Does Nguyen Xuan Phuc want to destroy Le Thanh Hai’s group?

In the context of the interest group planning to force Thu Thiem’s ​​land petitioners to stay in Saigon, in Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc held a vigorous meeting speaking out “against group interests.” What did Nguyen Xuan Phuc want? Wanting to manipulate the interest group led by Le Thanh Hai, former Politburo member and secretary of the Party’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City?

According to the scenario, in order to contact the Thu Thiem land petitioners whose land was unfairly robbed by authorities of HCM City for decades, many days before the dialogue, the Government Inspectorate and the city People’s Committee coordinated to organize a dialogue with the Thu Thiem land petitioners in the afternoon of November 27, 2020.

The plan was very well prepared, the city’s authorities sent Mr. Vo Van Hoan, who in 2018 destroyed the original map and the PM’s decision, evidences proving wrongdoing by the group led by Le Thanh Hai, Le Hoang Quan, Nguyen Van Dua, and Tat Thanh Cang. And then Vo Viet Thanh erected a planning map which was considered a fake map by the people of Thu Thiem because it did not have the signature of the competent authority of the Ministry of Construction. And the dialogue on Nov 27 came to a standstill because Vo Van Hoan decided to protect Le Thanh Hai’s group.

It is known that the Le Thanh Hai group is a very strong interest group and General Secretary cum State President Nguyen Phu Trong has failed to tackle with this group in many attempts. Even Mr. Trong even apprehended Le Thanh Hai’s younger brother, Le Tan Hung, to bring it to Hanoi to investigate, but still could not destroy it. Not only the group Le Thanh Hai – Le Hoang Quan – Nguyen Van Duag – Tat Thanh Cang was not chipped, but also allied with the previous generation leader Vo Viet Thanh and the current generation leader Vo Van Hoan to form inviolable alliance. So can Nguyen Xuan Phuc do anything to this group of interests?

Nguyen Xuan Phuc calls for anti-group interests

Nguyen Xuan Phuc wants to support Mr. Trong?

What has been wrong in Thu Thiem for many years now, and this is the case where Mr. Trong wants to uproot the whole group of Le Thanh Hai, Le Hoang Quan, Nguyen Van Racing, and Tat Thanh Cang but he has yet to do anything. Up to now, Nguyen Phu Trong has almost the end of his term, his successor has been structured but still in a secret circle of ignorance. The zeal of Nguyen Xuan Phuc targeting the interest group shows that Nguyen Xuan Phuc seems to have an advantage over Tran Quoc Vuong in the role of Nguyen Phu Trong’s successor. Phuc wants to take over Mr. Trong’s campaign?

On November 24, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired the conference on the work of building, perfecting the law and implementing the law. Attending the meeting were Mr. Truong Hoa Binh, Pham Binh Minh, Trinh Dinh Dung and Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Uong Chu Luu … The conference took place online with the headquarters and 63 at the provinces and centrally-run cities.

At the conference, Mr. Vu Tien Loc, chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), told the story of developing a guiding document for the implementation of the Law on Investment when only 6 months were in effect. Over 50 decrees need to be revised, over 3,000 business conditions need to be reviewed. At that time, there was an opinion in the Government that it was necessary to submit to the National Assembly for delaying implementation because there was not enough time to complete such a massive volume of documents. But with the viewpoint “there is no place to discuss backward in the Government“, the Prime Minister assigned the Minister, Chairman of the Government Office; The Minister of Justice, and other ministries, including VCCI, to do it.

In addition to that, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc also emphasized that: “it is necessary to thoroughly grasp and combat group interests. The Prime Minister stated that it is very important to fight corruption in making legal policies, integrity in building, perfecting the legal system, and enforcing the law.”

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaking at the conference

For a long time, the situation of group interests has taken place very widely in all fields, in each locality. The fact that Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc mentioned the issue of group interests at this time is seen as he wants to focus on the current hot situation, which is the issue of Thu Thiem. This is where the most powerful interests are raging before Nguyen Phu Trong’s helplessness. Perhaps Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc wants to assist Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong in eliminating the opponent’s interest group.

Will Nguyen Xuan Phuc successfully hand out?

After the meeting exactly 3 days, the press simultaneously said, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc requested that Thu Thiem issue must be reported to him. As it is clear, Nguyen Xuan Phuc wants to get his hands on the most recent checks of the Saigon interest group’s movements including Le Thanh Hai, Le Hoang Quan, Nguyen Van Dua and Tat Thanh Cang.

On November 27, there was an article “Dialogue in the Thu Thiem case: Reporting to the Prime Minister for the final decision,” said the government inspection with the Saigon city government to solve the Thu Thiem issue. Every time he talks with Thu Thiem’s ​​relatives, the government inspector is Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s eyes and ears to oversee the settlement of the Saigon interest group. The current results are still deadlocked. Deadlock why? Vo Van Hoan and city government officials wanted to force Thu Thiem’s ​​relatives to suffer but did not admit that Le Thanh Hai and his subordinates had committed a mistake. During this dialogue, Vo Van Hoan did not allow a government representative to direct the dialogue. Since then, it led to a deadlock, no agreement between the government and the Thu Thiem land petitioners was reached.

Nguyen Xuan Phuc wants to monitor the Thu Thiem case?

Excluding the meetings of the National Assembly and the City People’s Council with voters in District 2, this is the 4th time, the Government Inspectorate has talked with the people of Thu Thiem since 2016 until now, but the government has not. What could be changed because of the city’s government’s slime.

Mr. Le Thanh Hai is currently retired but the connection between Le Thanh Hai, Le Hoang Quan, Nguyen Van Dua and Tat Thanh Cang is very tight, it is like an impenetrable citadel. So the fact that Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong attacked seven times and still failed.

In fact, with such strength, the fact that Nguyen Xuan Phuc wants to handle this group of interests can be said to be impossible.

Is the Saigon interest group challenging?

Mr. Hai’s brother Le Tan Hung used to hold the position of commander of the Youth Volunteer Force, a force that was both intelligence and suppression of all demonstrations. A collection of people who come in and examine, in the way of taking thugs to fight thugs and using thugs to suppress activists! Le Tan Hung’s power is very strong, all his wrongdoings have his brother’s rough hand poked it. In 2019, Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong arrested Le Tan Hung with the intention of extracting his brother’s wrongdoing. But in the end, for nearly 2 years, Mr. Trong could not do anything against Le Thanh Hai, even though this guy has retired since 2016.

Chief of Corruption” is a word that Vietnamese people give to Nguyen Tan Dung, indeed, if using this word to give to Le Thanh Hai, it is also very worthy. When he was in office, he called for ‘set an example of integrity’ and said at the meeting with voters Le Thanh Hai strongly declared that “those who corrupt money of the state and the people are a crime.” What a shame! The people of Saigon are well aware that the Le Thanh Hai family and the group of henchmen under his command are the number one corrupt force in Saigon.

Even though he retired, Le Thanh Hai is still challenging

Not only money corruption, the interest group protected by Le Thanh Hai is the culprit of land robbery, pushing tens of thousands of households to the street. In many cases, people had to set themselves on fire to protest, some died in anger, many others were jailed for protesting against land grabbing …

Most of the letters denouncing the party’s Secretary Le Thanh Hai were ignored, because he was one of the 16 members of the Politburo protected by the Communist Party. Even those who wrote the denunciation were also retaliated.

In Saigon, secretary Le Thanh Hai had no political rivalry, at one time all power was in the hands of his family, brothers and children. The Le Thanh Hai family is a political clan in Vietnam’s southern economic hub!

Cheating and lying for a lifetime, being greedy for a lifetime, sucking blood for one’s fellow human beings for a lifetime! And now they kill each other in terror. The fate of Le Thanh Hai and the Van Thinh Phat’s interest group remained as though nothing had happened.

Even with the alliance of Nguyen Phu Trong – Nguyen Xuan Phuc, it is still powerless.

Handling Le Thanh Hai is not as simple as many people think because it touches the interests of many powerful groups in the party. Based on the retroactive right of the document No. 04-HD / UBKTTW. “Guidance on the implementation of a number of articles in the Politburo’s Regulation No. 102-QD / TW, dated November 15, 2017, on disciplining violating party members.” According to that regulation, the head of the organization must be responsible for the mistakes of subordinates, wife, and children, and family. If you consider the joint responsibility of Le Thanh Hai, it will be the joint work of the head of the Politburo during the term of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, none other than Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong. So prosecuting Le Thanh Hai and the subordinates behind him are not easy. Among Le Thanh Hai interest groups, there is a complex mix of interests.

When Nguyen Phu Trong wanted to turn ​​Le Thanh Hai into firewood for his furnace, a series of Hai people at the central agencies tried to obstruct it, but it was not easy. Le Thanh Hai did not eat alone, he knew how to scatter all of his wealth from central to local levels, so now it is so difficult to destroy this interest group. Not to say that Nguyen Xuan Phuc alone, the alliance Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Nguyen Phu Trong are not sure of being capable to deal with them. (Translated)