US Embassy requires information about place of birth for new Vietnamese passports

New model Vietnam passport.

The US Embassy in Vietnam announced that from August 15, Vietnamese citizens with new passports applying for a visa to enter the US must follow the instructions.

According to the notice, Vietnamese citizens holding a new blue-violet passport need to request the authorities to add information about the place of birth to the passport.

Those who have an appointment for an interview with the US Embassy, ​​when coming to the interview, must bring their birth certificate. In the absence of an original birth certificate, an old passport with birthplace information can be brought along.

For those filling out the DS-160 or DS-260 visa application form, be sure to include the applicant’s place of birth. The US Embassy reminds applicants not to enter their hometown or place of birth, but to fill in the province, city, and country where the applicants were born.

Currently, the US government is considering whether the new blue-violet passport form, which began to be issued on July 1, will meet the requirements for visa and travel to the United States.

Currently, three countries are suspending visa issuance to Vietnamese citizens who carry a new passport form without birthplace information. These are Germany, the Czech Republic, and Finland. (Translated)