CPV’s 13th National Congress: Ideology and Time Disease

The Communist Party Declaration (1848) summarized Marx and Engels’ theories about the nature of society and politics, namely: the history of society so far is the history of class struggle.

Society has always operated in the form of an oppressed majority that is exploited under the yoke of an oppressed minority.

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The photo appeared on Facebook on October 14, thanks to the floods, we can see clearly the quality of the newly built road through the village 3, Hai Duong Commune, Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue.

It also characterized their ideas on how the capitalist society of the era would eventually be replaced by socialism.

At the end of the Declaration, the authors called for the use of violence to overthrow the entire current social situation, and this passage became a call for a worldwide communist revolution.

Since then, many changes in history, and the assertions in the “Manifesto” have been practically denied, as core as “the capitalist society of the times will eventually be replaced by socialism.” The fundamental theories of Communism are “bankrupted” such as “Centralized economy” and “Work according to your ability but enjoy according to your needs” and “Establishing a society … without class, freedom, equality, based on the common ownership and control of the means of production.”

The theoretical basis no longer exists, then on what basis is the Communist Party of Vietnam asserting its leadership role in the cause of building a “democratic, free, developed, fair, and civilized society?”

In a country of nearly 100 million people, with the majority having basic intellectual qualifications and at least a few tens of millions of highly trained people, what is the membership of the Communist Party that reserves the right “directing” for an entire nation?

Knowing that, because of special historical circumstances, the Communist Party has contributed significantly to the liberation of slavery against foreign countries, but after 30 years of fighting foreign aggression, what has the Communist Party done in the next 45 years?

Is the Communist Party of Vietnam still “communist“?

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Major General To An Xo, the person speaking that Le Dinh Kinh is the “new landlord” was seen by the netizens that the belt he wore was of the HERMES brand for $5,000 units, ie more than VND100 million

Has the country achieved a “Rule of law state” and a “Democratic, just, civilized institution” today? And why are our people “frustrated” as “stuck” while around us other countries are advancing on the path of development?

They actually know?

Not that the leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam do not know the disease of the times, the reasons hindering the nation’s progress.

A resolution of the Party said: “In order to make a strong change in party building work in the coming time, it is necessary to … resolutely fight to prevent and repel the deterioration of political and moral ideology, the lifestyle of a large part of cadres and party members, first of all, leading cadres and managers at all levels to improve the Party’s leadership and combat strength, reinforce the confidence of Party members and of the people to the Party.”

The communists and so many other patriots have sacrificed, fought for national independence, freedom, happiness for the people, how to degrade political ideology, morality, and lifestyle to the point where it is frankly stated in Central Committee Resolution 4 above?

They realize the issue, but what has the Communist Party leader been doing in the last 4 years since the date of this Resolution?

In 2016, Central Committee Resolution 4 of the 12th tenure (also known as 27 depressions) was the content of Resolution No. 04-NQ / TW of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the 12th term, led by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong signed on October 30, 2016, on strengthening the Party building and regulating; prevent and reverse the deterioration of political ideas, ethics, lifestyle, “self-evolving” and “self-transforming” manifestations internally.

Four more years have passed, what has been done to prevent and eradicate the serious disease that is deeply ingrained in the marrow of the Vietnamese Communist Party?

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Works of Hoa Binh Provincial Party Committee worth VND11 billion consisting of 11 words slogan, which makes the public bored

The time cannot last for the Communist Party of Vietnam to “criticize, self-criticize, and warn” its members.

True communists must listen to the voices of the people but cannot continue to abuse their power to harm the people.

They should know to listen to the message of late President Ho Chi Minh, to do his best as the “servant” of the people. It must always be in mind that the people have the right to expel “servants” if they do not respect the people and harm the people’s country.

In this world nothing is permanent, sunrise and sunset are the natural laws of creation.

The Qin Dynasty, which ruled for more than 400 years, also perished because it did not keep the rules. The Tran and Le dynasties fought against foreign invaders, and then fell into disrepair because of the “evil spirit.”

Those in power today do not subjectively think that they will withstand the storms of time. The Soviet Union or East Germany were wiped out within a few days or weeks.

People like rivers with boats … but also have the power to flip boats. According to the heart of the people, then, against the hearts of the people, it will be lost, this is the eternal principle that the collective leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam need to keep in mind.

Statistics of officials and party members being disciplined have not been reduced over time, even this situation is more and more increasing. For the latest example, the state-controlled media on October 5, announced that a series of district police officers in Lai Chau province were expelled from the Party for drug related and using fake high school diplomas.

The consequences are from the Communist Party of Vietnam!”

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Public opinion tumultuous about Professor Dr. People’s Teacher, Secretary of the Party Committee of Maritime University Luong Cong Nho with a savings deposit of VND100 billion and $2 million and a 2-front villa with cost hundreds of billion dong

Associate Professor, Dr. Mac Van Trang, on the evening of October 6, told RFA that:

With absolute power, abusing power generates money. Uncontrolled power will make them corrupted. Damage from top to bottom. So, from such a broken state system, all branches are corrupted. All beliefs, moral beliefs, and basic truth-good-virtue values ​​have been turned upside down. That is why society degraded comprehensively, not just party members.”

Dr. Mac Van Trang affirmed that the deterioration of Vietnamese culture was due to the totalitarian regime of the Communist Party during the past few decades.

Due to the totalitarian regime, propaganda lies, deception, plunder, illegally enriching, and then using intellectual violence, the whole society is deformed. The deformation is firstly from officials, in Party members. As we can see how many ministers, members of the Politburo, members of the corrupt Central Committee have to go to court. Police and army generals, professors, doctors, all of them with fake diplomas, get money from students, buy medical equipment at one price but declare prices ten times higher so they can steal money from the state budget or patients’ pockets.”

Professor Nguyen Dinh Cong asserted that the consequences were caused by the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Because the corruption and weakness of the Party members are due to the birth of the Party organization. Meanwhile, the presiding officer according to the current line is Mr. Trong.

Mr. Trong is a key man, but still steadfastly follows the Marx-Lenin policy, but it is Marxism-Leninism and the policies of the Communist Party that give birth to such corrupt, poor party members.”

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National Assembly member Pham Phu Quoc spent $2.5 million (VND60 billion) to buy Cyprus Citizenship, which was discovered by the international press

Former reporter of Communist Magazine and journalist Nguyen Vu Binh argued:

It is a matter of nature. Because we need to understand that without the counterbalance of power, without independent and objective supervision and control, it will inevitably lead to abuse and corruption. That is the principle, in fact in Vietnam, the situation is happening like that and it is obvious that everyone noticed.”

Solution and efficiency

During the workshop held at the end of September, in Hanoi, Prof. Dr. Ta Ngoc Tan, former director of the National Academy of Politics of Ho Chi Minh City, commented that it is important to pay attention to the regulatory function of culture. Because culture has the ability to influence and regulate people’s behavior, perception, and values.

For Dr. Dao Duy Quat, it is really necessary to have a direct command line, headed by the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam to be able to break into culture.

However, in the opinion of interested people like professors Mac Van Trang and Nguyen Dinh Cong, the nature of the problem is not recognized and therefore cannot be effective. Professor Nguyen Dinh Cong emphasized.

A lot of resolutions to clean up the Party so that the Party can be strong, but they cannot do it. Because the original word is wrong. The party must change from the dictatorship of the proletariat, from the Marx-Lenin roots, from the monopolistic party. Those roots must be removed in order to hopefully train qualified party members.”

Professor Nguyen Dinh Cong concluded “I believe that it cannot be effective. Mr. Trong cannot do it.” And, Professor Nguyen Dinh Cong once said that he sees the future of the nation and the country of Vietnam even more gloomy in all aspects if the Communist Party of Vietnam continues to lead the country in the same way as ever.

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