China has turned Italian sincerity into online battle for cow’s tongue line in East Sea

Aurora Cantone, a painter who was thanked by the Chinese Embassy in Italy in her post with an illegal “cow tongue” map, was seriously hurt and officially voiced the truth.

Specifically, on March 16, the Chinese Embassy in Italy posted on its social networking accounts Facebook and Twitter an article with the content about the friendship between China and Italy and an illustration which has a map of China with illegal cow tongue line.

Specifically on Facebook, the official account of the Chinese Embassy in Italy (with a green tick – confirming that Facebook is genuine and legal) posts the message written in Italian and has the following content: “You have you may have forgotten, but we will always remember. Now we will help you. Thank two great artists Aurora Cantone and Quan Binh Binh. Come on Italy.”

Below is a picture of two paintings. One has an Italian map and two medical personnel wearing Italian national flag and costumes both support the map. The other picture shows a map of China and two health workers wearing national flag costumes from both countries also lifted the map.

The image above reminds Italians of helping the Chinese people at the 2008 earthquake in Manchuan, Sichuan Province, and now that Italy is suffering a nationwide outbreak of Wuhan inflammation when China supported Italy to cope with the pandemic in return.

Blue-ticked account of the Chinese Embassy in Italy posted two paintings on Twitter, of which the picture on the left is a Chinese artist painting “cow tongue line” in the East Sea (South China Sea). The painting in the right is said to belong to Italian Aurora Cantone

China has taken advantage of the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic to spread illegal sovereignty in the East Sea.

The paintings convey the message of solidarity, the spirit of helping each other between the two countries in difficult situations.

This message would have been a good idea if the Chinese map painted without the illegal “cow’s tongue line” in yellow.

The U-shaped line has been rejected by the Arbitral Tribunal, established in Annex VII of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), in a ruling in 2016.

China has repeatedly sought to propagate illegal “cow’s tongue line” in cultural publications such as paintings, films or in educational publications such as textbooks, maps, etc.

  The Vietnamese online community quickly discovered the illegal communist regime’s propaganda of the cow’s tongue. The event quickly created a wave of criticism and opposition on social networks.

The Chinese Embassy’s post in Italy drew illegal “cow’s tongue line” and received objections from many accounts with Vietnamese names

The Vietnamese online community is strongly annoyed by the illegal “cow’s tongue” painting. The post of the Chinese Embassy in Italy received many comments against the propaganda of false information and the Vietnamese people claimed that the Hoang Sa (Paracels) and the Truong Sa (Spratlys) were Vietnamese.

Thousands of people left comments in both Vietnamese, Chinese and English asking the Chinese Embassy in Italy to correct the information. They criticized China’s use of the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic to propagate illegal maps.

Some famous people such as Chau Khai Phong, Nathan Lee and Vu Manh Cuong left comments confirming the sovereignty of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam and called on Fanpage to remove the drawing soon. Some others cut off the “cow’s tongue line” on the drawing, sending it back to Fanpage.
Due to the backlash from Vietnamese Internet users, on the afternoon of March 17, the Chinese Embassy’s Facebook account in Italy closed. However, on Twitter, the account of the Chinese Embassy in Italy remains the same with the picture with the map “cow’s tongue line.” Vietnamese network users continue to comment and request correction of information. The keyword “China stops lying” even reached the top 3 popular with more than 2,000 tweets.
However, due to being misunderstood as the author of the cow-shaped picture, Italian artist Aurora Cantone, who was thanked in the Chinese Ambassador’s post in Italy, was infected and traumatized from serious criticism of the Vietnamese online community. She had to speak out to reveal the truth.

Italian artist Aurora Cantone spoke on Instagram, confirming that the recent drawing of the map with the “cow’s tongue line” was not caused by her recently.

In a long sharing, Aurora Cantone wrote: “I am Aurora, perhaps in the past few days you hear a lot about me. I am the one who created the map representation of Italy. First of all, I want to say Thank you to everyone who supported us, all the doctors, I want to thank you all for your love, respect for your country, I am happy with the painting. However, I received a lot of criticism and insults regarding the Chinese version of the map.
Please stop, that painting was done by a Chinese painter who I don’t know who he is. He took my picture and edited it to represent China while I was unaware. I did not do this on demand. The only thing I did was to draw pictures representing two doctors from China and Italy, supporting the Italian map. As you can clearly see, I left my signature in the image of the Italian map, the other one I did not
I’m too tired to read insults so please let the truth come out. That drawing is not mine and the artist must make it clear. I don’t know the geography of your country, I don’t know what happened and why the land on that canvas is represented by dashed lines. I just want to thank the medical staff, the Italians and the Chinese who during this period are helping my country.”

The Italian artist also called on the Chinese artist to clarify the truth.

She also frankly criticized the Chinese artist, who intentionally made the wrong painting: “The Chinese artist should make sure that the illustration is not mine, he is making me looks like a monster, while I don’t even know why that land should be excluded, I have no intention of provoking …

Not only posting the Chinese Embassy in Italy on Instagram, the artist also publicly shared the article with similar content on her personal Facebook.

After posting, the article attracted a great deal of public opinion. Most of the comments expressed surprise at the incident.

The curiosity of Chinese authorities has been exposed to the international online community. The original painting was painted by the Italian artist with the purpose of expressing her sincere appreciation for the enthusiastic support from China to the Italian side in combating the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic.

This is also a gift that artist Aurora Cantone donated to the medical team as well as individuals who contribute to society in the fight against the pandemic. The original drawing was a picture of two Italian – Chinese medical staff together lifting an Italian map signed by a female artist. Beijing used this idea to replace the map of Italy with the China map with the U-shaped line.

Through this incident, the Vietnamese online community needs to draw lessons for itself to demonstrate the civilization online and contribute to protecting the sovereignty over islands and islands before the ignorance of the Chinese communist authorities.

During the Sichuan earthquake, in 2008, China received much support from Italy to overcome the consequences and stabilize the lives of people

Sharing with international media, the Italian artist recounted: “I received offensive messages on the morning of March 17. I woke up and my Facebook was filled with Vietnamese political propaganda messages. Some are very offensive, insulting and defamatory. Some people told me never to draw again. That really hurt me because I don’t know why Vietnamese people are so angry with me.”

She said: “For three days, I could not sleep and my head ached violently. I fell into panic. I am very sad when people only look at another painting, which is not an accurate one. I don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky, because I’m a very sensitive person. Words have always been important to me, even if I didn’t know them.”

It is also possible that through this incident, some people in the Vietnamese online community need to be alert, carefully understand information, behave civilized online to avoid repeating the sad case.

The sincere heart of an Italian artist dedicated to the team of Chinese doctors to support the country of Southern Europe in the context of the increasingly complex disease of pneumonia Wuhan was trampled by Chinese authorities which used the occation to serve the purpose of propagating the illegal cow’s tongue line in the Eastern Sea’s hegemony. The legitimate dream of a true young artist like Aurora is to ‘fill up my life and everyone with color, thanks to her paintings’ that have been ‘politicized’ by the dark conspiracy of Beijing.

Thu Thuy from Hochiminh city – (translated)

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