Covid-19: China conceals information about infected and casualities, Vietnam imitates while Europe flees

US intelligence confirmed that China concealed the severity of the Coronavirus disease.

This secret report of the US Intelligence Community IC (a group of 17 US intelligence agencies) was classified and sent to the White House last week.

Bloomberg reported US intelligence saying China concealed the outbreak of the disease.

Bloomberg quoted this information from three US officials who declined to disclose their identities nor provided the details of the report.

However, they say the report shows China’s public reports of cases and deaths as “intentionally incomplete“.

Two of the three officials mentioned above said China’s data was “fake.” The officials also did not confirm whether the report included “real” Chinese figures.

In short, the report of the American Intelligence Community (IC) concluded that China intentionally reduced the number of casualties due to the new strain of corona virus in Wuhan, the first outbreak of the disease.

At the same time, President Trump limped over China’s Covid-19 patient data in Wuhan.

US President Trump at a White House press conference on April 1

During a press conference on April 1, Mr. Trump received a question about the accuracy of the data of cases and deaths caused by the Wuhan pneumonia disease in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China.

Mr. Trump replied: “How do we know if” it is correct or not, “I am not an accountant in China.”

Also at the press conference, Mr. Trump asserted that the government “has not received” any intelligence reports showing that China is hiding the data of patients and victims of the outbreak. However, the US president added “their figures seem to be a bit bright, regarding what we have witnessed and what has been reported and I am quite friendly about saying that.”

The Trump administration in recent weeks has vehemently criticized Beijing, saying that China’s leaders are not transparent to the world about the pandemic situation in the world’s most populous country.

So far, the White House has never explicitly and officially accused Beijing of fraudulent data on the pandemic in Wuhan.

News of the report comes a day after Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House’s Covid-19 working group, said that the way the United States responded to the pandemic might not be effective due to “shortcomings” in Chinese data.

At a press conference on March 31, Ms. Birx said, “The medical community interprets Chinese data, seriously, but smaller than anyone’s expectations. Because maybe … we lack some significant data, it’s time to see what happens in Italy and Spain.”

By the end of March, China had publicly reported more than 82,000 cases of Coronavirus, of which more than 3,300 died.

Thus, the number of people dying of corona virus in China in more than two months is only half that of Spain in more than three weeks and one third of that in Italy between mid-February to the end of March. The United States has 2.5 times more patients than China.

Western media do not believe in Beijing’s official numbers.

Answering on LCI television on March 29, the infectious disease physician at Saint Antoine Hospital, Paris, Karine Lacombe, said that “the disease has been outbreaking since September, which is much earlier than the time Beijing announced. Beijing probably concealed about the death toll, which is much higher than the 3,000 deaths in official statistics.”

Over the past week, photos and short videos depicting thousands of urns of ashes outside funeral homes in Hubei province have made the public suspicious of Beijing’s report.

At the time Wuhan eased its blockade measures, and one week before Qingming ceremony, an investigation of China’s economic newspaper Taixin (Caixin) showed that only on March 25-26, a crematorium in Wuhan received 5,000 jars of ashes. This figure is higher than the official report of 2,535 deaths due to disease in Wuhan. That is not to mention Wuhan City has a total of 7 crematoriums, and according to the Tai Tan Times investigation, if each unit received a number of such ashes, there would be 35,000 deaths in the two last month.

The author of the Chinese newspaper’s investigation added that during the peak period of the last season, an additional “about a dozen crematoriums” were built around the city and Wuhan, but Tai Tan newspaper cannot verify the data on the ashes. The newspaper asked: “Why is the difference between the official statistics of the city and the reality in front of the crematoriums in Wuhan?”

Journalist Pham Cao Phong in Paris said: On March 30, the news program of the main channels of the French state-owned television stations such as France 2, France Info, CNews Direct all denounced Chinese acts of intentionally hiding about the mortality rate of the Coronavirus in this country. A French correspondent, Arnaul Miguel, a resident of Wuhan, showed images of family members of unfortunate families lining up for hours to receive ashes from their relatives at crematoriums. In a picture of a huge box of boxes arranged as the fortifications of the dead army, the viewer easily calculated as many as 1,800 bottles of ash. That’s the lobby of one of the seven crematoriums in Wuhan. The French reporter said it is likely China has reduced to 20 times the real number.

As usual, China responds to the West with rhetoric.

On April 2, China’s Foreign Ministry spoke out on the Bloomberg news.

Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China was “open and transparent” in response to Coronavirus. She said: “Some US officials just want to blame” … “We don’t want to quarrel with them, but faced with their constant moral defamation, I have to tell the truth again.” … “We want to help them as much as we can. But the comments of American politicians are only shameful.” … “The smear and blame cannot compensate for the lost time and will only wasting time and lives.”

Explaining how people lined up in front of funeral homes after reopening on March 23, Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye said 2,500 people died from the pandemic and about 10,000 died in Wuhan two months for many other reasons.

He asserted: “We do not hide death figures, the numbers are correct.”

Ambassador Lu said travel restrictions in Wuhan since January 23 prevented people from receiving ashes of loved ones. So when traffic was reopened recently, people lined up in such a long line before the funeral home. He said in 2019, about 51,200 people would die in Wuhan, averaging 4,000 deaths a month. The number of deaths in January and February is higher than the rest of the year because of the cold weather.

China expert Valérie Niquet, France’s Strategic Research Fund (FRS) said that Beijing has given very low numbers of deaths from Covid-19 to show off its achievements, to prove it to the world that China has won an invisible enemy.

President Xi Jinping checks the resumption of work in Zhejiang, China

The regime led by Xi Jinping wants to demonstrate the effectiveness of the country’s political system. In other words, the Covid-19 has served the propaganda goal of the Communist Party of China both with public opinion in the country and the international community.

Foreign Policy editor James Palmer agrees that it is very likely that Beijing is intentionally underestimating the number of deaths in Wuhan, and the total number of infected cases nationwide in February. He wrote: “The bad numbers in China are always reported to be low, especially when the image of the country is threatened, and China now wants to win this virus in contrast with the failures of the West.”

But he hypothesized: “However, it is not as if the Chinese leadership has a secret set of books containing more accurate figures. They, too, are struggling to find the exact ones. That is what’s going on in the giant country. ”

He explained that: “Local authorities are advised by the leaders not to hide infected cases on the one hand, but on the other hand, the leaders are asking for almost no infection. A series of pre-pandemic purges has left officials on the sidelines, and any local government that unfortunately has an outbreak on their territory could be in serious political danger.”

Even rich countries still have undeniable shortcomings in the health system, but sharing unaccurate information about a deadly new virus is a crime of the Chinese communist government and needed to be condemned.

When the outbreak occcured in Wuhan, the Chinese authorities once confirmed that the new acute pneumonia disease was not part of the “infectious” and said it came from the US. China was constantly cheating. As long as the Communist regime still exists in Beijing, humanity will continue to suffer from severe deadly consequences from this painful dictatorship.

In Vietnam, there are no independent media and organizations to check and monitor the work of the authorities, all communications are under the direction of the Department of Education and Propaganda, so the people of this country will never know the true.

In Vietnam, until April 4, 2020, the Government still claims only 240 cases of Covid-19 infection. This “April Fools” story once again illustrates the similarities of the authorities in Hanoi, who imitates China, hiding the actual number of infections from over 90 million people in this country. That leads to more people being incubated and will explode violently in the future.

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