Eliminating Thuong and Hue so General Secretary Trong can remain hist post for 4th term: Truth or rumor?

In the race to win the General Secretary position at the upcoming 14th National Congress, there are many signs that Minister of Public Security To Lam is trying to stand in the way and destroy other potential candidates in the Party, to ensure his election to take the party leadership hold by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong for the three consecutive tenures.

However, some mixed opinions believe that General Lam is only continuing to support General Secretary Trong in the “burning of the furnace” work.

In the latest commentary from BBC Vietnamese, regarding the arrest of former Minister Mai Tien Dung, the following information was given:

“Lieutenant General To An Xo added that when the leader of the Special Project Commission reported to the General Secretary on a number of key criminal cases, the General Secretary praised the Ministry of Public Security for its determination in the fight against corruption and corruption. The General Secretary also requested the Ministry of Public Security to continue to be more determined and drastic, in the spirit of upholding the law, no restricted areas, no exceptions, everyone is equal before the law.”

In addition, journalist and social activist Nguyen Anh Tuan commented, “Vuong Dinh Hue was eliminated, paving the way for Nguyen Phu Trong’s fourth term.” According to the author, in just 16 months, three Politburo members of the “Four Pillars” had to retire, according to a special procedure called “please leave.” Of these three cases, the cases of State President Vo Van Thuong and Chairman of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue are difficult to understand for people.

Journalist Nguyen Anh Tuan raised the issue “Let’s say Thuong lost his position because he let his relatives receive money from Phuc Son Company 13 years ago, and Hue had to leave because he let Assistant Pham Thai Ha borrow his name to get profit from business.” And this is absurd, because the Party’s internal control is always a top priority, and is carried out by many agencies to cross-check each other…

The author wonders, with old and long-standing violations, why Thuong and Hue were able to overcome the strict criteria for selecting senior personnel, through recent Party Congresses, to advance to the highest positions – the “Four Pillars” row? And why were these violations not detected early?

Journalist Nguyen Anh Tuan’s answer is very simple: “because the person with supreme power – General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong – wants it so.”

This hypothesis shows that the General Secretary personnel scenario of the 13th National Congress seems to be re-established in the upcoming Congress.

Remember, at the last Central Committee’s Plenum before the 13th National Congress, the majority of opinions did not agree with Tran Quoc Vuong – Standing member of the Secretariat to succeeding the position of General Secretary. And just waiting for that, General Secretary Trong declared, “If the Central Committee does not agree, then I will continue to stay” along with a promise to only sit for half a term, as promised at the 12th National Congress.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan said:

“When the Central Government has to decide on key personnel options, there will be no other viable choice other than Trong for the position of General Secretary. Trong will calmly continue his 4th term, with the familiar excuse that, despite his old age, weak health, and limited capacity, he cannot shirk the tasks entrusted to him by the Party and the people.”

According to observers, General Secretary Trong always used the excuse that he had not found a trustworthy successor, forcing him to continue serving another term. Notably, all the characters who were once considered “next” to the position of General Secretary were suddenly eliminated, such as Dinh The Huynh, Tran Quoc Vuong… or recently Vo Van Thuong and Vuong Dinh Hue, and soon, maybe Truong Thi Mai.

According to analysts, there are many underlying issues that show that Trong will not leave his post. Because he has been thinking about the rule “Fish eat ants and one day ants may eat fish.”

Trong’s 4th term will be legalized by amending the Party Charter – at the upcoming 14th National Congress slated in January 2026. This amendment was first announced by Trong himself in February 2024, and it would not be surprising if the clause limiting two terms to the position of General Secretary would be removed.

With his current power, if he wants to continue for a fourth term, Trong can just remain in his position, because very few people dare to challenge his will. However, Trong was once criticized at the 13th National Congress, when he continued his third term as General Secretary, despite the Party Charter.

Therefore, it can be affirmed that General Secretary Trong is trying to pave the way for his 4th term. This seems unreasonable given Lam’s abusive behavior, but it is also very concerning./.


Tra My – Thoibao.de