Myanmar crisis raises questions about elections in Vietnam

People show the three-finger salute as they rally in a protest against the military coup and demand the release of elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is in turmoil caused by the national election in November 2020, when the party led by Aung San Suu Kyi won.

The military-backed party later, thinking the election was fraudulent, launched a coup to arrest the government leader earlier this February.

One reason for the current problem in Myanmar, I observed, is the shortcomings of their electoral mechanisms.

Myanmar could have avoided the current situation if Myanmar’s laws built a transparent and fair electoral framework with which the parties could accept the results.

Vietnam is also currently preparing for the National Assembly election for the 15th term, the story of elections in Myanmar at this time should also be something to note.

The question is, does Vietnam have a fair electoral mechanism? Have qualified and qualified citizens had the opportunity to successfully run for National Assembly’s members?

Lack of a fair electoral mechanism

This is a question that everyone with different experiences and points of view will have a completely different answer. Many people must already have a clear, drastic answer and many others simply don’t care and go on doing things according to the planned route.

All in all, there are opposing views that lack listening and are difficult to accept reconciliation, a situation not much different from the nature of the story in Myanmar.

I think that in Vietnam today, with the desire for sustainable development, the most practical thing is probably to create a path in between.

Everyone needs to recognize the shortcomings in themselves, no one can monopolize the truth, if you understand that, each person can still hold his own opinion, but also set aside a common path for listening.

In fact, Vietnam is a country with many potentials of development opportunities, in which the national development path in general or each sector, in particular, can be chosen in many different ways.

It is necessary for those other opinions to be voiced and exchanged clearly, in order to see how to build the most appropriate development.

According to the plan, the election for the 15th National Assembly will reserve a number of seats from 25 to 50 for people outside the Communist Party of Vietnam. That is, the Communist Party accepts those who have opinions different from the party, but of course at an acceptable level of differences.

It would be very good to dedicate that opportunity to truly accomplished independent candidates who are able to push the motion system forward.

Then let’s imagine getting acquainted with other voices raised in the National Assembly parliament. By then, people will need to accept training in their ability to listen to ideas with different points of view but in a constructive discussion atmosphere.

Doing that is the best way to avoid low standards pinning each other in parliamentary politics or throwing heavy words at each other.

That way the election will have substantial progress, the country will gradually build up a desirable electoral mechanism to reduce things like in Myanmar.

Is a lawyer suitable for a government role?

One of the main jobs of the National Assembly is lawmaking, so a necessary condition for a candidate is the ability to participate in law-making, in addition to making laws, the National Assembly also has other activities such as elect the titles of the state apparatus such as the state president, the prime minister, and the government’s members, as well as the chief of justice.

Due to the nature of such work, among the professions that exist in society, the legal profession has many advantages to become a National Assembly member.

For example, in the US, the current US President, Mr. Joe Biden, also started as a lawyer, with the age of 70, he had decades of continuous work as an MP.

Before that, President Barack Obama also started out as a lawyer and successfully ran for a senator, or as Hillary Clinton was also a lawyer and then became a senator.

If not including the lawyers becoming president or presidential candidates, it can be said that in America there are many MPs who are lawyers.

In Vietnam today, with the aim of building a rule of law state, for many years, lawyers have also become National Assembly members in the 14th National Assembly election, 3 lawyers were elected.

The reason that the lawyer is suitable for the job of a National Assembly member because the lawyer, while practicing, regularly applies legal documents to solving the work, that is a fact that there are few other professions that have a business nature attached to such everyday legal documents.

Documents in the hands of lawyers are regularly legal documents, while the work of National Assembly members is also to draft meetings and pass legal documents. Thus, the lawyer or members of the National Assembly are the same in the closeness to the legal documents, living the same life as the law.

Vietnam currently has only 3 lawyers who are members of the National Assembly

Lawyers are also the ones who regularly read the laws, check every word, every semicolon, to apply to clients’ cases.

From there, lawyers can see the advantages or shortcomings of the law, through which there is knowledge, understanding how the law should be written to suit the life, and that is essential knowledge for legislators.

When consulting for clients, lawyers often apply regulations and policies, in all aspects of socio-economic life, from which to have a broad overview of social life where policy documents work. dynamically adjusted into.

Thus, the vision of the lawyer always has a wide range corresponding to the coverage of a legal document affecting social relations, thereby helping to get the visual perception at the national level, meeting the requirements of the National Assembly as a national policy-making body.

This is an advantage that other careers rarely have if a person himself is not in the position of senior manager before he can train such a broad vision.

For such reasons, it can be affirmed that the legal profession is a profession with many suitable favorable factors to perform the work of National Assembly members.

And if Vietnam wants to speed up the roadmap of building a rule-of-law state and a law-abiding society, more lawyers are needed to join the National Assembly.

In that way, the rule of law will be strengthened and firmly established, thereby reducing the violent militarism as in Myanmar. (Translated)


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