Vietnam warned of losing sovereignty rights due to smuggled Chinese in a large number

The number of Chinese present in Vietnam reaches millions. They come to Vietnam for many reasons such as tourism, business or living in all provinces.

The state-controlled media has reported many cases in which Chinese nationals violating Vietnam’s laws occured in localities and causing concerns about national security and sovereignty. Their criminal cases were due to the losing of the administration of state authorities from the local to the central level.

Facebooker Pham Minh Vu wrote an article warning this incident in the context of sudden outbreak of Covid-19 infection in the central city of Danang, along with the discovery of many Chinese illegally entering the border.

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Before Danang implemented social isolation to prevent and control Covid-19 pandemic, at bus stations, railway stations and airports, many people “carried their armpits” trying to leave the city before 12pm of July 27. On July 25-28, there were 22 more cases of Covid-19 infection, including 18 cases in Danang alone, Quang Ngai one case, Quang Nam 3 cases. The infected cases in Quang Nam were related to Danang epidemiological factors. Out of 22 new infections in the community so far, at least two cases have been described as “in severe conditions” and requiring mechanical ventilation.

Pham Minh Vu’s article titled “Warning of losing sovereignty right” has the following content: In the context of the wave of illegal migration of Chinese people into Vietnam for many years, this means that the amount of land in the border areas and sea areas reported by the Ministry of Defense to the National Assembly is 162,000 ha. This issue was reported to Vietnam’s parliament in its 9th session earlier this year. This issue is creating terrible social consequences. The Corona pandemic that is causing the city of Danang to be placed under social isolation is a testament.

In terms of security and national defense, there is a huge consequence, when the Chinese are free to be smuggled, then taken into the concentrated areas so called Chinatowns located in strategic strategic positions such as military airports and ports. So far, the Ministry of Public Security has not unveiled what the purposes of smuggled Chinese citizens? Would they will be equipped with weapons to work against Vietnam when they receive orders from Beijing?

Meanwhile, in the South China Sea, Vietnam recently has paid $1billion to Repsol Spain and Mubadala of the United Arab Emirates to terminate oil contracts and compensate them.

According to Repsol experts, it was a political decision, ordered by Vietnam’s top leader (General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong), following intense Chinese pressure.

 And also recently, the Noble Clyde Boudreaux deep-water rig had to pull its anchor back to the water before it could reach the bottom of the Phong Lan Dai. Vietnam’s oil and gas explotation in the area of ​​its sovereignty was also denied by pressure from Beijing. And the act of obeying Beijing’s orders from the Vietnamese leaders, which is Nguyen Phu Trong, shows that it is not the neglect but the Vietnamese communist leadership has made to compromise national sovereignty.

Clearly, the Chinese are using the renminbi in seven free border provinces to manipulate the Vietnamese economy, making its dependence on China increasingly.

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The Noble Clyde Boudreaux rig arrived in Vung Tau on April 30 and was intended to be deployed to the Phong Lan Dai field in early June but was later delayed due to Chinese risks. Noble’s report on July 9, 2020, showed that the exploration drilling contract with Vietnam was canceled.

As well as the policy of visa exemption for foreigners coming to “special zones” such as Phu Quoc or Van Don has created all conditions for China to satisfy hegemony.

What does the above clearly show us? Losing sovereignty is an indisputable thing.

If sovereignty remains, why the Vietnamese government chased RepSol and extorted $1 billion from people to pay them? If Vietnam is sovereign, why cancel the contract with Noble Corporation?

That has not shown all of the cowardice of Vietnam’s leaders, when asked by the press about the Ministry of Defense’s report on Chinatowns everywhere in Vietnam, the land was lost. The Ministry of Defense made such a clear report that Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha and Minister of Public Security To Lam denied. They obviously knew it, but there seemed to be some reason people knew and these guys were silent and denied it. This was not only vile in the face of foreign forces, but once again they helped the Chinese towns appear more, the land must be lost more to satisfy them.

Affordable, Vietnamese leaders vowed to concede the country’s sovereignty to Beijing so that Beijing can bend the kite’s tongue and take each piece of Vietnamese land? How miserable!

Those who hold the destiny of the nation that they join hands to tear apart the country, the act of treason is hard to forgive. On the other hand, when they go to the media, they always raise the voice of their subordinates to be patriotic, to be as pure as the general secretary, to carry on the work of the president. They preach a moral tone all day, but in fact, they live like …!” Mr. Pham Minh Vu reached a conclusion.

The leader of the Chinese smuggling ring is Chinese

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-07-29_182732-1024x576.jpg
Cao Luong Co, Chinese, determined to be the leader of the ring smuggling Chinese citizens into Danang.

On the afternoon of July 26, the Danang City Police said that after a time of urgently investigating, on the evening of July 25, in collaboration with the Quang Nam Provincial Police, arrested Gao Liang Gu, born on June 4, 1978 at a hotel in Ngu Hanh Son district in Danang.

Gao Liang Gu has been identified as the leader of the ring organizing the illegal entry of Chinese into Danang and Quang Nam in recent years.

Chinese enterprises nearly completed illegal factory before being detected.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-07-29_164940-1024x575.jpg
This Chinese project in Bac Ninh has a scale of more than 20,000 square meters. Total investment of more than VND115.5 billion. All works of this factory are not allowed.

Yaolong Company recently built a solid factory in Chau Phong industrial cluster, Bac Ninh province and the local authorities found that their works have not been licensed yet.

Yaolong Vietnam Printing Co., Ltd has completed 4 production facilities, one 4-storey office building and 1 warehouse. Currently, the firm is completing the construction of 4 factories, 1 office building with 4 floors. Factories, offices, fence systems are mostly painted on the outside, glazing finished. Factory entrance gates are closed by automatic door system, guarded to prevent strangers from entering. In addition to the gate and at the wall of the building near the gate, the company name plate in Vietnamese and Chinese has been posted.

The project has a scale of more than 20,000 square meters, including many items of factory and solid buildings. The total investment is over VND115.5 billion. All constructions of this factory are not permitted.

Confirming this situation, Mr. Lai Huu Bac, deputy head of Economic and Infrastructure Department, Que Vo district, said in Dat Viet newspaper: “Economic and Infrastructure Division has not received any commencement notice from Yaolong Company. Recently, we went with Mr. Nguyen Gia Toan, deputy chief inspector of the Department of Construction of Bac Ninh province to check-in, but the security did not allow us to go inside because … no appointment.”

Now we have to plan. This industrial cluster is very structured, quiet, without people, so from 2008 up to now, the coordination is not smooth. We will not give up, but we meet difficulties due to the management mechanism,” he said.

Up to now, the project of this company has basically been completed and it was only when the press discovered then the authorities of Que Vo district knew.

In a recent questionnaire to the National Assembly, the Ministry of Defense said that Chinese citizens own more than 162,000 hectares of land in Vietnam, including about 6,300 hectares of border and coastal land.

There are 21 Chinese people who own the land use right in Danang.

Owning this land through two forms of land acquisition- establishing a joint venture enterprise and investing money for Chinese Vietnamese to buy land. Many experts believe that there has been a “circumvention” and deceit in buying land use rights, so it should be strictly punished.

The “hiding” of the Vietnamese to “own” the land is an illicit relationship, showing signs of deception, possibly attributable to money laundering and illegal. It is necessary to rely on these acts to recover land and strictly comply with the regulations on land management. By doing this, other foreigners will not take advantage of the loophole to own land in the country.

The provinces and cities were Chinese citizens “owning” land was Da Nang 22 cases, Quang Ninh 17, Hai Phong 16, Binh Dinh 9, Ha Tinh and Binh Thuan each had 5 cases.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-07-29_165005-1024x576.jpg
Our City Urban Area (Hai Phong), where 400 Chinese people were found to operate an international gambling organization ring.

The land lease term for Chinese nationals is from 5 to 50 years. The main activity of the Chinese people in the land and coastal border areas are hotels, restaurants, tourism and entertainment business, apparel, aquaculture, footwear, packaging production, children’s toys, and electronic components.

Most of the Chinese-owned “plots” are located in major, coastal, prime locations for business operations and are important for the national defense. (Translated)