Berlin in Wuhan outbreak

March 12, 2020

Tram station in front of Dong Xuan Market in Berlin, Germany.

My Russian female classmate brought two bottles of alcohol to the classroom, she put them on the table, nobody said anything, they used alcohol to clean their hands.

Perhaps someone wants to talk about the Wuhan flu, but they wait to see what other people say. In the end, no one said anything, the class was no longer happy as usual.
I went to the car to get an 1-liter bottle of bacterial disinfection spray, just on the way to school in the morning, I stopped at the supermarket to buy 4 bottles. I took the spray bottle to the classroom, I told people to stand up outside, when everyone was out, I sprayed all over the room, tables, chairs, windows, and doors. I went to the toilet to spray.

When I got back in the afternoon, I stopped by the supermarket to buy more, but there was no more that spray. There were no products in the row of detergent, wash, disinfection. Today, dozens of people both Western and Vietnamese stood at each shelf looking for spray bottles.

Anti-bacterial spray (Image: Blogger Nguoi Buon)

Germany is powerful and uncautious nation. One month ago, they still thought that the Wuhan virus was far away, difficult to reach Germany. But the epidemic broke out in Rome, once powerful empire but became old in the early 21st century. Finally, Italia accepted as an outpost for an emerging empire from the East, China. In China’s belt and road strategy, the way to compete for influence with world powers, China chose Rome as the first step into Europe.

Chinese gradually overtook factories and plants bearing famous Roman fashion brands and many new Chinese factories were opened in the Roman land. The imposing Chinese bosses lead the family to eat and to spend their time shopping on the luxurious Roman streets.

Now that the Wuhan outbreak has reached Germany, the pace has increased dramatically every day, and two thousand people have been infected.

The Germans are arrogant, they still pretend to disregard the epidemic. But really deep inside, the anxiety has grown. The ban on exporting items such as masks and protective equipment has been strictly enforced. As much as EUR500,000 of fines and 6 months of imprisonment for those who sneakily take these items out of Germany.

Disinfectant and germicidal water are in short supply.

No one knows what tomorrow will be like. Ti Hon told his father that many of his children were absent from school in the class, the school said anyone who felt worried could drop out of school.

Lawyer Nguyen Van Dai and Blogger Nguoi Buon Gio (Bui Thanh Hieu) in Berlin.

I went to the Vietnamese market in Berlin, the Dong Xuan market to buy rice and food. The market was used to be always crowded, now empty. The vendors were only talking about the outbreak, and a few days ago someone was rumored to have been infected in the market. Big businessmen and Vietnamese people in the market had to hold a press conference to reassure the rumors. But even so, the market is still empty with number of clients dropped by several times compared to the old time.
A pale and gloomy color surrounds Berlin. I have a share in a nails and massage salon, and a sushi restaurant. Needless to say, these Vietnamese professions have been suffering the most serious losses ever.

How many Vietnamese staying without legal documents and working without work permits will have no job? Many small restaurant owners borrowing money to run their businesses, now talking with each other to kill time?

The United States have banned all flights from Europe to their country.

It can’t be underestimated anymore.

Nguoi Buon Gio