Vietnam Communist Party Holds Plenum, thousands of people spontaneously return to countryside

In the air-conditioned hall, the Central Committee of the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam holds its plenum where it members praise each other for the epic “fighting the Covid-19 pandemic like fighting the enemy” while from the southern key economic zones, crowds of people flocked to the north and south “spontaneously returning to the countryside.” After four months of sealing the citadel, there were three times of desperate fleeing regardless of day and night, regardless of means, despite the “care,” “support,” the police and army’s barricades. People fled on motorbikes and bicycles, hiding in refrigerated vehicles, with their own feet and homemade vehicles. It was a vote of no confidence in the strategy of fighting the pandemic which strives to keep people safe, and recover the economy.

The strategy of “fighting the pandemic like fighting the enemy” with the “dual goals” of the Government of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has operated with the most formidable repressive power, mobilizing both the “political system” and all the armed forces from civil defense, police and army to build barricades.

People’s public safety is also highly cared for, mobilized from the head of the population to the regular army, all of the infantry and army forces are involved to “go to the market“, the Navy and the Air Force carry vegetables. , food goes every lane, knocking from door to door, giving relief gifts, leaving no one behind…

The policy is right, it is difficult because of the Delta mutation!!!

The anti-epidemic strategy has been operated, which can be said to be the highest in the world in terms of the cost of catching COVID in people’s nostrils. On average, each resident is picked at least once a month, people living in the red zone at least 10 times. The cost of finding a virus in Hanoi is over VND30 billion ($1.4 million). The cost of mass sweeping in Ho Chi Minh City in August alone was equivalent to the vaccine fund campaigning throughout the country (Currently, this fund has more than eight thousand billion VND).

As a result, tens of thousands of F0s and F1s were arrested and sent to isolation areas, and field hospitals were built quickly. The results were satisfactory, F0 decreased in parallel with the extremely high number of deaths. The total number of deaths from COVID-19 in Vietnam as of October 4 is 19,845, accounting for 2.4% of the total number of infections. Compared to the world, the total number of deaths in Vietnam ranks 34 out of 223 countries and territories; the number of deaths per million people ranked 135 out of 223 countries and territories.

On October 4, in the air-conditioned hall, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong solemnly delivered the opening speech of the 4th Plenum. In which, he assessed the anti-epidemic work with the empty slogans The whole political system has actively participated; inherit and promote the achieved achievements and results; overcome existing limitations and weaknesses; and calmly and soberly propose many guidelines, policies and measures to promptly and properly handle new problems arising from the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with the mentality and the eternal argument that the crop failure is caused by natural disasters, Mr. Trong accused the bad consequences this time of being caused by “the new strain – Delta, which spreads very quickly, is very dangerous, and difficult to control has affected the situation…

Unfortunately, Mr. Trong forgot that this Delta mutation raged all over the world, not only against the Vietnamese people, but where did the whole world get the appalling flight of people from the southern key economic regions including Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Long An, which they have considered for decades as a good land for people.

Running because people are too afraid to fight the epidemic like fighting the enemy

From July to now, people have frantically escaped three times with each step of increasing distance according to the government’s Directives 16, 16+ even though they have to pass barbed wire and batons of the control force. This image is like a re-enactment of the scene in the summer of 1972 when people left their homes and held each other communist refugees on the avenue of terror (National Highway 13), the avenue of blood (National Highway 1) under 130mm artillery range. , 12mm 8mm anti-aircraft gun of the Liberation Army.

On September 30, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam sent an official dispatch directing the city to: Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces opened their doors but still sealed the city, people are still there wherever they are, but barbed wire and barriers are no longer enough to stop the tens of thousands of people, the instinct to find a place to survive.

On October 2, when the fortresses were no longer able to imprison immigrants, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh spoke out in the media, noting localities to propagate and mobilize people to stabilize their lives and not move spontaneously. In case the employee is determined to return to his hometown, the shuttle will be organized in an orderly, safe manner, without causing congestion…

But also according to the eternal script of the producer, all directions are ambivalent. The government always favors  on the media. People bite their teeth to enjoy poverty and torture. On social networks, a clip of dozens of people holding incense sticks and bowing to the police as a sacrifice to be informed to return to their hometown. Even the state-controlled media also published information that the civil defense used sticks to beat the villagers because they wanted to cross the border to return to their hometowns. The Prime Minister’s way of “organizing the shuttle in an orderly, safe and non-congested manner” is like that.

Especially, this “spontaneous return to the countryside” run started from the night of September 30, the last deadline of the quarantine period in Ho Chi Minh City and in other provinces authorities are preparing to open to the new normal, job and income opportunities are opening. State media in Ho Chi Minh City also loudly cheered for a new relief package for 7.2 million people, one million dong each, regardless of temporary or permanent residence… Endurance, support, concern, The help of the army and the government has reached the final limit, the people have fled until October 4, still not resting.

Go recklessly regardless of life or death

The tireless flight of more than 100,000 people across the North, Central and South that took place before, right after and after Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong released the jade spray was a voice of desperate protest against the brutal violent anti-epidemic decision, pushing people to extreme poverty, spiritual poverty, no sense of safety of body and life.

The common way of people to go is for the whole family, including people and property, to load a motorbike for hundreds and thousands of kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai to the end of Ca Mau cape, or back to Hue, Cao Bang, Lang Son was a risk. But there are journeys that are even more extreme and harsh. Hundreds of people have walked to head to Tra Vinh or Nghe An.

Even in the state-controlled media specializing in praising the correct policies of the Party and State, there is still no shortage of unbelievable stories that can happen in the modern civilized society of paradise.

On the evening of October 3, the creaking sound from the trolley resounded along National Highway 1, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, causing many people to pay attention to learn. As it turned out, a father pushed his two sons on a homemade car to walk from Dong Nai to Tra Vinh after months of being stuck because of the blockade. (5)

Liem’s ​​father and son with a wheelbarrow full of belongings returned to their hometown (FB)

This road is nearly 400 km, must cross the border of six provinces, ie six checkpoints. How long will you be gone? How many times will I have to bow and how many whips will I receive? Surely this is the most energetic and loving father in the world. If two children survive growing up, they will understand more deeply than anyone what a socialist paradise and the Party’s concern for the people.

Giving birth has always been a matter of giving birth, pregnant women who are about to give birth are the most fragile health stages of a person’s life that need to be cherished and protected with the highest comfort and safety conditions. However, people met on the national highway in Tien Giang section, husband Vo Tan Loc (30 years old) wearing a backpack in front of his chest, riding a bicycle with his wife Ong Thi Be Kieu (28 years old) from Ho Chi Minh City to Soc Trang waiting to give birth. Not only that, there is a shopping cart behind the back. (6)

Mr. Loc certainly does not want to win the title of long-distance caravan grandmaster, nor does he want to bring his young wife back to the source by this rudimentary and dangerous vehicle. But why should it?

The life-and-death repatriation of pregnant women like Be is not unique.

On the way home when Long An loosened the distance, pregnant woman K.H had severe abdominal pain and bleeding… right at the quarantine point. When she was not able to “communicate” Long An to Dong Thap, Ms. K.H suffered a stillbirth (stillbirth while still in the mother’s womb). On the morning of October 3, a representative of the People’s Committee of Tan Thanh district (Long An province) said: “A total of 21 pregnant women near their due date have been supported by the district to return to their hometown in the past few days, in which, one woman gave birth successfully, a pregnant woman with stillbirth at the district health center.” (7)

The elderly and the poor die from lack of vaccines, drugs, and ventilators. The unborn child died in the womb right at the quarantine checkpoint because it could not be cleared. The care and support, the right anti-epidemic policy of the Vietnamese Party and Government is so cruel!

Homeland welcomes people back with guns?

The plight of the repatriated people not only occurs on the land where they live, on the hard way home, but also continues to await them at home due to the harsh violence policy fighting the epidemic is like fighting against the enemy.” Although the people returning to their hometowns are not epidemics, nor are they enemies, the government’s cynical and inhumane behavior is categorical as they are perceived as criminals.

On social networks in the past few days, an audio clip recorded a phone conversation between Colonel Dinh Van Doi, Director of An Giang Provincial Public Security Department, and a person believed to be the former Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. The content of the story shows that Colonel Chui resisted the policy of the leaders of An Giang province not to accept people returning home, even asking the police to use guns to suppress.

In the clip, there is a clip of Mr. Doi angrily swearing and reacting as follows: “…he kept saying that he wanted to call the police to the army to go to the station (out), that is, carrying a gun and carrying gas (out). I don’t do it what do I do? I told him, bring gas guns here and there, I give orders, dammit, I don’t give anyone the right, dammit, suppress the people, dammit!” (8)

The state-controlled media posted a correction that this was a assembled clip. However, it is not clear where to assemble while the story in the clip is continuous and logical. Especially compared with public press information, the policy that An Giang does not accept returning people is real. On October 1, Chairman of An Giang Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh said that currently, the epidemic situation is complicated. Therefore, An Giang will not accept cases of people in provinces and cities spontaneously returning to their localities (9). This policy of non-acceptance has failed, on October 4, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh – said that from October 1 to 4, the number of An Giang people from outside the province spontaneously returned to the locality of nearly 30,000 people.

Imprisoned in their own houses

Not accepting returnees is a common trend in most localities. At noon on October 3, Mr. Tran Van Lau – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Soc Trang province – said that he and the leaders of 12 provinces in the Mekong Delta had petitioned to the Government’s special working group to propose a temporary suspension of people’s returning home.

With the mentality that people are epidemics, even if they return to their homeland after four months of imprisonment in a fortress in a foreign country, people continue to be cared for by local authorities for picking their noses and sending them to concentrated isolation. The Prime Minister changed the slogan “living with the epidemic”, Ho Chi Minh City allowed F0 to be isolated at their houses, but the spontaneous repatriation had to be imprisoned at their doorstep just for the reason that they were staying at home. far away.

Oh, the love of the homeland, the sense of compatriots, the will of the Party and the people’s hearts, why is it so urgent!

In the opening speech of this 4th Central Committee’s Plenum, Mr. Trong reminded “the spirit of looking directly at the truth, assessing the truth”, the people fleeing to their homeland is not just a vote of no confidence. to fear the brutal anti-epidemic policy of the Party and Government of Vietnam. If the Party wants to use an excuse to fight the epidemic to suppress the people, the Party has succeeded. But let me remind you of a basic rule of Marx that “quantity equals quality.” The accumulated suffering will turn into hatred. People can’t run away forever, when the road ends, they will stand up and revolt. (Translated)


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