Vietnam’s requirement of concentrated quarantine harmful for international tourism

The Vietnam Aviation Business Association warned that if Vietnam does not completely abolish the requirement of a seven-day concentrated quarantine for foreign travelers, it will be difficult to restore the number of international visitors as before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inside Asian Gaming, a Chinese news site specializing in the travel, entertainment, and gambling industry, on Wednesday, October 27 announced the source from the Vietnam Aviation Business Association as mentioned above.

Last week, Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the recognition of the vaccine passport program for 72 countries. However, in the initial phase of reopening, travelers from abroad must declare their temporary residence and the places they intend to visit before entry, and must not leave their temporary residence for the first seven days. After seven days, they can move to another location if they have a negative COVID-19 test result.

Currently, five provinces, including Kien Giang, Khanh Hoa, Da Nang, and Quang Ninh, have been designated by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to allow foreign tourists to return starting from November.

General Secretary of the Vietnam Aviation Business Association, Dr. Bui Doan Ne, told VN Express that the isolation regulations in the ministry’s plan lacked feasibility.

The concentrated quarantine will prevent guests from flying because tourists and business people do not come to Vietnam to have to stay for a week in a hotel.” (Translated)


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