the “fighters for the rights” of voters and industries, so only when there is a strong commitment to the interests of the delegates , the efficiency of parliamentary meetings will be approved.

Stemming from the role of the National Assembly deputies, who represent the will and aspirations of the voters, representing the groups of people, industries, and sectors of the society, they are groups of people in common benefits and different from other groups.
For example, there are Representatives representing workers, which can be reputable union leaders, with representatives for farmers who have achieved the success of many known livestock farming. Or there is a representative representing a group of real estate businesses, another delegate representing a group of medical supplies.

Or, there are delegates who merely represent the interests of ordinary people, for which they may, for different policies, have an arbitrary or supportive viewpoint.

On the other hand, there are always problems in life that need to be addressed by groups of people. Or are in normal conditions but are set to promote improvement for the better.

National Assembly member Duong Trung Quoc speaking at a National Assembly session on the arrest and break of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh’s leg in Dong Tam: “Is arresting such a person necessary for an 80-year-old man when you have to lure him to go out to check the landmark?

Delegates must speak out for issues that need to be solved, put forward bills, constantly claim for the issue to receive social attention and see the importance.

In the end, the National Assembly will vote by majority on matters that are judged to be more important and urgent, approve or reject bills, in the process of delegates and behind them are interest groups. helpful, political factions will have to compromise with each other.
As such, the National Assembly deputies must be a rights activist, and often before being elected they are often activists in the public interest, essentially human rights advocates.

As for experts, scientists, managers, normally they can give advice. But they do not have the enthusiasm of activists who fight for rights.

So are they appropriate to be a Member of Parliament, especially when they are past the retirement age? It can be seen that the proposal of the National Assembly is superficial and half-hearted and does not address the pressing reality of the ever-changing society and has mixed opinions.

Doctor of Mathematics Nguyen Ngoc Chu – who asserts “Only the free election can choose an intellectual and effective parliament”

What the National Assembly currently lacks is the level of drastic dedication to the benefits that the Delegate is supposed to represent, and the lack of the delegate’s ability to understand the challenges posed to the country. and the group of people.

Only with a strong commitment to benefits, which every field industry has such delegates, is expected to improve the quality of parliamentary activities.

Those who are not structured by the state but by their confidence in their own prestige and ability should stand for election themselves.

For that reason, in the most modest, modest way in the current Vietnamese context, I think it is advisable to set aside 5% instead of the proposed ones for independent delegates.

By doing this, the National Assembly will gain a quality source of social capacity, increase the rich flavor for parliamentary activities.

But to do it also requires the ability of stature, great personality can be done for current leaders.

National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan at a meeting of Standing Committee of National Assembly

This is a type of resort real estate product, has appeared in Vietnam for the past seven years, learning from the model of real estate products already available abroad.

Tens of thousands of apartments have been built, but the legal framework is thought to be in short supply so that the apartments are not granted ownership certificates.

This has stalled the circulation of an entire resort real estate market to tens of thousands of units. Economic losses do not know how many to tell.

In this case, the legislature has not been effective enough to create a legal corridor, causing the controversy over the past few years to end.

While the real estate market is part of a market economy, the value of the real estate market accounts for a high proportion of the overall value of the economy.

As a result, the inadequacies of the legal framework of the real estate market make the economy less marketable, adversely affect economic development, disappointing foreign investors or international economic institutions.

Currently, the corona virus epidemic is adversely affecting the economy, according to recent calculations, the aviation industry is in danger of losing VND 25,000 billion ($1.1 billion).

Lawyer Ngo Ngoc Trai proposed to give 5% of the National Assembly seats to independent candidates)

While Vietnam has long wanted to be recognized internationally as a market economy in order to enjoy the same mechanisms as other economies in commodity export and loan access and not to suffer from the import and export barriers, interest rates and lending restrictions which were imposed internationally on non-market economies.

Thus, the current issue requires that the legislature must be sufficiently effective and timely to clear problems for the economy.

The disruption of the supply and demand of raw materials and products between the Vietnamese economy and other countries has led to many other economic consequences, but that is the reason for force majeure.

On the contrary, there are subjective issues, ineffective legislation that has bad consequences for the economy, such as what is happening to the condotel resort type currently, and there will be other problems in the future.

In order for the legal economy to develop well instead of going back and forth, instead of wasting potential opportunities for unreasonable reasons, it is necessary to improve the legislative capacity, so that the legislature is the motive but not a hindrance to the economy.

Vietnam has no free elections, only communist party elections. With this deceitful form, over 90 million Vietnamese people have been deprived of their ownership of the country by the Communist Party in the past 75 years.

The road to fight against foreign communism is arduous, but the time has come for the Vietnamese people to show their patriotism, love for their country and inherit the courage of their fathers for generations. They will regain fairness for themselves, their families and future offspring.

Thu Thuy from Hochiminh city – Thoibao.de (Translated)