UK and Germany break human trafficking ring led by Vietnamese

Entry control latch between Austria and Germany.

Two trafficking rings organized by Vietnamese people in Europe were destroyed by the host authorities, one of whom was sentenced to 11 years in prison for sending Vietnamese victims of smuggling to work on cannabis farms.

The British National Crime Agency (NCA) has just conducted a secret investigation and detained Mr. Do Tuan Anh, 55 years old, in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, for organizing cannabis growing in northwestern England and bringing in people from France to work on cannabis farms.

On March 8, 2021, a judge at the Manchester Criminal Court sentenced Do Tuan Anh to 11 years in prison, according to a statement by the NCA.

British Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward on March 18 wrote on Twitter: “Very glad that the NCA broke the line and imprisoned the group that smuggled Vietnamese into the UK. Traffickers see people as a commodity.”

Mr. Jon Sayers, a representative of NCA said: “Criminals see migrants as a profit and do not care about the safety of the people they brought. We have seen tragic consequences.”

In the case of Do Tuan Anh, he not only participated in making these dangerous smugglings but also sought to take advantage of migrants when they came to the UK to bring them into illegal acts in the illegal cannabis farm,” added Sayers.

Before that, at a trial in November 2018, Mr. Do Tuan Anh was found guilty of setting up an illegal immigration ring and was convicted by the court of two counts related to drug production of class B drugs after a second trial in April 2019.

Also related to the crime of human trafficking, on March 17, the AP news agency said that the German police arrested two Vietnamese and one German man after a raid in the framework of an investigation into a group of criminals allegedly forcing Vietnamese into prostitution after being illegally brought into Germany.

The suspect is a 43-year-old Vietnamese woman, arrested at her home in Berlin. Police and prosecutors say they have learned of the woman from past human trafficking cases, according to AP.

A 25-year-old Vietnamese citizen and a 64-year-old German man are under investigation for suspicions related to foreign trafficking and forced prostitution.

The victims were 8 women and 2 men – who were believed to have worked for the main suspects to pay off the debt of those who took them illegally into Germany.

To carry out the raid, 169 German police ransacked eight locations in Berlin, Hamburg, and the Timmendorfer Strand resort in the Baltic Sea, following the results of an investigation that began in June 2020. (Translated)


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