Detained Luu Binh Nhuong is said to holds official secrets even more terrible than General Department 2

Luu Binh Nhuong’s voice scared many officials

The Vietnamese National Assembly has long been just a puppet National Assembly, most of its members present in the parliament are “nodding representatives.” Although there were voices that could be heard, they were very lonely. Often these voices are created by the Communist Party for “decorative purposes” so that the National Assembly looks democratic. Most of the voices who stand on the side of the people are known to the people.

Among the voices representing the people in the parliament, there was previously Mr. Duong Trung Quoc, and Mr. Quoc was a National Assembly member for 4 terms. He is a person who often has a voice that people applaud.

However, by his fourth term, the 14th National Assembly, he had almost no notable contributions.

In the 14th National Assembly, Mr. Liu Pyongyang emerged as a National Assembly Delegate who dared to speak frankly. When Mr. Nhuong emerged, Mr. Duong Trung Quoc gradually sank. However, many people judge that, in terms of understanding the law, analytical ability, and courage, Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong is considered superior. In particular, the legal community highly appreciated his opinions, although his opinions were mostly ignored by the Communist Party.

At the 14th National Assembly, Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong was selected as Deputy head of the NA People’s Petition Commision. Mr. Nhuong was chosen because he had many nominations for this position, moreover, he had 22 years of teaching at Hanoi Law University. The head of the People’s Petition Commission must be a member of the Party Central Committee, so Mr. Nhuong, although very knowledgeable about the law and a qualified person, is still only a deputy. The Head of the People’s Petition Commission is responsible for listening to what people complain about, then telling the Party how to deal with it, not getting people’s opinions to research, consider, and then solve people’s problems, as well as amending policies to suit the people.

The People’s Petition Commission was established under Resolution No. 370/2003/NQ-UBTVQH11, dated March 17, 2003, of the National Assembly Standing Committee. Since its inception, the majority of members of this Committee have been easy to follow. They receive people’s opinions and recommendations, then respond, allowing the Party to find ways to punish the people.

It has been in existence for 20 years, but in the People’s Petition Commission, only Mr. Nhuong really listens to the people, received the people’s petitions for help, and then, for the people, directly punches the officials in the parliament. Mr. Nhuong really makes Central officials worried every time he talked in the National Assembly.

Accepting Mr. Nhuong as a National Assembly Delegate is considered a mistake of the Party. That’s why, at the 15th National Assembly, the Central Committee implicitly instructed that Mr. Nhuong be removed from the National Assembly, to avoid a long and dreamy night. However, Mr. Nhuong still retains the position of Deputy Committee of the People’s Petition Commission to avoid “people’s objections.”

Although he was excluded from the 15th National Assembly, Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong is still the address that people come to for help.

Not only did the people come to Mr. Nhuong, an inside source told us, even the “injustice officer” came to him. Because in recent years, when the Central Government fought to the death, there appeared officials who were pursued by the General Secretary’s faction and intended to be eliminated. These people passed on to Mr. Nhuong the disgusting secrets of the officials in opposing side.

It is unclear how true it is, however, this information is difficult to refute, when a lot of internal fighting has been leaked to the outside, so citizens’ news sites have a lot of information to post, then that is, information from overseas flies back into the country.

The source mentioned above said that perhaps Luu Binh Nhuong holds earth-shattering secrets in his hands, which his captors do not want to fall into the hands of their opponents. Therefore, when arresting Mr. Nhuong, the police searched his house very carefully and very unexpectedly, so that Mr. Nhuong would not have time to react.

Currently, General Department 2 is also the place that holds many of the comrade’s secrets. Some people said, half jokingly, half seriously, “Mr. Nhuong holds the secrets of his comrades, perhaps even more terrible than General Department 2“, so he must be punished. (Translated)