Giving less money to education so to give more money to police, party chief is responsible

For many generations of General Secretary, the Party still holds the policy of giving small part of the state budget for the health care and education and large part to the police force

On August 15, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training held a meeting between the minister and teachers, administrators and staff of the education sector. Everyone already knows what the Ministry of Education of this regime is like. The Vietnamese education has many problems, just raise one problem, you can see how bad this system makes education.

It is known that the salary of newly graduated teachers is about VND5 million, it is unimaginable with the so-called “hundred years of cultivating people” of Mr. Ho Chi Minh. How do teachers live with these low payment? But this is not a new occurrence, it has been dormant for many years. That is one of the reasons the teaching profession is estranged. Since more than 30 years ago, students go to pedagological schools as their last choices. That is to say, students who do not pass the entrance exam to other schools apply for the pedagogical exam.

It is right to question the Minister of Education like that, but he cannot solve the problem. Why? Because the budget of the Ministry of Education is allocated very little by the Party. Therefore, the teacher’s salary is still low, there is no way to change it. In addition, the salary policy of this government that is bringing the whole society to the bottom, including teachers. It is known that the minimum wage of Region 1 – the region with the highest minimum wage, is only VND4.68 million/month. It’s terrible, the Communist Party drowns people in poverty and poverty, with such a wage policy.

We have mentioned many times how unreasonable the allocation of the Central budget by the Communist Party is. That is too large for the Ministry of Public Security, with the figure of VND99.95 trillion, while the expenditure for the Ministry of Education is only VND6.256 trillion. With such unfair budget spending, teachers’ salaries are meager and the education sector lacks schools, which is understandable. Not discussing the philosophy of education, just looking at the spending of the Communist Party is enough to see how this government is depriving teachers of income, to give it to the police?

With such a meager budget, even if asked a thousand times, the Minister of Education could not solve anything. Teachers’ salaries are still starving, the school has to get money from students’ parents to have operating funds and also a little bit to lead the school. Its mechanism like that creates such a disjointed education.

In this regime, official who are obedient will sit for a long time, and officials who dare to ask difficult questions to their superiors will have to lose their posotons. The issue of budget spending is so unfair, it needs General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to intervene. However,  Nguyen Kim Son did not dare to propose to the General Secretary to cut money from the police to transfer to education.

With only Mr. Trong’s sacred amulet given to Le Thanh Than, the Hanoi Police, Hanoi People’s Procuracy, Hanoi City People’s Court, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development all must be afraid, then surely, Minister Nguyen Kim Son does not dare to take the risk to question the party chief.

Currently, public opinion is pointing the finger at Mr. Nguyen Kim Son about the starving wage system, while deciding how the Central Government should spend money needs Mr. Trong’s voice, not his voice. But Nguyen Phu Trong is currently busy burning furnaces to polish his name, he has no time to take care of education. In addition, the party does not want the education to be good because the good education would make people know their rights and it would be dangerous for the regime.

It doesn’t matter if the Party lets the education live or die. Because being a Communist leader doesn’t have to be meaningful while people without knowledge are better for the party because well-educated people would create troubles for the party. (Translated)