Ambassador Knapper: US will continue to cooperate with Vietnam on COVID-19 prevention and control

US Ambassador Marc Knapper politely greets Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee, March 15, 2022

US Ambassador to Vietnam Marc Knapper on March 15 said that the US will continue to cooperate with Vietnam in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially will coordinate and support the capital city of Hanoi in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic to reopen schools, send students directly to the school.

Ambassador Knapper met with Politburo member and Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung to discuss ways the US Embassy can work with Hanoi to ensure a smooth reopening process as COVID restrictions are lifted,” the US Embassy said in a statement.

Vietnam’s state-controlled media quoted the US Ambassador as saying that healthcare is an important pillar of cooperation between the US and Vietnam.

Up to now, the total number of COVID-19 vaccines given to Vietnam by the US has reached 30.2 million doses, along with technical equipment and equipment, worth about $32.2 million.

Mr. Knapper added that the US also wants to help Vietnam attract US tourists and investors to Vietnam.

Secretary of the City Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung said that he “appreciates” the development of a comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and the United States, according to the Hanoi government portal website.

Ambassador Knapper expressed his appreciation for the support Hanoi officials have shown to the US Embassy community as we work together to realize shared priorities,” the embassy’s Facebook page wrote.

In addition, Ambassador Knapper hoped that the Hanoi government would consider supporting to speed up the construction project of the US Embassy on the new land, also according to the portal of the Hanoi government.

Before coming to Vietnam to assume the role of US ambassador, Mr. Knapper told the US Senate last July that his priorities were to strengthen security and defense ties with Vietnam, strengthen cooperation to combat COVID-19, seek a fair trade, and urge Hanoi to respect human rights.

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