With year-round internal fighting, how strong is the Party?

The party’s 7th Plenum is the 7th power distribution in the 5-year term

The birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), after all, surrounds the word “food.” From that piece of food leads to the thinking of appropriation. The party only thinks of appropriating the nation, appropriating the country as their own property. It does not accept any other political party to share power with. Therefore, until now, it still mainly uses the police apparatus to strongly attack individuals with different political ideologies.

Power is always associated with benefits. The Communist Party always exhorts “benefits go hand in hand with responsibilities” but really, the party has never been responsible for the nation and the country. If he is responsible for the country, why did Mr. Pham Van Dong sign the Diplomatic Note 1958 to recognize China as the owner of the Hoang Sa (Paracels) and the Truong Sa (Spratlys)? If they are responsible for the people, why did they use millions of people’s lives in the 1954-1975 fraternal war?

The division of the two regions of the country between North Korea and South Korea, has made a difference, everyone can see. With Vietnam, the South lost, the country lost the opportunity to rise to power. The sacrifice of millions of people’s lives for that bloody war, only brought the Communist Party to rule, and the nation suffered great losses.

After the Communist Party took over the whole of Vietnam, when the “food” was abundant, they competed for food. They gain power, they take property of the people. The whole country has to work hard to support the Party. It is not enough for people to pay taxes according to the law, they also have to pay money for big and small corrupt officials to run their jobs. Indeed, the Communist Party is a parasite that is sucking the blood of the whole country.

Today, the Communist Party is assured that the resistance of the people is almost gone. The Ministry of Public Security has arrested almost all those who dare to speak frankly and tell the truth. The Ministry of Education and Training, after many years of poisoning people with indoctrination, now, the people have no more resistance. Now, the officials fight each other for food, and so on, they fight year after year.

If it is said that officials in democratic countries must show all their talents to bring good results to the people in order to have a chance to be re-elected, then officials of the Communist government do not need to be so “contemplative.” They just feel free to step on people’s heads, just exploit people a lot of money, to give to their superiors to buy positions. Therefore, Communist officials do not need to win the hearts of the people, but only need to flatter their superiors, step on their subordinates, and destroy their competitors to succeed.

At the top of the Communist Party, there is a big split every five years. That is every term of the Party. During that five-year term, there were about 10 split times, once every half year, those were the sessions of the Party Central Committee meeting to summarize the 6 months of fighting. After the Central Committee reached an agreement on sharing, the National Assembly met, and then nodded at what the Central Committee of the Party had decided in the plenum.

On May 22, the National Assembly began a session to discuss the results of the 7th Plenum decided 5 days ago. The plenum was only held for 3 days, but the National Assembly had to meet for 22 days, so the Vietnamese people had to witness the slurs of the National Assembly deputies in front of the parliament. Human resource work is the first issue discussed by the National Assembly. They just need to nod for a day or two. There are about 20 days left for the deputies to chat with each other, to burn time and to show off.

That is what has been, is happening and will happen in the Communist Party. Every 5 years there are big matches, in those 5 years there are 10 smaller matches. After the fight is over, the meeting is over. So how can the Communist Party be strong? The Communist Party is really not strong, they can rest assured to rule because they have made the nation lose in all its internal strength.

Thoibao.de (Translated)