Deforestation in building mansion of famous singer My Linh and consequences in Soc Son forest

To have this private residence, singer My Linh has cleared 10,000m2 of forest land of Soc Son forest

In 2018, the social network spoke out about the mansion of famous singer My Linh with deforestation in Soc Son forest in Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi. After that, the press also spoke out a lot, and pointed out thousands of violations similar to that of singer My Linh.

Singer My Linh’s mansion is considered a place on earth that is like a fairyland. It is known that singer My Linh and her husband moved to live in this villa since 2009. The total area of the entire villa is 10,000 m2, including functional areas: 1 house about 300 m2, a studio room of about 390 m2, a swimming pool of about 60 square meters, a car garage and other ancillary works.

Faced with such obvious violations, in 2019, Soc Son District Party Secretary Pham Xuan Phuong, told the media that he would plan to handle the violation at singer My Linh’s villa in Soc Son. First of all, the local authorities to convince her to return the occupied area for forest and if she does not agree, measures will be applied according to regulations. However, until today, her facility remains as a challenge.

Of course, not only singer My Linh destroyed the forest to build a villa but also thousands of other households including painter Thanh Chuong did the same. The remaining households are not famous people like singer My Linh and her husband.

My Linh is a public person, her sense and responsibility to society will be socially oriented, so the fact that this singer destroys the forest to build a villa creates a very bad example, because she has soft power that not everyone has. If the government touches her, it touches her fans, not simply.

The government has so far been unable to eliminate the mistakes of singer My Linh and thousands of other households in Soc Son. The reason is that the violation is now too serious, if removed, it will reveal the money game to get a construction permit. And not excluding the possibility, the houses of the influent individuals are also built in this protection forest. If there were no mistakes of the government, who would dare to risk destroying the forest to build a mansion?

This deforestation is systematic, with help of government. For thousands of households to destroy forests, that is only the floating part, while the remaining part is sinking, they may destroy forests for other reasons, for example, because of the exploitation of forest products. Once the government did not respect the protection forest, then in one way or another, they also cleared the forest, because deforestation brought them great benefits.

On July 4, information flooded on social networks and newspapers about the flash flood that occurred in Soc Son, Hanoi, leaving a series of cars submerged in mud. Of course, the government blamed the flash floods on heavy rains that lasted for several days, and weak soil, causing mud to overflow. And of course, they avoid the deeper question, why is Soc Son deforestation so serious? Long-term rain is the story of heaven, it repeats year after year, but why has it been flooded by flash floods so far?

That is the fury of the forest, which is caused by humans having destroyed the forest too seriously. Breaking everywhere without any blocking. This is not the problem of Soc Son or Hanoi alone, but it is a common problem, the problem of an incompetent and irresponsible government to the living environment of the entire people.

Didn’t Da Lat also have a fatal landslide? Didn’t Bao Loc pass, Lam Dong, also landslide, burying 4 lives? Looking at the whole view of Da Lat, what do people see? See the destruction of trees, destruction of nature, and then replaced by lifeless concrete blocks. Looking up at the land above the landslide at Bao Loc Pass, what do people see? Seeing a large area of protection forest being cut down and replaced by fruit trees.

Destroying too much, it’s time for nature to be angry. Money is stuffed in the pockets of the officials, and the people have to face with serious consequences. And it should also be mentioned, which celebrities are unaware of the living environment, should also change their consciousness, to protect the general environment. Do not use money to destroy the living environment to satisfy your lavish lifestyle and harm the common house for all people. (Translated)