Hai Phong: First-grade girl was accused by her teacher of going to school early

Mai Tuan Thien Thanh, a student in class 1, Quang Trung primary school (Hai Phong)

Photos of a first-grade girl being fined outside the school gate at noon for making a mistake of “going to school early” is causing a wave of mercy and indignation because of the violent power of the Red Star team which consists of school students who help their teachers to keep the school’s disciplines. But the pinnacle of hatred was the female teacher who took the photo to a group chat of students’ parents in the Vietnamese social network Zalo to criticize the student and her mother.

Facebook Pham Ha My shares the following story:

The family has two children, she also enlisted a little at noon to take care of the children. The school’s regulation is to receive students at 1.30 pm. Due to her work, the mother had to leave her daughter to the scool at 1.15 pm.

On the 3rd day, the daughter went to class, along with some other friends, the teacher asked her to stay in front of other students. The female teacher criticized the little student, taking a photo of her, and sent this photo to a group chat of the students’ parents.

Yesterday, the mother still had to take her daughter to school early in time. She told her offspring to go to the tree and wait for her friends to wake up and go in for a while. But the little girl was kicked out of the school and she stood outside when the temperature was above 400C.

When the mother came back, she saw her daughter outside of the school gate. When she asked why the daughter replied that guy from the Red Star team did not her to stay in the schoolyard.

The story posted on Fanpage BeatVN has been shared 27,000 times with 36,000 comments.

Quang Trung Primary School yard
The homeroom teacher Le Thi Kim Lan

On the personal Facebook page with 200,000 followers, journalist Bach Hoan commented on this incident as follows:

Mai Tuan Thien Thanh, a first-grade student at Quang Trung primary school (Hai Phong), has to stand in the sun like a fire, and cannot go inside because due to her family’s financial problem to pay for lunch fees, she has to return home during lunch time in which other classmates take lunch and rest in the school.

Yes, standing outside school at noon on hot summer days, because coming to school early!

I must say always that this is an act of anti-education and inhumane. And this is child abuse and school violence. Prohibition!

Chairman of Hai Phong People’s Committee has just worked with Quang Trung Primary School’s management team. And a notice of the conclusion of the barbaric incident was released, not unlike a challenge for those who still care about education and people.

I read the text announcing the conclusion, finding it tragic to live under the rule of such leaders. And the utter tragedy is that our children, the future of our country, are left in the hands of uneducated people like them.

Firstly, right at the first point of the conclusion of the meeting, they applauded the school’s achievements, applauded the school, praised each other for managing students !? Meanwhile, it was at this school that students had to stand in the hot midday summer sun because they were not part-time students, but student made a “mistake” to go to class early.

That means, both the leaders of Hai Phong City and Quang Trung Primary School consider achievement to be more important than that of people, the acclamation of each other is more important and necessary than to consider the issue of school violence more than dealing with students, protecting the health and lives of students.

An educational environment, a management mindset with achievement as a prerequisite goal, instead of being people-centered, is certainly an outward and shabby decay.

Secondly, the notice of conclusion of the meeting showed that the leaders of Hai Phong City and Quang Trung Primary School agreed that Mai Tuan Thien Thanh was invited to go inside the school even though she came early, but it was her idea to ​​going out to the school gate and stood in the middle of the hot, sunny summer sun !?

This silly explanation shows that these are people who do not dare to take responsibility. Once again, it further asserted that this education was corrupt. The teacher who shuns responsibility, how to teach students to live as a responsible person?

Third, the conclusion said that the parents of the students were in a hurry, posting the incident on Facebook, affecting the school image. This shows that their image – the visual image, irresponsible, inhuman … is more concerned, more important than the student’s problems, the health of the students and the parents’ feelings.

An educational environment lacks of listening and understanding along with making non-humane, non-sharing education, will rot new shoots, contaminate children’s hearts, distort perception in society later.

After all, this is still the characteristic of an education that has stinked and imbued with the identity of an immoral flood.

Bach Hoan.

Notice of the conclusion that Mai Tuan Thien Thanh is standing at the school gate is not due to the request of the school

Source: https://www.facebook.com/bachhoanvtv24/posts/2690436621203576


Still not urgent about the crooked attitude in the dispatch of Hai Phong City People’s Committee Chairman Nguyen Thi Bich Hau wrote:

In the end, the error fell on the little girl:

1 / If it’s wrong, why should the teacher apologize to the student and the school must review it?

2 / If it is wrong, what is the intervention police’s office doing?

3 / If it goes out, how can the teacher let him take pictures of the crime of early school before the blackboard with you and put on Zalo?

The first error belongs to the failure of education and the cover of adults with misconduct.

Every act of blaming the 6-year-old girl is worth condemning. Be humane and civilized with children.

Because every single parent who sees the scene at the school gate sees her at fault. We live better than to make children happier and happier.

Nguyen Thi Bich Hau

Source: https://www.facebook.com/anhthianna/posts/3134038536675642

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