Dong Tam case – Internal news reveals that 3 police officers were killed by friendly bullets

The first-instance hearing ended the argument part and the trial panel has rejected the crime scene enactment request on the death of 3 police officers. At the same time, the defense lawyer of the three police officers Le Hong Bach demands serious punishment against Dong Tam land petitioners. The BBC Vietnamese described that Bach “turned the trial into a funeral home” with the sobbing cry of the families of 3 police officers during his defense.

However, an internal source from Hanoi told that these 3 police officers died because they were shot by friendly bullets- they were wrongly killed by other riot policemen. After that, the police created a fake scenario in which they described that the trio was killed and burned with gasoline by Dong Tam land petitioners.

Minister of Public Security To Lam – is the person responsible for the plan to attack Dong Tam in which riot police killed and cut the belly of communal leader Le Dinh Kinh on the morning of September 9, 2020. the internal source said.

This scenario also intentionally aroused public outrage when they revealed photos of burned bodies savagely on the terrace next to the technical hole.

Previously, widow Du Thi Thanh and some Dong people observed that the police drone from many days ago was still hovering above, clearly stating the entire topography of the area and of course the technical hole was also noted by the police.

The case file also shows that a 30th person was arrested before January 9, 2020 for disclosing state secrets for revealing the process of training to attack Dong Tam.

In addition, lawyer Ha Huy Son also raised the question: There was a deadly conspiracy to set the defendant’s trap, when they bought 10 grenades for VND30 million ($1,300), but they were all fake grenades and the investigation agency had failed to identify the seller.

Internal news reports revealed that “3 police officers died from shooting themselves in the attack on Dong Tam” by a Communist Party member from Hanoi informed as follows:

A source from the Department 5 (Department of Intelligence, Ministry of Public Security) said “3 police officers died on Jan 9, 2020 during the raid on Dong Tam due to mistakenly shooting at each other in the dark.”

The raid on Le Dinh Kinh’s house was carried out very hastily and awkwardly due to inexperienced commanders, at the same time many attacks rushed into Mr. Kinh’s house from opposite directions, explosions, and gunshots. Due to tight spaces, smoggy scenes, chirping sounds, chaos sounding, many riot policemen got confused, leading to the wrong judgment of their comrades entering from the opposite side as villagers and they opened fire on policemen, causing the death of three police officers.”

The source also added, “After these 3 policemen died, a fake scene scenario was created, along with a description of Dong Tam people pouring gasoline into a pot and burning into the pit to burn the 3 dead policemen there.”

Another source from the Hanoi Riot Police Regiment added “Since police officers from Hung Yen were sent to hold key positions of the Ministry of Public Security, the riot police had to accept requests to suppress the people. stronger, more brutal than before, the riot policemen are also discontented.”

It is known that Minister of Public Security To Lam is also from Hung Yen. In recent years, he has appointed police officers from his native province to senior positions in the ministry. This leads to disatisfaction from senior officials and other police officers.

2 photos by the police intentionally unofficially revealed through the Facebook pages of the riot police showing the burned body on the rooftop of Mr. Le Dinh Chuc’s house

That is the entire content of the source – CBB – communist party member from Hanoi, provided to on September 13.

There are too many contradictions around the way of death of 3 police officers with the investigation concluded that the death of these 3 policemen was due to “very severe heat asphyxia and whole body charring” and no background disease.

Not to mention the absurdity of how all three fell into a pit together, this event needs a more specific explanation. However, since the hole was still there (4 meters deep, 77cm wide, 135cm long), even though the investigation agency did not experiment with the cause of those 3 charred deaths, someone went to the scene and filmed the pit to find traces of the burning coal 3 corpses. However, in fact, there is a video clip that proves that there was no such fire by activist Trinh Ba Phuong very early raised the problem very accurately:

Assuming a fire burns for a few hours causing the bodies to burn black, but the wall of the hole has no black smoke, and a number of things on the wall such as nylon sheet, wooden, and electrical wire have not been burned.

Lawyer Ngo Anh Tuan investigated, under the technical pit, discovered an unburnt electric wire, while the investigation concluded that the corpses of 3 police officers were charred by the whole body due to heat. Previously, activist Trinh Ba Phuong discovered 3 things under the hole in the height of only 1.0m-1.4m, including electrical wires, press-caps, and plastic bags close to the wall did not burn

Meanwhile, the charred corpses show that it would take a crematorium for many hours at high temperatures to lead to the charring of the corpse as images revealed by the police.

Combined with the source of the death caused by mistakenly firing units, a new question arises as to how and where the bodies burned and were brought to the craters on the roof of Mr. Le Dinh Chuc’s house? Hopefully, these mysteries will one day come to light.

Also on the request of an experimental investigation to clarify the deaths at the Technical Hole, recently with a rare belief, widow Du Thi Thanh made a statement: “I am ready to jump into the pit for the gas-burning experiment

In the clip, filmed by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Duyen, granddaughter of Mrs. Thanh, at home this morning, September 13, 2020.

Ms. Thanh said earnestly:

I am Du Thi Thanh, widow of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh, a citizen killed on the night of Jan 9 by the riot police force in Hanoi. I request the state to experiment with the crime scene. I’m ready to jump into the pit for a gas-burning experiment. I affirm that there are no people burned to coal in the pit like false accusations of the police and the procuracy.

I also request probing of the riot police force who entered my house and killed my husband, Mr. Le Dinh Kinh. I demand the unconditional release of my sons Le Dinh Cong and Le Dinh Chuc and the innocent Dong Tam land petitioners. I would like the Vietnamese National Assembly, international human rights organizations, embassies, and lawyers to speak up to protect the people of Dong Tam who are severely condemned and on the verge of an unjust death.” The statement of Ms. Du Thi Thanh by video has just been published on such social networks.

Screenshot of the video clip taken on September 13 with widow Du Thi Thanh’s statement to the public – confirming that no people died in the pit and that she was ready to participate in the experiments in the gas-burning case

Architect Duong Quoc Chinh said that the “Creative scene” of the police was still unprofessional, he wrote on Facebook as follows:

The ability to compose the indictment and the conclusion of the investigation now needs more attention from the Police, Security, and Procuratorate training schools, it needs a drama department like the School of Theater and Cinema. But writing indictments is much more difficult, having to master logic, like writing detective stories.

The indictment in these places is quite illogical.

Defendant Le Dinh Chuc was shot to the top of his head but was still able to talk and give grenades to other subjects, such as an American action film, and would never die.

The indictment describes Chuc’s helmet was broken, still stained with blood and hair. The defendant’s court photo shows the right head has a concave, like a piece of skull the size of 3 fingers. That means he was shot and his skull was broken, but fortunately he did not die, probably because the helmet supported a bit.

The riot policemen said they saw Mr. Kinh holding a grenade in his hand, so they shot him down. Mr. Kinh fell down, was bitten by a sniffing dog and dragged out of the living room, but he still held the grenade in hand!

But at the scene report described, his hand did not hold grenades. The above paragraph is just told by the policemen. They probably collected the grenade before! Looks like no photos.

The panorama of Le Dinh Chuc house’s terrace adjacent to Le Dinh Hoi’s house where there is a technical pit is said to have 3 mobile policemen burned to coal

According to the field report, when making the record, 3 police officers’ bodies were removed from the pit without any scene photos. The indictment only transcribed the forensic record.

Minutes of the scene showed that there was a half-burnt pot, 99% of it was what the indictment said defendant was used to refuel, but the defendant had no signs of any burns (the indictment did not record). That means this guy is very skillful in filling the gas with his hands, the basin is burned, but his hands are okay!

In short, the crime scene was not intact, because the police side made a lot of disturbances, especially important evidence such as Mr. Kinh’s body holding a grenade and the body of 3 polieemen in the pit. According to Mrs. Thanh, Mr. Kinh’s wife, the police side cleaned the blood stains, changing the scene where Mr. Kinh died. They even threw a pile of clothes used to wipe blood under the bed and took away the Consensus Team documents. (Translated)

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