Communist chief Nguyen Phu Trong wants to bring Vietnam into barbaric period?

PM Pham Minh Chinh shakes hands with Ukrainian President Zelensky at the G7 Summit

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong of the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam is an old-fashioned man, loyal to the toxic Marxism-Leninism, that is undeniable. He is doing everything to maintain the Communist regime in Vietnam, anyone who dares to talk about pluralism or multi-partyism, is sent to prison and severely punished. Trong’s inclination is to lean toward China to ensure Party rule. In addition, Mr. Trong also gives special favor to authoritarian countries such as Russia, Iran, etc.

Dictators rule the people by violence, consistent with the Communist theory of revolutionary violence. The current Russian, Chinese and Iranian society is also a police-governed society similar to Vietnam. Although the degree is different, the essence is the same and the rulers use violence to impose their will on the people.

Particularly, the Iranian state is a radical Islamic state, they behave as barbaric as in the Middle Ages. They set up a so-called “religious police” who gave themselves the power to execute women, sometimes for the simple fault of not wearing the full face covering according to Islamic law. This barbarism is similar to the Red Guards of China in the past, and also to the poor Vietnamese peasants who were agitated by the Communist Party during the Land Reform in 1953-1956.

Nguyen Phu Trong always said his party was for the people, but he was loyal to the revolutionary line of violence. No matter how barbaric, the Communist Party will do it, as long as it can protect the Party. This has been historically proven through 78 years of Communist Party rule.

Although the whole world condemns Putin’s dictatorship, the Communist Party of Vietnam still hugs Putin’s legs. This is probably due to the foolish loyalty of generations of Vietnamese Communist leaders to the great Russia, as they think. With Russia, the Communist Party of Vietnam has always treasured for them a solemn place. Therefore, despite the world condemning Putin’s dictator, because he sent his army to indiscriminately kill Ukrainian civilians, the Communist Party of Vietnam still invited Medvedev – a henchman of Putin to Vietnam. Even General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong welcomed Medvedev, even though he was just Putin’s puppet. Worshiping dictator Putin is also worshiping his servants.

In parallel with the reception of Medvedev, Nguyen Phu Trong sent Minister of Public Security To Lam to Iran to visit this authoritarian country. This is the most barbaric government in the world, isolated by the civilized world, but Hanoi wants to connect with this country. What is the purpose?

On May 19-22, To Lam led a high-ranking delegation of his ministry to visit and work in Iran. Here, Lam and Minister of Interior Mr. Ahmad Vahidi signed a cooperation agreement between the two ministries. This is the signing between the two most powerful and brutal ministries of the two countries.

While Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh was invited to the G7 Summit, it was a courtesy of the G7 countries to want Vietnam to come closer to them. However, in the same period of time, when Nguyen Phu Trong shook Medvedev’s hand and sent To Lam to Iran, it is clear that Nguyen Phu Trong implied his attitude to the democratic bloc. The more the democratic bloc pulls, the more he leans towards dictatorship.

Dictatorship helps the Communist Party control the people better, dictatorship makes the Communist Party more fearful, and dictatorship makes the Communist Party more brutal. Apparently, the Communist Party never looked at civilization, but tried to hold Vietnam down to barbarism.

This world has been following the call of civilization. Most of Eastern European countries formerly abandoned Communist dictatorship to follow the call of civilization. Former Communist countries have had much more advanced societies, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and, more recently, Ukraine. Even if they pay the price in blood, these countries still decide to follow the call of civilization. As for Vietnam, it is extremely unfortunate that the Communist Party is still clinging to barbarism. (Translated)