Vietnamese communist chief not capable to treat his party illness of corruption

Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong’s anti-corruption is like “putting medicine on the skin”

In civilized countries they don’t need different committees to fight corruption. They make laws, including regulations on embezzlement, bribery, etc. Once the law has been passed and takes effect, the State apparatus will handle it according to that law, without needing to set it up many institutions like anti-corruption agencies in the communist regimes. However, in democratic countries, officials who only need to accept a gift worth a few thousand dollars are classified as embezzlement, and so on, the law takes action.

In Vietnam, the Communist Party offers all kinds of examples, they take the virtues from Ho Chi Minh that they consider “integrity” to set an example for officials to study. Funding for the study of the whole Party is taken from taxpayers’ money. However, in reality, there is no clean official, only an undisclosed official. That is why the source of corrupt officials for General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s furnace never finished.

On March 4, 2016, at the Conference summarizing the 10 years of implementation of the Anti-Corruption Law (Anti-corruption Conference) organized by the Ministry of Justice, Pham Trong Dat, head of the Anti-corruption Department under the Government Inspectorate at that time, stated “we may die before handling corrupt officials.” This saying caused a stir on social media at that time, however, it was a true statement.

Corruption in the Communist regime has reached an unstoppable point. Anti-corruption officials may be sacked by corrupted higher-rank officials. That’s why it happened that officials in the anti-corruption agency reached an agreement with the inspected party to draw conclusions that do not affect anyone: The inspectors get the money and the inspected officials keep their positions.

In 2014, party chief Nguyen Phu Trong admitted that the Communist Party still had to fight corruption in the anti-corruption agency. Communist leaders often lie to make people feel they have tried their best but Trong’s statement is true. Corruption is incurable.

Previously, officials embezzled tens of billions of dong was a big corruption, now officials steal thousands of billions. Previously, corrupt officials are satisfied with good motorbikes, now grassroot-level officials have two or three cars although their salaries are not high.

Corruption creeps into every corner

General Secretary Trong set up a furnace to fight corruption, but in the past 10 years, the more he fought against corruption, the more it flared up in both quantity and quality. These days, tens of billions of dong in corruption can be called petty corruption. Nguyen Duc Chung, former chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, used VND25 billion ($1 million) to get his sentences reduced by 3 years. It is unclear why the former police major general Chung has so much money? If not from corruption, where does the money come from?

The market for buying and selling official positions is bustling from central to local. Chau Thi Thu Nga- former member of the rubber-stamp National Assembly, said she bought her seat for VND30 billion. It is unclear how much for the positions in which officials can interfere in the policy and interfere in the bidding for profit.

If you have power, you can make money, if you have money, you can buy state positions, and so on, the Communist Party has no people with integrity. They keep corrupting and do not care about Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong’s oven. When Mr. Trong’s furnace touched, their money was too much, more than enough for their children and grandchildren to enjoy for many generations.

Nguyen Phu Trong’s anti-corruption is likened to “curing skin diseases” but cannot be completely eradicated. The root is the political system, which creates favorable for corruption without being stopped, so Mr. Trong’s anti-corruption is just clearing the first layer so that the next layer can be filled in.

It is said that as long as the Communist Party holds monopoly in Vietnam’s politics, then the country will still be sucked in by pests- corrupt officials. What the Communist Party has been creating, it devastated Vietnam too much. (Translated)