Vietnam: More than 1.4 million unemployed people in 2021

Many Vietnamese workers lost their jobs when factories were closed during the 2021 outbreak.

According to the latest statistics of Vietnam, the number of people of working age who lost their jobs in 2021 is more than 1.4 million people, while the income of workers in almost all occupations decreased significantly because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a report released by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam on January 6, 2021, Vietnam has about 50.5 million people of working age (over 15 years old), a decrease of nearly 800,000 people compared to the previous year.

In which, the number of employed workers aged 15 and over in 2021 is 49.0 million people, a decrease of 1.0 million people compared to 2020. The reduction rate is mainly in rural areas and in men.

According to the General Statistics Office, the prolonged and more complicated epidemic situation in 2020 has caused millions of people to lose their jobs, and the number of workers in industries continues to decrease, especially in the service sector.

The report shows that the number of employees in the industry and construction sector is 16.3 million people (accounting for 33.2%), a decrease of nearly 250,000 people compared to 2020; the service sector was 18.6 million people (37.9%), down 800,800. Particularly, the agriculture, forestry, and fishery sector increased by 37,300 people compared to the previous year, with 14.2 million people (accounting for 28.9%).

Also according to the General Statistics Office’s report, the average monthly income of employees in 2021 is VND5.7 million, down VND32,000 compared to 2020.

The average income of workers in urban areas is VND7 million, 1.4 times higher than the average income of workers in rural areas (VND5 million).

Vietnam in 2021 experienced the largest outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic, with a duration of about half a year, causing many provinces and cities, including the financial center Ho Chi Minh City, to be economically paralyzed when lockdown and isolation policies are strictly applied.

According to the General Statistics Office, with the policy of flexible adaptation in epidemic prevention to restore Vietnam’s economy afterward, the labor market in the fourth quarter of 2021 showed signs of recovery, with the number of employed people in this quarter increased compared to the previous quarter, but still decreased compared to the same period of 2020. (Translated)


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