Son Dien, who threatened journalist Le Trung Khoa, was arrested in Vietnam

Son Dien (left) and former Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Doan Xuan Hung are drinking beer. It is unknown whether during his return to Vietnam this time, Son Dien has invited Mr. Hung to go out drinking beer or not?

Son Dien is the nickname of Nguyen Lam Son, a well-known gangster, along with his younger brother have committed a number of crimes and spilled many horrors for the Vietnamese community in Germany.

In the 90s, during the time of continuous shooting and killing of Vietnamese people because of competition for tobacco trading and preservation, Nguyen Lam Son was the younger brother of “Trung điền” – the leader of a band insuring Vietnamese trade smugglers Dessau, who was shot dead by another mafia group in Wolfen, a small town near Dessau in eastern Germany.

After his younger brother was shot, Son Dien retreated into the darkness. In recent years, Son Dien has lived with his new wife in the city of Munich in southern Germany and opened a restaurant there.

With his rogue history, just 5 days before Trinh Xuan Thanh was abducted in Berlin, Son Dien repeatedly sent a message inviting journalist Le Trung Khoa to eat “blood pudding” – a slang word in the criminal world meaning Threatening to kill the invited.

The drug users arrested at the Nghe An Police office on March 11, 2020

Son Dien recently returned to Vietnam to avoid the Corona virus outbreak in Germany and on March 23 Vietnam’s media reported that Son Dien was arrested by police on March 11 in a hotel in his hometown city of Vinh.

The People’s Police newspaper headlined “From abroad, young men rent a hotel to open a drug party” and stated “Nguyen Lam Son, born in 1965, overseas Vietnamese, residing in block 4, Ha Huy Tap ward, in Vinh City.”

Nghe An newspaper in bold letters: “Just from Germany back to Vietnam, Son rented a hotel and invited a group of friends to open a ‘drug party’ to celebrate. At the time of his arrest, this group was using MDMA synthetic drugs.”

Nghe An Police Newspaper described many details of this arrest:

Through the monitoring and grasping the situation, recently, scouts found that a number of young men and women often rent large hotels to gather to play and organize illegal use of substances, causing social concerns. The reconnaissance was immediately mobilized, tasked to monitor, verify, capture the situation and wait for the appropriate opportunity to catch the violators in red hands. On the late evening of March 10, and early hours of March 11, the scouts reported that a group of young people rented two rooms at a large hotel in Hung Binh ward, Vinh City, using synthetic drugs. The chattering music came from rooms 905 and 906 – 9th floor. Immediately, the Drug Prevention and Control Division of the Drug Administration conducted a quick consultation, making a plan to arrest.

After conducting the consultation, making a specific and meticulous plan, until about 2 hours the same day, the Drug Prevention and Control Department of the Drug Administration deployed combat reconnaissance teams. In particular, a working group led by Captain Nguyen Huy Quan, a staff of Team 2 is responsible for blocking the security camera system to monitor the entire building, controlling the reception and protection, avoiding leaking information. The reconnaissance team led by Captain Dao Huu Hoang, Captain of Team 2 divided into 2 groups, simultaneously breaking the door into 2 rooms 905 and 906, detecting 5 objects including 3 men and 2 women in the state of “high” drug swaying in the deafening music and virtual flashing lights.

In the process of encirclement, the subjects tried to fight fiercely. However, with the spirit of cunning, bravery, fighting along with all kinds of criminals, the scouts have controlled and successfully captured the subjects. The identity of the subjects was quickly clarified, namely: Bui Thi Tuy (born in 1985) residing in block 6A, Cua Nam ward; Ho Thi Lanh (born in 1986) residing in Vinh My block, Vinh Tan ward; Le Hai Duong (born in 1991) resides in block 1, Le Loi ward; Nguyen Lam Son (born in 1965), is a Viet Kieu Duc, residing in block 4, Ha Huy Tap ward, and Vinh City and Phan Sy Phap (born in 1982) residing in hamlet 3, Hung Tay commune, Hung Nguyen district.

Shortly thereafter, the working group escorted the subjects and the entire exhibits to the headquarters of Hung Binh ward police struggling and clarifying. With sharp professional measures, along with the collected documents and evidence, the investigators forced the subjects to confess and acknowledge all the illegal acts. Accordingly, the subjects claimed that Nguyen Lam Son was the drug supplier for the whole group. Son had just returned to Vietnam from Germany, so the whole party celebrated by renting a hotel room to “fly around” to have fun. At the time of arrest, this group of people was using MDMA synthetic drugs.

With quick test, 5 subjects were all positive for drugs. Currently, the Department of Drug Prevention and Control has handed over the file to the Hung Binh Ward Police Department for further investigation and handling in accordance with the law.

According to the above article, the 4 subjects arrested claimed that Nguyen Lam Son was the drug supplier for the whole group. Therefore, based on the Criminal Code, Son Dien can be sentenced to between 1 and 5 years of imprisonment for illegal possession of narcotics:

Article 249. Illegal storage of narcotic substances

  1. Any person who stores narcotic substances for purposes other than trading, transporting, or manufacturing narcotic substances in any of the following cases shall face a penalty of 01 – 05 years’ imprisonment:
    a) The offender previously updated a civil penalty for the same offence or has a previous conviction for the same offence which has not been expunged;
    b) The offence involves a quantity of from 01 g to under 500 g of opium poppy resin, cannabis resin, or coca glue;
    c) The offence involves a quantity of from 0.1 g to under 05 g of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, amphetamine, or MDMA;

But Son Dien could be sentenced with a heavier punishment for organizing drug use. According to the article, 4 subjects stated that Nguyen Lam Son had just returned from Vietnam so he organized the party to celebrate. With this crime, Son Dien can be sentenced to between 2 and 7 years of imprisonment:

Article 255. Facilitation of illegal use of narcotic substances

  1. Any person who facilitates the use of narcotic substances in any shape of form shall face a penalty of 02 – 07 years’ imprisonment.
  2. This offence committed in any of the following cases shall carry a penalty of 07 – 15 years’ imprisonment:
    a) The offence has been committed more than once;
    b) The offence involves ≥ 02 users;

That is not to mention the crime against public service executives that the article describes very clearly: “The process of encirclement, the subjects tried fiercely to fight back. However, with the spirit of intellect, bravery, fighting along with all kinds of criminals, the reconnaissance has controlled and successfully captured the objects.”

However, a much more serious problem is that Son Dien resides in Munich, the capital of Barvaria (Bavaria), which is one of the two states most affected by coronary disease in Germany. Bavaria currently has 5,719 cases, including 27 deaths. Son Dien went back to Vietnam to escape the epidemic, but did not understand why Son Dien was not isolated for 14 days like other overseas Vietnamese returning from Europe? In the article, the police clearly determined that “Son has just returned from Vietnam so the whole group has a party to celebrate.”

So how many people did Son Dien interact with from the time he returned to his home country until his arrest? Are the police soldiers who arrested Son Dien who directly touched Son Bui’s body at risk?

Hieu Ba Linh –

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