Vietnam Prime Minister and National TV miss to apology for their mistakes, people should be cautious

Many people rejoiced when Vietnam National Television (VTV) editor Thu Huong apologized “the street vendors and the audience.”

The incident in which an editor of VTV said in an official bulletin that street vendors in Ho Chi Minh City were… parasites makes many people angry. After that, this editor said “sorry” on his Facebook page but the public did not agree. According to the public, it is not simply a personal fault, so VTV itself must apologize.

VTV’s editor Thu Huong on behalf of the Program Editorial Board offered an apology to the audience after the incident that VTV called street vendors parasites that caused public outrage

However, thinking that it was VTV’s apology is wrong, infact. In the Financial and Business Newsletter dated August 19, editor Thu Huong was acting only on behalf of the Program Editor.

If you try to look at VTV’s organizational structure, you will see, the editor made a mistake when implementing the Financial – Business Newsletter broadcast on the morning of August 17th as an employee of VTV24 News Center.

This department belongs to the News Department and VTV has about 40 departments such as the News Department.

In other words, considering the organizational structure of VTV, the Program Editor Board just stood up to admit the error is just… minor one. It is wrong assumption that it is VTV’s apology. VTV is famous for creating a multitude of scandals: From errors in knowledge, making and reporting fake news, criticizing many people (unfortunately children with autism, homosexual people, …), trespassing copyright, etc. and not naturally Wikipedia has its own section that lists VTV scandals but it has never admitted. It was and will continue.

Under the clever and wise supervision of Mr. Tran Binh Minh from 2011 up to now, VTV thinks that it has never made such a significant mistake which may lead to apologize. Maybe because if the VTV apologizes for its mistakes it will undermine the value of Mr. Minh – a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s Central Committee.

VTV’s condescension that makes “parasites” become a drop of water that spills the rage is understandable but requires VTV to apologize and be pleased when editor Thu Huong on behalf of … the Program Editors admit that it is like like … light-hearted!

Famous writer Nguyen Ngoc (right) poses with poet Huynh Le Nhat Tan in Da Nang on June 18, 2020. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc is still healthy in Danang, although of course, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on July 31, in his commemorative speech commemorating the propaganda branch, recited Nguyen Ngoc’s name and praised that writer Nguyen Ngoc died in the war against the US. The PM read the names of 8 people according to him dying during the war. Of which, up to 5 people survived the war and still live or died recently.

Not VTV so is the government! About three weeks ago, when he attended the “Meeting with intellectuals, scientists, writers and artists“, on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the CPV’s Traditional Propaganda Day, PM Phuc gave a speech, in which praised eight writers who he said had fallen during the war against the US as soldiers and the public laughed in unison because five out of them whom Mr. Phuc praised as martyrs did not die during the war! Four people have just passed away and one is still alive.

After the scandal just mentioned, only the Organizing Committee of the event apologized the PM, writers, artists and relatives, readers for having error. The CPV’s Department of Propaganda and Education- the supervising agency the Organizing Committee of the event apologized the PM only.

And the PM? He did not bother to speak any language. It seems that not only Mr. Phuc, but also the political system and the public government system in Vietnam, find that Mr. Phuc is completely innocent!

PM Phuc meets with intellectual delegates, scientists, writers and artists on the 90th anniversary of the Party’s Traditional Propaganda Day on July 31, 2020

If this paragraph is not wrong: … During the war against the US, many artists and intellectuals fell to the battlefield in the position of soldiers like writers Anh Duc, Nguyen Thi, Nguyen Sang, Phan Tu, Nguyen Trung Thanh, Tran Hieu Minh, Le Anh Xuan, Duong Thi Xuan Quy, …

In the wrong speech of Vietnam’s PM and other cases of VTV, there is no apology from who made the errors but only from their subordinates. It is hard to request apologies from senior officials.

Also on the occasion that VTV calls the profession of carrying street vendors as parasites, a former prisoner of conscience Pham Minh Vu has a commentary titled “biggest parasite” implying CPV’s General Secretary cum State President Nguyen Phu Trong, who often remains silent and has not appeared in public for the most time of the last 16 months.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has rarely appeared recently

He is Secretary General and President of the State, concurrently Secretary of the Central Military Commission, a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Public Security Party Committee, Head of the Central Judicial Reform Steering Committee, member of the National Assembly, and head of the anti-corruption committee. Correspondent, concurrently commander of the armed forces, is a man who holds almost the entire destiny of a nation.

But, in appearances, he only works around internal fighting against other factions, warning the people to avoid hostile forces.

The sovereignty was at stake, he ignored.

The Covid-19 pandemic was rampant, he ignored.

Aggressive China has acted to violate the country’s sovereignty in the East Sea (South China Sea), he ignored

People complained of hunger and suffering because of the disease, he ignored.

Yet he receives no less than 10 salaries, enjoying the privileges perhaps the first of the world.

Although he could not walk, he had to sit in a wheelchair, but also instigated the public opinion that he would sit for another term.

A power embezzlement, old and confused. What we could call him if not a parasite?

Also according to the current news that VTV calls the street load parasite, journalist Do Nga made the comment in the article “Exploiting street vendors but call them parasites, that is the behavior of communists!”

A video recorded on February 24, 2020, showing that 3 people in the working group of the police station of Hang Ma ward, Hanoi Hoan Kiem, Hanoi are struggling with the old woman selling oranges, one of them grabbed oranges and put them in a bag and called it confiscated in the bitter cry of the old street vendor. The netizens shared it and called it an act of stealing oranges of the old street vendor.

This is not an “accident” like the exemplary apology of the speaker, but it is a systematic thought in the current Communist Party. Although the Communist Party is in the name of the miserable class, it is itself the one who causes the misery to the suffering class, not anyone else. For the sake of the poor people, why year after year they keep sending police to rob street vendors. If they work for people, they should not rob them. So, today’s disdain on VTV is not an accident, but a statement that expresses the inherent ideology of the communists.

In fact, if there were no Communists, this country would not have lost money because the visitors were so excited. Without communism, the country would not have lost money for the trillion-dollar monuments and gates built at huge costs. Without communism, the country would not lose money for countless projects that lost billions of dollars. Without the communist, the country wouldn’t lose money for useless giant infrastructure projects like Cat Linh-Ha Dong elevated railway, etc.… It was the Communist Party that made the country poor in this way!

Just like that, the higher the level of corruption, the lower the welfare poverty in the country. Clearly, then, it is corruption that robbed the welfare of the people and filled them with greed and forced them to swim for a living. Having robbed people of their homes, pushed people to street vendors and disdained them as “parasites,” what the fuck is that?!

Actually selling is a form of buying and selling to make a profit. Whether it is a billion-dollar trading company or a street vendor with a capital of about $50, they are all the same in nature and only differ in size. Then why call the street vendors ‘parasites,’ so Vietnam Electricity also buys and resells electricity, Petrolimex also buys and resells fuels, why people do not call them “parasites” but use this word on poor people only?

The country of the communist rule, robbers are honored as heroes, and those who do business are considered “parasitic,” he concluded. (Translated)

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