Vietnam: Taking profits from Western world but still expecting Capitalism to die?

The Prime Minister spoke at the meeting

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired the Permanent Government meeting on March 27, 2020

There is no need to use statistic as refference, ordinary people know that the Wuhan pandemic will put economines of countries, both strong and weak ones, in difficulties.

Vietnam is of course a weak country, and the current number of people infected with the Wuhan pandemic is increasing. The government had to enforce strict bans to prevent the pandemic spread. Of course, those prohibitions seriously affect the production and circulation of goods and services.

A ban is a must to deal with the pandemic, causing a recession to the country’s economy. No one has complained about the ban, everyone understood it was a reluctant thing to do.

In the afternoon of March 27, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc held a meeting and made a proposal for holding a national conference on March 31. This national conference will discuss 4 major issues. The first priority will be how to recover economy after the pandemic while the second will be ensuring security to maintain the regime in case of poverty and chaos.

The actions that PM Phuc made were obvious, and everyone saw the need to calculate the response to the aftermath of the pandemic and provide a countermeasure, as suggested by Mr. Phuc to find new markets in the country and large market abroad.

Mr. Phuc added

start working to revive the economy, especially when the major markets related to Vietnam recover.

In the first two months of 2020, Vietnam imported China’s goods worth nearly $10 billion and exported the market goods totalled $5 billion.

In contrast, Vietnam shipped its goods worth $10 billion to the US, and imported $2 billion worth of goods from the US.

Vietnam’s exports to the EU and earned $6.5 billion while spending only $3 billion from the market.

Thus, Vietnam should have expected the US and European markets to recover strongly, so that the Vietnamese economy could earn more from their markets. However, Vietnam was very ungrateful during the pandemic plagued by viruses from China. The propaganda agencies of Vietnam again gloatfully expressed in front of the damage statistics of the US and Europe. Going even further is propaganda in the direction that the outbreak from China to Vietnam has been controlled, but the outbreak is due to the sources from Europe and the US.

Vietnam expects Europe and America to suffer losses for China to rise?

This is hard to understand, but knowing that Vietnam is Communist with China is not difficult to understand.

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