Many Vietnamese wish the Communist Party to promote democracy, even give up political monopoly

The political power system model in Vietnam, in fact, is that the Politburo holds all power, and directly interferes with all three branches of power. The Court of the National Assembly and the Government both have to listen to the Party’s direction. All the newspapers were controlled by the Central Propaganda Department, so they did not have an independent voice

A political observer in Hanoi said that the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s personnel policy is still “one person or a group of people from the district, province to central level have the right to arrange.”

Researcher Le Van Sinh, former lecturer in the History Department, University of Social Sciences & Humanities, National University of Hanoi, told BBC on September 29.

I see that through the phenomena, for example, one decision to promote one person to the secretary of the Party Committee of Bac Ninh city, another decision to promote another guy to become a deputy secretary of the Hanoi City Party Committee before the 13th National Congress, it shows that, the party personnel policy is that one person or a group of people from the district, province to central level has the right to arrange leadership positions of the Party and its Government.”

This all leads to the election in party conferences s just a formality. We do not see at least two candidates running for district or provincial party secretary in the party congresses that took place.”

Therefore, the method of recruiting the leadership of the Communist Party is no different from the previous party congresses,” Mr. Sinh said.

According to him, in order to fight against lobbying, the Communist Party of Vietnam cannot keep this old way of doing.

Only by democratizing the election of a leader by the free election, the party members having the right to elect their leader, the party building and social governance work will be good and prevent corruption from ruining this party’s career.”

Meanwhile, from the perspective of the people in Saigon, blogger Suong Quynh told the BBC that she expected the Party “to reform toward multi-party democracy” and allow formation of other political parties which can freele compete each other in fair way.”

It would allow people to see which party has the best and most supported decisions to develop the country and defend its territorial integrity, as well as who best serves the people and is entrusted with the responsibility of the people to run the nation’s works,” shared Ms. Suong Quynh.

Sharing this view, dissident Nguyen Vu Binh (former editor of the CPV’s Journal) told the BBC:

I see that the current way of working as the Vietnamese Communist Party’s personnel does not have public and transparent competition. All regulations and procedures for selecting personnel are only to validate the selection of factions, relationships, and money lobbying would determine the outcome of racing. That is the way of selecting personnel summarized by the Party members and the people: first – descendants, second – relationship, third – money, and fourth- intelligence. Meanwhile, there is also competition but tacit competition between the factions.”

In short, there must be fair competition and open transparency in the selection, election and election process,” Mr. Vu Binh affirmed.

Mr. Tran Quoc Vuong is considered the leading candidate for the position of General Secretary

Ideology and things to change?

In terms of ideology and ruling thinking, including thinking about the rule of law, regarding current institutions and regimes, when asked if the ruling CPV has something to think about, review and need for change or reform, the comments told the BBC.

Mr. Le Van Sinh is inclined to the social development model of Japan, Korea or Taiwan.

In order to maintain its independence and national sovereignty, Vietnam cannot study communist China. Studying them would make Vietnam a student always. That is the best and only way to become less dependent on China,” said Sinh.

He expressed: “In my opinion, whether the party can retain the leadership of the country or not depends on the policies of the party for the people or not? Do the people be considered a hostile force or not, depriving or acquiring land of the people in the name of ‘the state governing’ creates an increasingly large class of injustice.”

Mr. Nguyen Vu Binh agreed: “In my opinion, everything needs to change, self-change to suit the new situation.”

The expansion of the free space for the people needs to be done immediately, then take steps to gradually transform to a democratic institution. These are realistic options for the Communist Party and the ruling party in Vietnam.”

Regarding the 13th CPV Congress scheduled to meet in early 2021, when asked if there are any expectations, hopes, or advice for the government and the ruling party about the convention, observers stated views with the BBC.

Mr. Le Van Sinh did not hope much: “The way of preparing human resources and the way of building society has not changed, the party is still persisting in building a socialist-oriented market economy, still considering building theory build Lenin’s society as the foundation of ideology, so no good change is expected.”

However, I hope in the near future a radical new leader will emerge who dares to give up the bad dogmas that hold back Vietnam’s development.”

General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong led Mr. Tran Quoc Vuong, standing member of the Party Secretariat, the second figure of the Party on the sidelines of the meeting of the Politburo of the Communist Party, Hanoi, on June 21, 2019.

Ms. Suong Quynh is also pessimistic: “Honestly, I do not expect anything because who comes to power, if they still keep the path to socialism, the country’s development will not occur.

So, I see that if they keep the leadership mindset up to now of the Vietnamese Communist Party, they will only make this country more and more defeated.”

Mr. Nguyen Vu Binh has a more optimistic judgment: “This 13th National Congress will take place after the US presidential election which will determine the political situation in the world and the region. The US-China confrontation will be as fierce as if Donald Trump is re-elected. In that case, the next developments will not be foreseen. Without the US-China confrontation or the outcome of the election, Mr. Joe Biden is elected, no expectations will be at this conference. “

On the contrary, there may be changes in the National Congress if Donald Trump continues to be re-elected. Or even though there is no change in congress, the situation of Vietnam will also have to change because Vietnam is more likely will no longer choose China as an ally.” (Translated)


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