Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security sends riot police to Ho Chi Minh City to maintain security before and after Tet

Ho Chi Minh City Southeast Riot Police Regiment

The Southeastern Mobile Police Regiment of Ho Chi Minh City (E29) under Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security was assigned to the largest city in the country from December 15, 2022 to the end of February 5, 2023 to strengthen security and order during the Lunar New Year holidays.

The state-controlled media announced that on December 15, they showed pictures of the launching ceremony on the evening of December 15 and quoted the Chief of the E29 Regiment, Colonel Le Dai Thang, as saying that the Ho Chi Minh City Police had a request sent to the Ministry of Public Security for reinforcement.

The reason given is because the security and order situation in the largest and most populous city in Vietnam is complicated. There are emerging crimes such as murder, robbery, operating in the style of “gangster“; teenagers gather to cause trouble using weapons to settle conflicts; economic crimes, drugs increase, etc.

The patrol plan of the reinforced E29 Regiment is said to start from 10pm of the previous night to 5am the next day. The area consists of five routes and one area, but the news does not specify which route and area. (Translated)