Covid: Vietnam abandons “three on-site” model with Southern businesses

A garment factory in Vietnam

Since the beginning of the serious pandemic in 2021, the Vietnamese government has considered the “three on-site” model (eating, staying and working on the spot) as the main plan to help both fight the epidemic and ensure production. However, Vietnam had to accept to abandon this model that is considered the key to success with the southern provinces. The central government increasingly has to rely on initiatives of localities and establishments to have more effective anti-epidemic measures, closer to reality.

On August 12, 2021, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health  sent an official dispatch to the provinces and cities, emphasizing that “governments at all levels, production and business establishments, industrial parks consider and decide to apply appropriate epidemic prevention and control measures and ensure production safety,” depending on the actual situation in each place.

The model of “eating, staying and working on the spot” applied in the two northern provinces, Bac Giang and Bac Ninh, has been extended to the southern provinces during the spring epidemic outbreak this year. However, this solution is not suitable for new locations. A series of reasons are highlighted by the domestic press: Southern enterprises are much larger than industrial parks in Bac Giang and Bac Ninh, the time to apply this measure is too long, causing an overload of costs for businesses. The appropriate time is only from 7 to 20 days, while in the southern enterprises, this situation has lasted for more than two months now. The fact that the supply chain of raw materials and transportation has been severely disrupted in the past time, in the context of the epidemic, is also the main reason why it is difficult for businesses to prolong this situation.

The model of “2 on the spot” (eating and working on the spot) is expected by many businesses to replace the “3 on the spot.”

Saigon mobilizes “recovered Covid patients” to fight the epidemic

Another notable new initiative is Ho Chi Minh City’s request to mobilize recovered Covid patients to participate in the fight against the epidemic. The government sent an urgent dispatch today, asking the Department of Health to coordinate with the anti-epidemic standing department of the Ministry of Health in the city to advise on encouraging Covid patients to have recovered and participate in the fight against the epidemic.

On this topic, Dr. Phan Xuan Trung (Ho Chi Minh City) said:

« That’s very good! The reason is that people who have tested positive for Covid, have been treated, then have no symptoms, and after a period of 7 days and 14 days, the test is negative again, that means they have escaped. No longer affected by the virus. As such, they are immune to the virus. Thus, it is okay for them to participate and access the sources of infection.

Immunity from exposure to the real virus, I think, is much better than a vaccine, because the body recognizes the virus more fully, and produces more specific immunity. In Vietnam, there is no antibody test after infection. It is true that after infection, the antibody must be tested again, to see how the response is, to be able to compare the immune response of vaccination with immunity by the natural route to see if there is a response. different or not. In Vietnam, there is no such test. But in theory, I suppose.

In the health industry (Vietnam), people call F0 an infected person, F1 a person who has been in close contact…, I just jokingly called those who have already been infected, have already recovered, tested negative as Fe, or “people” iron who was infected and recovered. Because Fe is the symbol for iron, and the letter “e” stands for “exit.” I had a post on this topic on Facebook a few days ago ».

The human resource coordination team involved in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, of the Ho Chi Minh City government, said that at least more than 12,000 people are needed for epidemic prevention activities in districts, as well as in other localities, hospital, emergency facility. (Translated)


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