To Lam arrests Luu Binh Nhuong to force Vo Van Thuong to reveal himself?

Minister of Public Security To Lam

The case of National Assembly member Luu Binh Nhuong, former Deputy Head of the National Assembly’s People’s Petition Commission, being urgently arrested at Noi Bai Airport, after a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, is considered a very complicated case related to the struggle at the top of the leadership, between factions within the Communist Party of Vietnam.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, at the 8th Plenum of the 13th Central Committee, officially announced that he would retire after 3 terms as General Secretary. This is considered the siren signaling the official start of the key personnel race at the 14th National Congress.

Public opinion criticized Minister To Lam for using the hands of Thai Binh Police to urgently arrest Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong, a popular National Assembly member while there is no solid evidence yet. Because if there is evidence that Nhuong committed property crime, why not make it public?

But few people know that the “urgent” arrest and search right at Noi Bai airport, a crowded place, with measures such as searching Mr. Nhuong’s belongings and personal belongings, is an act intended to humiliate, to bring down the image of a National Assembly member “for the people.” Not only is it a search for evidence, related to forces within the Party trying to “kick” Mr. To Lam and Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh out of the political race, but also a way to humiliate each other.

There is no smoke without fire. Don’t just blame To Lam and Nguyen Hoa Binh in this incident. The person who sparked this internal fight was Vo Van Thuong.

Recently, the Politburo issued Regulation No. 132-QD/TW “on controlling power, preventing and combating corruption and negativity in judicial agencies.” That means, violations by police agencies, procuratorates and courts at all levels in judicial activities will be controlled more strictly and systematically.

Public opinion finds that Chief of Supreme Court Nguyen Hoa Binh “has a habit of being startled“, constantly explaining himself and speaking loudly. Because Chief Justice Binh himself is afraid that if he is disciplined by the Politburo for wrongful convictions, he will likely be eliminated from the personnel race at the upcoming 14th National Congress.

Chief Justice Nguyen Hoa Binh’s order for Thanh Hoa Provincial Court to execute the death sentence on death row prisoner Le Van Manh is considered an act of “pouring fuel on the fire” regardless of the reaction of domestic and international community.

More importantly, before that, lawyer Le Van Hoa, who protected the rights of his client “wrongfully executed prisoner” Nguyen Van Chuong, mobilized the community to send petitions and messages to President Vo Van Thuong. At that time, according to the attorney, “President Vo Van Thuong has received the message and is giving instructions to resolve it.”

At that time, journalist Nguyen Duc, former Editor of Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, said on his personal Facebook page that Luu Binh Nhuong, on the morning of August 5, sent a message to the President Vo Van Thuong. After that, Nhuong announced that he had received a response from President Vo Van Thuong by text message, with the content: “Your message has been received and is being resolved.”

Journalist Nguyen Duc then also reported news and photos about: “Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong – Deputy Head of the People’s Petition Commission of the National Assembly Standing Committee received the parents of death row prisoner Nguyen Van Chuong at the National Assembly’s headquarters on morning of September 27, 2023.”

Accompanying the announcement is a picture of Luu Binh Nhuong and staff of the National Assembly Standing Committee receiving the parents of death row prisoner Nguyen Van Chuong, which is said to be very respectful.

What do the messages exchanged between Luu Binh Nhuong – and President Vo Van Thuong have to do with architect Duong Quoc Chinh’s comments about the urgent arrest and very meticulous search of Luu Binh Nhuong at Noi Bai airport, saying:

This may show that in his luggage there is something sensitive, which can be considered evidence, possibly money, documents… and certainly, he have just met a character, so they need to arrest him immediately to confiscate the evidence.”

More importantly, according to analysts, the above developments show that President Vo Van Thuong is among the forces opposing To Lam and Nguyen Hoa Binh.

Once Vo Van Thuong officially appears in the match, there will be many dramatic developments. Please continue to follow our next programs. (Translated)