Chaos in Vietnam’s police: Minister organizes abduction abroad, low-ranking officer kidnaps child for ransom

Senior police officers conduct wrongdoings

On August 15, Vietnam’s state-controlled press made waves about a case of kidnapping a 7-year-old boy for a ransom of VND15 billion ($63,000). The incident happened in Viet Hung ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi. The kidnapper was also later arrested, this person’s name is Nguyen Duc Trung (31 years old, residing in Tam Duong district, Vinh Phuc). Bao Giao Thong said that this person was identified as a lieutenant officer of the Traffic Police Department of Vinh Phuc province’s Police Department.

This information was later corrected as Bao Giao removed the phrase “staff officer, Traffic Police Department of Vinh Phuc province’s Police Department” from the article. As a natural reflex, what is evil has to do with the government, the press censors itself. For flight attendants who took part in prostitution ring, they slander their names, but with a policeman who kidnapped a child, the press covers his name.

We have mentioned many times that the police force under To Lam has caused too many illegal actions. To Lam himself advocated the policy of abducting people overseas and bringing them back to Vietnam, it is very difficult to build a disciplined police force that respects the laws of the country and foreign countries.

The image of the Vietnamese policeman has long been no longer good in the eyes of the people. The failure was so bad that they had to stage scenes to help the old man cross the street, help the people reap the rice, help sleeping students in to school in time for exams, etc..

A former prisoner of conscience told us that, in the investigation room, the policeman told him, “We’re such an asshole, trampling the law like that, what can you do to us?” That is, within the four closed walls of the investigation room, the Communist Police are not afraid to show their real face of blatant thugs.

Although the police department received 800 newspapers of protection, 800 newspapers could not cover all the evils and crimes of this force. Through the way the press behaves in the kidnapping children for ransom of police Lieutenant Nguyen Duc Trung, it shows one thing that the state-controlled press also works as dirty as the police force. They cover for the bad.

In 2015, the press made waves about the number of 226 people who died in detention centers and prison camps within 3 years. This information shows the brutality of the police force. However, in the following years, the press no longer published the number of people who died in police custody. Perhaps, this behavior is similar to the case of lieutenant Nguyen Duc Trung kidnapping children. They are afraid of “shaming” the police.

There is no police force in the world that has learned all kinds of ethics like the Vietnamese Police. Vietnamese police learn and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, learn “6 things Uncle Ho teach the police force.” etc. However, the concept of morality for policemen is still a real luxury. It is very difficult to find a decent policeman.

A police state is a state that uses violence to rule the people. The budget that the Central Government uses for the police force is very large, which also shows that, it is 16 times higher than the budget for the Ministry of Education. When they want to make people afraid, they have to make people feel unsafe. Even if people act according to the law, people still will be caught if they don’t listen to the government.

Minister. To Lam has built the police force in such a way. So far, the Communist Party is very successful with its policy, because in fact, most Vietnamese people are afraid. Those who were unruly and fearless were arrested by To Lam even they did not break the law.

Such is the nature of the Vietnamese police, Nguyen Duc Trung is just the surface, and there are many “hidden” cases of police officers who have committed wrongdoings and caused serious consequenses for ordinary people. (Translated)