French court rejects Agent Orange lawsuit by a Vietnamese woman

Ms. Tran To Nga, 79 years old, had filed a lawsuit against the 14 companies that manufacture and sell Agent Orange.

A French court on May 10 dismissed a lawsuit by a Vietnamese French woman against more than a dozen multinational companies that manufacture and sell Agent Orange which was used by the US military in the Vietnam War, according to Reuters.

This prominent lawsuit was filed by her in 2014. Ms. Nga declared herself a victim of Agent Orange and filed against 14 companies, including US-based multinational companies Dow Chemical and Monsanto now owned by giant German conglomerate Bayer.

Confirmed to Reuters that the lawsuit was dismissed, Nga said she would appeal against the verdict.

Nga was a journalist and n activist in Vietnam at the age of 20. She said she was severely affected by Agent Orange, including type 2 diabetes and a rare insulin allergy.

If not denied, the lawsuit may lead to the first time a Vietnamese victim is compensated, according to Reuters. So far, only veterans of the United States and other countries that participated in the war have been compensated. (Translated)


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