When People’s Court is “evil court” while its cruel officials craves praise

Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh – Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court

“The People’s Court” is a phrase that terrifies countless people, because it is this court that has caused countless injustices.

By admitting evidence bought on the market to sentence Ho Duy Hai to death, Nguyen Hoa Binh – Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court – is the one who murdered a human being. Compared to the real murderer who murdered two girls at Cau Voi Post Office, Binh is even more cruel. But it’s even worse when Binh struts around in his role as a judge – the one who has the right to control other people’s lives.

When judges step on the criminal justice procedures, their actions are more terrifying than cold-blooded murderers. Because the murderers had to flee after committing the crime, the high-ranking judges mishandled it and turned it into a “precedent,” causing many other judges to follow suit, from then on, the evil was multiplied under the protection of the law.

Not only Ho Duy Hai was wrongfully convicted of murder, but also Nguyen Van Chuong and Le Van Manh, among whom, wrongful death row prisoner Le Van Manh was executed by the so-called “People’s Court” regardless of the circumstances that shows signs of injustice.

In addition to these 3 wrongful death row prisoners who were criticized by society, perhaps there are many other wrongful death row prisoners who also had to die untimely because of such bad trials. When the court tramples on the legal procedures, it becomes the most terrifying murder weapon. At that time, it should not be called “The People’s Court” but should be called “The People’s Hell.”

Usually, when people lack something, they crave it. The police sector lacks kindness, so they crave recognition from society that they are a force that knows how to “serve the people.” Therefore, every year these forces take advantage of students’ graduation exams to stage scenes where the police help sleeping students get to school on time. In addition, these foces also often stage images of traffic police helping elderly people cross the street, police helping farmers harvest rice, etc.

The court sector is no worse than the police, they have cruelly treated people in countless cases. Although Binh confirmed to the media that there was no unjust conviction, no one believed him. The Ho Duy Hai case that he tried himself is a stain that cannot be washed away. This case is tied to the political career of this Chief Justice originally from Quang Ngai.

On November 1, in Hanoi, Binh – Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court – had his agency coordinate with the Vietnam Musicians Association to organize the Launching Ceremony of the Song Writing Contest about the People’s Court.

Associations established by the state rely on the state budget, and so does the Musicians’ Association. If you are a parasite on the budget then you have to be a servant, and this is the time for the Musicians’ Association to carry out that mission.

In fact, the image of the judiciary to the people is so bad. If they want to regain our image, they need to reform the judiciary in the direction of judicial independence, like democratic countries. Only when there is an independent judiciary can the court be impartial and protect justice.

However, when it comes to “independent judiciary“, the Communist Party is madly opposed. They use the courts as a tool to create pocket judgments according to the Party’s orders, so that they can easily rule the people. The Communist “People’s Court” engages in criminal trials of dissidents whom the Party wants to eliminate. From there, the cruelty spread to other social issues, as people witnessed through the cases of Nguyen Van Chuong, Ho Duy Hai, Le Van Manh, Huynh Van Nen, Han Duc Long, etc.

Currently, the court industry is hungry for acclaim and they rely on the servant Musicians Association. It’s unclear whether any musicians are brave enough to compose songs praising this sector. If there were, then these “compositions” would be left for the court to sing and enjoy, but the people would never acknowledge the kindness of the Communist court.

The Vietnamese court is just a tool of Satan.

Thoibao.de (Translated)