General Secretary Trong responsible for ongoing fierce internal conflict!

The political storm over the past two months has been blamed by society on Minister of Public Security To Lam: People say it was General Lam who rebelled, To Lam defeated Vo Van Thuong and Vuong Dinh Hue, causing Truong Thi Mai to leave. It cannot be ruled out that more people in the Politburo will continue to fall.

Everyone knows that police chief Lam’s rebellion was to eliminate all those who could compete with him for the position of General Secretary in the next term. According to the Party’s tradition, factions often fight for positions. However, never before has the fight been as fierce as it is now.

It is also correct to say that the person who caused the Politburo to be devastated like today was To Lam, but it is also correct that it was General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. Previously, to be seated as the party chief, candidates had to gain the trust of the incumbent General Secretary, and thus, be introduced by the General Secretary at the Party National Congress. Once introduced by the General Secretary, it is almost certain to be elected. Vuong Dinh Hue once wanted to follow that path, however, To Lam emerged and overthrew everything.

Now, the competition for the position of General Secretary is more chaotic than ever. To Lam is ready to fight all opponents, but the Politburo wants to push To Lam to the position of State President, and block his Hung Yen faction from taking over the Ministry of Public Security. It means they want to isolate his power. Because of such chaotic fighting, the only rule that applies to this game is “the rule of the strong.”

Many people blame To Lam for causing this chaotic situation, but in reality, this was caused by General Secretary Trong.

It was because Trong was greedy for power and wanted to hold on to the position of General Secretary for life that made those below him lose patience and rebel. To stay in office for a third term, Trong trampled on the Party’s laws to give himself favors. Since Trong himself created such a precedent, To Lam can also completely follow and destroy the previous order.

As the head of a country’s ruling Party, Trong should have respected the law. However, not only does Trong not care about national laws, but he is willing to trample on even the Party’s laws.

When the General Secretary breaks the order in the process of selecting candidates for the position of the party chief, does To Lam need to respect the regulations given by Trong?

There is nothing wrong with To Lam taking advantage of Trong’s demagogic statement “fighting corruption with no forbidden areas” to cut down Trong’s trusted henchmen. Only those who give “favors” to themselves, trampling on the law and the Party’s law, are worthy of condemnation.

General Secretary Trong’s creation of a bad precedent caused his subordinates to riot, so To Lam’s taking advantage of Trong’s demagogic statements to cause chaos will also be a premise for those who want to rebel next.

Just like that, the Communist Party of Vietnam will fall into a spiral of crisis with no end in sight.

As the head of the Party, Trong should have been the one to set an example for the entire Party, regarding the strictness of the Party’s laws, but here, he arbitrarily trampled on it, meaning, he himself destroyed the order in the Party. .

By this time, Trong was old and very sick, but still determined to hold on to his position. Isn’t he setting a bad example for the Party? At this time, perhaps, the only way to use “revolutionary violence” can force him to leave his position.

Pushing the Communist Party of Vietnam to the chaotic situation it is today, is none other than General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.