Sincerity, trust and responsibility…. their mothers, what are you afraid of!

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the US State Department in Washington DC on May 13, 2022

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s trip to the US to attend the US-ASEAN Special Summit was brocade and embroidered by the state-controlled media into a visit and working trip to the US about some breakthrough in relations between the two countries. But the more people monitored the information, the more they disappointed even though the state press had turned upside down to increase the solemnity of the trip as the Prime Minister “received” the host Foreign Minister or from the diplomatic dinner of the host country President Biden created fake information that President Biden held a bilateral meeting with PM Chinh … People only see slanderous words to avoid unique golden opportunities which help develop relations between the two countries.

Mother it! The culture learned from China

In the midst of that sea of ​​tumultuous but tedious information, suddenly lightning struck in the ears, the website of the US State Department appeared a short clip “Mother! What are you afraid of?” caused public opinion to explode, Intimate conversation “mother it! What are you afraid of!” within the diplomatic corps of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the headquarters of the US State Department was the climactic breakthrough event among the brilliant heights of the invincible cypress bamboo diplomacy of “Our Party.” Although understand clearly, many people are still surprised by the uneducated speech and behavior expressed in the tone of blind pride, laughter as if they have just experienced a “victory” of the Mau Than Offensive, Quang Tri or An Loc battles.

On social networks and in coffee shops or even in the family atmosphere, people have quoted this saying to remind each other and teach their children and grandchildren how to speak and address properly.

Professor Nguyen Tuan calmly explained the nature of this phenomenon on his personal Facebook page. “The sentence that netizens are talking about is “Mother, what are you afraid of“. This clause is just a general swear word, but behind it could be a ‘Freudian slip’. Freudian slip means an uncontrolled statement uttered at a random moment, but Freud believed that such a statement was related to the subconscious mind.

The proposition that may be related to the subconscious mind here is “Fear of what.” On the surface, the proposition asserts that he is not afraid of the man whom the speaker calls ‘his mother’. But subconsciously it is probably fear, or if not fear, then admirable. Because if it’s not really scary or admirable, it can’t appear in the sentence. It may be due to the inferiority complex and the mirroring as a superior.

That ‘Freudian slip’ also represents an opposite. On the surface, they can laugh and talk like friends with each other, but subconsciously, they see the opposite person as an enemy. Without enemies, we are not true friends, not our family. In other words, the gesture of smiling and talking can be understood as acting only. Acting doesn’t mean “be yourself“, and thus an “unreliable partner.”

Professor Tuan affirmed that the cultural tradition of addressing the Vietnamese people is very polite and respectful to each other despite disagreements in two fronts, one and one, as well as Governor-General Hoang Cao Khai and resistance leader Phan Dinh Phung or cultural disagreements like Tran Trong Kim and Phan Khoi still have a very gentle way of calling each other. The way his mother swears, calling opponents impolitely Diem, Thieu, and Johnson is imported from China.

Using nice words but thinking badly!

Professor Nguyen Tuan’s interpretation touches on the essence of this event that is the true position of the Vietnamese communist government, which has always considered the United States as an opponent, even though the surface is always calling for partners and cooperation. The context of the conversation was a selfie about the diplomatic party at the White House the night before. Not only Pham Minh Chinh cursed his mother, but the courtiers also followed the same tone. Minister of Public Security To Lam, when referring to former Deputy National Security Advisor of the United States under President Donald Trump, Matthew Pottinger, called him “a guy.”

One of Chinh’s subordinates even flattered, “If Iwe say it again and again, they must be embarrassed.” Chinh gloatingly showed his generosity, restraint did not teach all his words, “I have one more idea, but why not make it lengthy. Like me and you in the old days, it took long time to find a common voice. But that just dilutes the matter.”

Not only Chinh has two-faced attitude, condescending behavior with unscrupulous tricks in diplomatic ceremonies has taken place continuously, throughout many leadership terms, many Vietnamese-American communications have been held. become traditional. Former President Nguyen Minh Triet, right after leaving the US, visited Cuba, a communist country under US embargo, boasting that “Vietnam and Cuba are two brothers guarding world peace.” Politburo member and Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee, when visiting the US, gave Senator John McCain an indecent gift, a stele relief of a stele erected on Truc Bach Lake after John McCain was arrested there in 1967, and a picture shows the pilot raising his hand in surrender and most prominently the words “October 26, 1967 AT TRUC BACH LAKE, SOLDIERS AND THE PEOPLE OF HANOI CAPITAL CAUGHT LIVE PILOT JOHN SNEY MA CAN, MAJOR AMERICAN PILOT OF A4 WAR AIRPLANE AT YEN PHU POWER FACTORY….

Please do not think unjustly that the profanity and swear words of PM Chinh’s delegation are uneducated or unintentional errors. This is the traditional method, the intellectual pinnacle of the glorious Party’s bamboo diplomacy. The way of diplomacy swings to the point of bringing national love, bilateral international cooperation to multilateralism, but firmly keeping the Party’s exclusive interests regardless of the country’s destiny and human conscience. It’s wrapped in sweet lies that are easily recognizable in the message that hê has delivered on this trip.

Sincerity, trust and responsibility for a better world” is the message that PM Chinh expressed in a pre-written speech read at the US Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) within the framework of the trip to attend the ASEAN-US Special Summit. This speech was respectfully published by the Vietnamese press simultaneously.

This message was repeated many times in other meetings of the trip as the core content, stance and attitude of Vietnam in Vietnam-US relations and international relations.

The goal of “Sincerity, trust and responsibility for a better world” is easy to touch people’s hearts, but like the communist dream of “work according to ability, enjoy according to need,” it must be considered the substantive content, the level of sincerity, and the feasibility to develop the cooperative relationship between the two sides.

To understand the truth of sincerity, trust and responsibility of PM Chinh and his regime, just look at two facts that are China’s expansion in the South China Sea (Vietnam calls it the East Sea) and Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, it will be clear.

Using empty word to avoid the truth

In the context of China’s military expansion and militarization of the South China Sea to turn the sea into its pond, Vietnam is like a fish lying on a chopping board, losing its sovereignty over the sea and unable to protect its partners in oil and gas exploration and production under contracts while fishermen treated by the regime like live landmarks in the South China Sea were freely shot and killed by the Chinese Communists, but PM Chinh still raised a white flag with Four-Nos policy to advocate independent diplomacy. Chinh completely has not dared to mention China, avoiding the dangerous situation of the country with clichéd words: “In resolving disputes and conflicts in the region and the world, including the South China Sea – an important sea for countries inside and outside the region, we always advocate maintaining peace, stability, ensuring security, safety, freedom of navigation and overflight; protect legitimate rights and interests, settle disagreements by peaceful means, through dialogue, on the basis of respect for international law, especially the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) 1982); effectively and fully implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), strive to develop a substantive, effective Code of Conduct in the South China Sea (COC) in accordance with international law, including UNCLOS 1982.

Avoiding the truth and using empty words to talk about the country’s sovereignty the safety of the country, where are the sincerity, trust, and responsibility of PM Chinh and the ruling party?

Russia brought troops to invade Ukraine, fired missiles at residential areas, schools, and hospitals, not even the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Russian soldiers are killing innocent people. Putin has also threatened to use nuclear weapons, and the whole world condemned him, kicking Russia out of the UN Human Rights Council, but Vietnam behaves like China, twice abstained, once voted against, worse than Cambodia. The world was eager in supporting Ukraine to fight to protect its sovereignty, accept refugees, and punish Russia’s economic blockade, but PM Chinh was carefree talking like a man on Mars. “In the Ukraine issue, Vietnam supports and is willing to participate in efforts and initiatives of the international community in creating conditions for the parties to dialogue and find a long-term and sustainable solution. Vietnam has provided humanitarian aid of $500 thousand to Ukraine with “Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Vietnam’s consistent stance is to respect the United Nations Charter and principles of international law, respect independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, lawful and legitimate interests of countries; settle all disputes by peaceful means, without the use or threat of force.”

Are their sincerity, trust and responsibility to the world?

The people need Vietnam and America, the Party wants Vietnam and China

America’s Asia-Pacific pivot strategy is the opportunity that ASEAN hopes to balance and counterbalance the aggressive rise of China. ASEAN has agreed to upgrade relations with the US into a strategic partnership. However, Vietnam, one of the two ASEAN countries that the US considers to be in the heart of cooperation, avoids the opportunity to upgrade relations. The most obvious manifestation of the double-faced line of green skin and red skin.

Its mother, fair, fearless, frankly speaking, in terms of national interests, the relationship between Vietnam and the US is completely compatible with no contradictions. The US is a commodity consumption market, an investment capital, a science and technology center… Vietnamese people who lost and won all moved to the US to settle down. What’s more, now Vietnam and America share a common enemy for 2000 years. In the past, we said that the US invasion was only for propaganda, we fought against the US to fight for the Soviet Union – China.

Unfortunately, with the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam, the golden friend of China has similar ideals and cultures. This is the bamboo root that hinders the development of Vietnam-US relations. With the ruling leaders, the group interests of the ruling forces are important, the national interests and the safety of the country are as small as a mosquito.

Sincerity, trust and responsibility, mother it! What fear!

By the way, would like to pass on to the diplomatic officials the conclusion of Professor Nguyen Tuan’s article “With friends like you, we don’t need more enemies.” (Translated)

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