Three Police Officers die from “friendly” bullets in the Dong Tam raid (Internal news)

Minister of Public Security To Lam, who was in charge of the attack in Dong Tam on Jan 9, 2020, in which party member Le Dinh Kinh was killed and autopsied by police forces.

A source from the Department 5 (Department of Intelligence, Ministry of Public Security) said “3 police officers died on Jan 9, 2020, during the raid on Dong Tam due to mistakenly shooting at each other in the dark.”

The raid on Le Dinh Kinh’s house was carried out very hastily and awkwardly due to inexperienced commanders, at the same time many attacks rushed into Mr. Kinh’s house from opposite directions, explosions, and gunshots. Due to tight spaces, smoggy scenes, chirping sounds, chaos sounding, many riot policemen got confused, leading to the wrong judgment of their comrades entering from the opposite side as villagers and they opened fire on policemen, causing the death of three police officers.”

The source also added, “After these 3 policemen died, a fake scene scenario was created, along with a description of Dong Tam people pouring gasoline into a pot and burning into the pit to burn the 3 dead policemen there“.

Another source from the Hanoi Riot Police Regiment added “Since police officers from Hung Yen were sent to hold key positions of the Ministry of Public Security, the riot police had to accept requests to suppress the people. stronger, more brutal than before, the riot policemen are also discontented.”

It is known that Minister of Public Security To Lam is also from Hung Yen. In recent years, he has appointed police officers from his native province to senior positions in the ministry. This leads to disatisfaction from senior officials and other police officers.

CBB – Member of the Communist Party of Vietnam

Report from Hanoi, September 13, 2020

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