90 years old, Vietnam’s communist party is still struggling to find right way

In his report delivered on June 10 at the Central Committee of Education and Propaganda of the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), when presenting “about new points in the draft document which will be submitted to the 13th National Congress of the Party,” Vice Chairman of the CPV’s Central Theoretical Council Phung Huu Phu  made a number of bewildering remarks in the public opinion.

He stated: “How long is the transition to socialism, there are some ways that need further clarification” and “What is the transition period – a very entangled, unknown problem, has not been done for a long time, and needs further study.”

Professor Phung Huu Phu, vice chairman of the CPV’s Central Theoretical Council reports at the Central Rapporteur conference on the morning of June 10

Mr. Phu’s speech as the vice chairman of the Central Theoretical Council makes the masses and party members extremely insecure by the Party leading the nation to socialism for many years. And so much effort, sweat and blood of the people were poured down, a leading Party theorist confessed that he did not know what the destination was, how square it was or how the Party was in.

In fact, Mr. Phu cannot be blamed because of his weak capacity when he has not been able to study “what the transition period is” because to the Party’s supreme leader, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in a meeting with voters, when someone asks: when do we have socialism? Mr. Trong answered “We have not researched this issue explicitly, maybe in the next hundred years, there will be no socialism.”

Or in a speech at the team on the draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution in October 2013, Mr. Trong said: “Innovation is only one stage, and building socialism is still very long. By the end of this century it is unknown whether or not there has been complete socialism in Vietnam.”

Mr. Trong is a professor, a Doctor of Politics majoring in party construction, who has a high level of Political theory and is General Secretary of the Party Central Committee’s 11th and 12th term, the secretary of the Central Military Commission and now the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam still have a theoretical impasse, and his subordinates still have problems and need time to continue their studies.

Another statement of Mr. Phu made the public concerned: “No longer recognizing Marxism – Leninism means not acknowledging the Party’s leadership. Parties will be formed like mushrooms and the nation will enter a period of chaos. That is why the country should have only one party of Marxist – Leninist and Ho Chi Minh thoughts.”

September 2, 1945, at Ba Dinh Square (Hanoi Capital), President Ho Chi Minh on behalf of the people of the nation read the Declaration of Independence giving birth to a Democratic Republic of Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chu said that Mr. Phu made 4 mistakes.

First, Marxism – Leninism and Party are two different subjects, but Mr. Phu identifies these two categories together. “No longer recognizing Marxism-Leninism“- it is still possible to acknowledge the Party’s leadership as long as the people trust the Party, the people acknowledge the Party’s leadership, but the people need not care about at all. In 1945, the people followed the Party to revolutionize to drive away the French colonialists and the Japanese empire. Uncle Ho founded the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) based on noism at all. The DRC’s National Assembly elects the Government of the DRV without relying on any doctrine.

Secondly, Mr. Phung Huu Phu did not attach importance to Ho Chi Minh’s thought when he asserted that “No longer recognizing Marxism – Leninism means not acknowledging the leadership of the Party” – so where is Ho Chi Minh’s thought? “No longer recognizing Marxism-Leninism” but admitting Ho Chi Minh’s thought? Without Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought, could the Party not lead?

Thirdly, Mr. Phung Huu Phu misunderstood the Political Report of the 13th National Congress of the Party. The Party “firmly believes in Marxism – Leninism” because the Party thinks that socialism in the style of Marxism – Leninism will bring happiness to the people. The party that persists in Marxism – Leninism is the persistence of socialism in the style of Marxism – Leninism, not because of “Party leadership.” The purpose of the Party is the happiness of the people, not the purpose of the Party is “the leadership of the Party“. How can one misunderstand the purpose of the Party like that?

Fourth, Mr. Phu is wrongly aware of the situation and underestimates the Party’s leadership. Not to mention the history of the world or even the objective reality today, but only to mention the history of Vietnam, the existence of many parties does not disturb the country. Dr. Chu recalled: “In 1945 were many parties rebellious? With many parties but the communist party still led the nation in the resistance against France. After 1954 until 1988, there were still 3 parties, was there any disorder? There are three parties but the Party still holds the leadership, the country does not be chaotic and the party was leading the people to win the resistance against the US, the Polpot and China.

Or is Mr. Phung Huu Phu saying that the current Party leaders are not as good as the previous Party leaders, so it is possible the country to fall into chaotic situations with numorous autonomic regions?

Obviously, in this respect, Mr. Phung Huu Phu underestimated the leadership of the Party.”

Announcement Ceremony of Establishment of the Central Theoretical Council for the term 2016 – 2021

Song Chi freelance journalist (former TV director) also commented: “I don’t see anything innovative. On the contrary, I see there a struggle, a standstill in the direction, reasoning, but in fact, for many years now the Vietnamese Communist Party and state have been struggling and find no clear ways for the nation to go ahead.

For nearly 30 years, the Vietnamese government has been struggling. Economically, the illogical and contradictory term “socialist-oriented market economy” is used, which in theory calls this a period of transition to socialism. But how long is the transition, as the Standing Vice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council Phung Huu Phu also asked.

A series of statements that caused panic in public opinion and the division of the great national unity bloc led the public to raise questions about the functions and duties of the Central Theoretical Council.

The Central Theoretical Council for the term 2016-2021 has 44 people, including 1 president and 6 vice presidents, who are full of degrees, most of them are Professors and Doctors.

According to Facebooker Thao Ngoc: The members of the Central Theoretical Council “are those who have for a long time held important responsibilities in the state apparatus, have been” under the blanket “for many years. So they know very well the downsides of the regime. After reaching retirement age, it is dangerous to leave them home without a special job. So this organization must be set up to gather them, and give them additional benefits other than pensions, to avoid adverse statements.”

Earlier, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, another Vice President of the Central Theoretical Council, Nguyen Quang Thuan, nearly became a source of coronavirus infection in Vietnam.

The 21st patient positive for COVID-19 – Professor, Dr. Nguyen Quang Thuan – Vice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council is speaking at a meeting of the Academy of Social Sciences Vietnam Association on March 4, 2020 with about 30 participants

Because after studying theory in capitalist countries like India and England, upon returning home, the great professor opened a banquet, invited singers to sing. This famous singer sat next to Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung (March 2). On March 5, she went to the studio to record with the girl group and the orchestra.

Professor Thuan continued to attend the Central Theoretical Council meeting and meet, play golf, eat and drink with many other people. According to Hanoi City People’s Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung, Professor Thuan’s case is the most unpredictable danger for spreading the disease.

It seems that the Central Theoretical Council has been operating beyond its scope of duties and functions when a Vice President contributed to the spread of a new strain of corona virus that has a mass destruction on a global scale. He came back to Vietnam and the other Vice President was bewildered in discussing the Party’s leadership.

Meanwhile, the Party’s central conferences are still persistent about promoting the party with socialist ideology.

On the side of the lagoon, it seems that the work of building socialism towards the goal of rich people, strong country, democracy, justice and civilization, everyone has a prosperous, free and happy life. having comprehensive development conditions in our country seems to be a pipe dream.

The problem lies in the 90 years since the Vietnamese Communist Party clearly and explicitly defined the development path of the Vietnamese revolution as a socialist road right into the context of its birth in February 1930. So far, socialist theorists have not yet come up with easy-to-understand specific models and scientific formulas that turn this idea into reality.

The 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam February 3, 2020

Observer Luu Trong Van said: “At this time, the country needs to think strongly about reform and revolution. It is also action thinking. The whole population is so tired of their old ruminant theory that they may not understand it.

Because if they really understand, they should have done differently.

Socialism is not a tool, gentlemen!

Currently, the gentlemen use socialism as a tool: the land law, the state economy, the collective, the political party over the rule of law, that is a big mistake.

Theorist Dao Duy Tung – Former Chief of thought, former Permanent Secretary of the Secretariat when visiting Northern European countries had to say: They were socialist.

A socialism that brings happiness to the whole society is its only purpose: socialism.

The Scandinavian countries and many other civilized countries flexibly apply all the values and creative achievements of mankind to achieve the goal of social happiness and they succeed.”

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