In deadly land Yen Bai, SU-22 falls on its own even though it was not hit by bullets

When it comes to Yen Bai, many people immediately think of the payment in 2016

In the early morning of August 18, 2016, the leading three officials of Yen Bai province named Director of the Forest Protection Department of Yen Bai province Do Cuong Minh, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Pham Duy Cuong, and Head of the provincial party Organization Department cum Chairman of the provincial People’s Council were all shot dead at the provincial government building. The two victims, Mr. Minh and Mr. Tuan, died in the same room and Mr. Cuong died in his office at the same time.

Except for Mr. Minh of the Forest Protection Department, the other two victims were shot three times in a sitting position and died on the spots. Mr. Minh suffered only one shot in the back of his neck and died at the hospital, when Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited. Secretary Cuong received one bullet in the head and the other two in the chest and abdomen.

This case was reported to blame only Mr. Do Cuong Minh, because of a personal conflict, he killed the two leaders and then committed suicide, and the police did not investigate further. The two positions left by Mr. Pham Duy Cuong and Mr. Ngo Ngoc Tuan, later taken by Ms. Pham Thi Thanh Tra- incumbent Minister of Home Affairs cum Deputy Head of the party’s Central Organization Commission.

The plane crashed in Yen Bai

The sketchy conclusions of the authorities did not convince the public. Up to now, people have always thought that it was a bloody purge among comrades in the party organization in Yen Bai.

This is the most shocking case, apart from this one, in Yen Bai, which is under the management of Military Region 2, also in 2016 there was another murder, as thrilling as this one.

On June 10, 2016, Major General Le Xuan Duy received the command position of Military Region 2, then on August 7, 2016, General Duy died suddenly. Mr. Duy only served as the Commander of Military Region 2 for exactly 58 days. Mr. Le Xuan Duy was replaced by Mr. Phung Si Tan, now Senior Lieutenant General and holding the position of Secretary of the Party Committee of the General Staff cum, Deputy Chief of the Army General Staff. Duy’s death is also believed to be an internal payment. Thus, within just over 10 days, in Yen Bai, mysterious deaths related to politics occurred.

Not only the people but also the officials spread word of mouth that Yen Bai is a bad land. There have been many gruesome murders here for many years. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, hung or not hung with superstitious colors. There are many cases that are caused by people, not necessarily by bad luck.

SU-22 is an old aircraft

On the afternoon of January 31, Su-22 aircraft, number 5873, crashed during training, one pilot was killed. It is known that the Su-22 aircraft of the 921st Airborne Regiment, Division 371, Air Defense Force, piloted by Captain 3rd Level pilot Tran Ngoc Duy, took off the first flight, training flight number 206.

The Russian SU-22 is an old and unsafe aircraft. The Communist government let the senior officials corrupt hundreds of billions of dong (one hundreds of billion equal to $4 million) of people’s money, built a monument of hundreds of billions or trillions, but using Russian junk airplanes for training, they really looked down on soldiers’ lives. Yen Bai incident took life of one pilot, however, this must be determined as “human disaster.”

In October 2022, five Indian servicemen died when a Russian-made Mi-17 helicopter carrying them crashed in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, near India’s military enclave and disputed areas of this country with China. The accident killed the Chief of Staff of the Indian Defense Ministry, General Bipin Rawat, and other 12 officers.

Russian weapons are inherently poor quality but have been used for too long. The SU-22 is a fighter aircraft export version of the Su-17 attack aircraft (bomber) developed by the former Soviet Union in the 1960s. It is so old that it is now used as a trainer, the Communist government considers their soldiers’ lives nothing to the old “rubbish” SU-22. (Translated)