Vietnamese communist propaganda angered by people after looking down upon $2.5 million for buying a foreign passport by the national legislator

The head of the Ho Chi Minh City Propaganda Department has just asked the public not to go too far about the million-dollar fortune of national legislator Pham Phu Quoc’s family, causing public discontent.

The fact that the foreign press revealed that Pham Phu Quoc, a member of Vietnam’s highest legislative body National Assembly, was a Cypriot Vietnamese national, made public opinion outraged.

National legislator Pham Phu Quoc was reported to have Cypriot nationality since 2018

Some people believe that the act of secret naturalization in Cyprus showed that Quoc was betraying the country and the beliefs of the people. However, the figure of $2.5 million equivalent to nearly VND60 billion of the cost of Cypriot citizenship makes the public questioning bigger.

However, after being silent until Pham Phu Quoc himself submitted a letter for the resignation of the National Assembly’s membership, the reaction of Head of the HCM City Party Propaganda Department Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue showed his disdain for the law and voters, who put their faith in the representatives of the people and especially the right of the people to know about the qualifications of members of the National Assembly, who were directly elected by the people.

No one is perfect. If because of discipline without considering the appointment anymore, it is too extreme. Moreover, people should not infer from where delegate Pham Phu Quoc has $2.5 million to buy foreign citizenship. We respect Mr. Quoc’s words saying they come from his family property. People shouldn’t open the issue too far,” Mr. Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue said about Mr. Pham Phu Quoc. Mr. Khue said that the fact that Mr. Quoc did not provide information that he has two nationalities is “a pity.”

Commenting on the statements of the Head of the HCM City Propaganda Department, journalist Do Cao Cuong said:

Dear Mr. Khue, it is true that no one is perfect, but for an insolent person, a liar, a citizen of another country but falsely declares the truth in order to work as a citizen representative of his country … but you said not considering the appointment is extreme, maybe Mr. Khue needs to reconsider his nerves.”

The state president’s salary is more than VND10 million/month, in order to accumulate $2.5 million, the guy has to work through the night, it takes nearly a thousand years.

Street vendors making a living whom VTV calls parasites, earn only a few tens of thousands of dong a day, less than VND2 million a month. They have to work for thousands of years to buy Cyprus’s citizenship as Mr. Quoc

Money belongs to the people, they are brought up by the people, yet he considers the money of the people like trash. It seems that Mr. Khue is trying to squat on the Constitution and the laws.

To earn $2.5 million, many people have lost their lives on highways, in workplaces, many people selling health to the devil, peasants struggling in the fields, workers being treated badly, many people who illegally crossing the border die at sea and feed fish …

Most of the people in the country are still poor, many mountainous children do not have enough food to eat, not enough clothes to wear, while state officials are immeasurably rich, with wealth scattered throughout the five continents.

For brutal people like Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue, money are trash or savage.! “

Activist Hoang Dung said: “Certainly what Pham Phu Quoc now needs is a regisnation without being questioned about his assets and the whole family will go to Cyprus smoothly. Since then, Quoc has moved to Europe, he and his wife would enjoy leisure on the beach of Cyprus.”

With the same point of view, journalist Hoang Linh said: “Mr. Pham Phu Quoc accepts everything to retain Cypriot citizenship, because on August 25 he submitted a letter of resignation to quit the National Assembly’s membership and the CEO of Tan Thuan company.

Oh, so beautiful and beautiful the country Cyprus loves.” According to journalist Hoang Linh, Mr. Quoc has long had the intention of choosing Cyprus as his new home country.

Mr. Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue, deputy head of the HCM City National Assembly Delegation, Head of the Ho Chi Minh City Propaganda Department, whom the people of Thu Thiem said only spoke sweetly and made empty promiss with local land petitioners many times

Responding to Mr. Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue, journalist Nguyen Tien Tuong analyzed:

Quoc made confession after being reported on foreign media. Over the years, Quoc has carried his briefcase to the parliament and stays in the director’s seat.

Knowing that he has violated the regulations, Quoc considers the regulations to be a rusty nail.

It is your work to respect Quoc but you cannot ask ordinary people to respect him. You are not our grandfather!”

He said again ‘The fact that Mr. Pham Phu Quoc does not provide information about his dual nationality is really a pity.’

According to you, sorry for who?

As Quoc is cheating the parliament and the local citizens, he should be punished strictly, not pitty!

Then you said ‘We respect Anh Quoc’s testimony about his family sponsoring citizenship, should not over-infer where the money comes from.’

Goodness, there’s only one bottleneck that the whole country needs to know, you said NO. If his family sponsors, how his family gets such a big sum? $2.5 million are a big fortune, not toys.

The organization that does not investigate must encourage the media to do its works. Why did you say these stupid words? Quoc is a man, not a vulnerable child, so you should not talk about him like a babysitter!”

Mr. Pham Phu Quoc received the decision to become general director of Tan Thuan Company at the end of 2019, a lucrative position

The whole country was chasing a jerk while you are talking to protect the giant corrupted official. Before the press conference, people suspected that you will make the case a minor one. As the meeting was finished, there was no doubt about it.

How you can do it?” Mr. Nguyen Tien Tuong said.

Entrepreneur Le Hoai Anh also frustratedly wrote on her personal Facebook with 325,000 followers: Hey Mr. Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue,  head of the propaganda committee of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee. I am a citizen of this city, I would like to ask you directly on which position you are talking for? As a member of parliament, or a gentleman sitting above the people, and advised us not to deduce from where Pham Phu Quoc’s family has $2.5 million to buy citizenship for his whole family?

Excuse me, Mr. Khue, I ask you straightforwardly how much salary, what assets Quoc inherited from whom? Many people have the right to ask once you are a servant of the people who gets a salary from our tax!

What rights you asked people not let the matter go too far, why do you force us to believe in Mr. Phu Quoc’s words that it is his family’s money?

Mr. Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue, deputy head of the Ho Chi Minh City National Assembly Delegation and head of the Ho Chi Minh City Propaganda Department, repeatedly met with Thu Thiem people and made many empty promises

As a propagandist for the Party, you must know that the Party’s platform, the purpose of the Party is to strive wholeheartedly to serve the people, this state is for the people, by the people and for the people. Therefore, all the policies of the Party and the State, all national livelihood issues must be let the people know, the people discuss, the people do, the people check; democratic spirit must be expressed in all areas of social life!

As a citizen of the country together with other citizens we claim the right to full, multidimensional information about the national legislator’s assets (Mr. Pham Phu Quoc) unless it is identified as top-secret national information. People also have the right to talk about that wealth to see it as legal or illicit income.

The anti-corruption, anti-abuse of positions and powers to seek personal interests, group interests launched by your own Party, perhaps you did not know, did not want to join. Maybe you feared that your fellow Party would be exposed, then affecting the Party’s reputation. Clean officials are not afraid from accusation, sir. If Mr. Quoc is clean, his assets are clean, then on this occasion will also relieve him, let the people open their eyes and learn his example of getting rich and clean!

We do know, discuss, and clarify, but our people can also inspect to check whether you do wrong or right, we are entitled to check from the policy, direction, path, a project, the land allocation, funding for an economic unit … to the brand the real results of that matter, that project.

The authorities must create all conditions for the people to be inspected, questioned, and monitored for their works.

Document investigating the Cypriot “golden passport” of Al Jazeera news agency with a portrait of two Vietnamese Pham Phu Quoc and Pham Nhat Vu. Vu was imprisoned for selling AVG to Mobiphone and caused a loss of VND7 trillion to the state and millions of dollars of bribery but his sentence was just 3 years in prison

As a member of Vietnam’s parliament for the 2016-2021 term, the deputy head of HCM City delegation to the parliament, and the head of the HCM City’s Propaganda and Education department, but you made an irresponsible statement to silence people, are you qualified to be representatives of the people? As a Party member holding the responsibility of leading the Party’s propaganda for a leading city in the country and you ignore the Party’s platform, do you deserve to hold that responsibility? Why, what motive did you defend Quoc? Do I have the right to doubt or do you have “circumstances” like him?”

The conclusion of Mrs. Le Hoai Anh raised doubts that Mr. Khue seemed to have similar circumstances to Mr. Quoc, so he expressed his opinion to defend Mr. Quoc like that. (Translated)