Police detain monk Thich Minh Tue but saying “voluntarily” stops wondering!

Since the early morning of June 3, the online community has been confused because monk Thich Minh Tue and his accompanying group suddenly disappeared without a trace. At noon on June 3, the state-controlled press simultaneously announced that monk Thich Minh Tue “voluntarily” stopped wondering.

When the state-controlled newspapers simultaneously report news with the exact same content, it is a directive from the Communist government.

For many days, people have been closely following monk Thich Minh Tue’s journey, but have not heard him say anything about stopping wondering. Putting words into other people’s mouths is a familiar action of the Communist government. They monopolize the media, so if they want to put words into someone’s mouth, they can put them.

Monk Thich Minh Tue went begging for alms, following the example of the ancient Buddha. The monk did not accept money, only vegetarian food for breakfast every day, to nourish his body. It was the practice of keeping the precepts, following the Buddha’s example, that naturally made him shine. People loved him, followed him, and waited for him in increasing numbers. Many people volunteered to follow the master’s footsteps and learn to practice.

Monk Thich Minh Tue is considered a model of true practice, letting go, humility and compassion; in complete opposition to the state-supported monks, who are day by day preaching superstitious ideas, calling for offerings, deceiving, and benefiting from the people, far away from the teachings of the Buddha.

There are monks, specifically Thich Chan Quang, who even dare to change Buddha’s teachings and impose his own rules on his ignorant disciples, which is extremely dangerous for society.

For a long time, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha has become an extended arm of the Party. They arbitrarily combined Socialism – an inhumane ideology of the Party – with Dharma. Through that, they destroy Dharma and canon law. The monks created by this religious organization are called “fake monks” by the people.

It can be said that the Vietnamese Buddhist Church is no different from a “ghost” and “heresy” organization that distorts Buddhism.

Only the demonic path is afraid of the true path, only the false cultivator is afraid of the true cultivator. That is why, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha quickly issued an official document confirming that Thich Minh Tue is not a “Buddhist monk.” They were afraid that people would follow the monk Thich Minh Tue’s path of practice, so they took the exclusive right to practice for themselves. But through that, they further revealed their “evil” nature, helping people awaken.

The strong charisma of monk Thich Minh Tue made the Communist government afraid. They are afraid of a crowd that disobeys them. They fear a crowd they have no ability to control. And that was the reason for them to take action, using the power of the police and plotting to prevent the image of monk Minh Tue from reaching the public, and suppressing the alms group following the monk in silence.

However, some images have leaked. Also on June 3, very quickly, on social networks appeared an image of a police car from Thua Thien – Hue, bearing license plate number 75A-066.75, carrying members of the alms group. Next is the image of teacher Thich Minh Tue having his fingerprints taken at the police station, along with some reports from members of the delegation, as well as YouTubers after leaving the police station.

For the Communists, they will ban and eliminate things that cannot be managed, even in cases where force is needed. At the same time, they are very afraid of celebrities and crowd effects, if those things are not within their intentions, or beyond their control.

Therefore, many activists, who have been detained and interrogated by the police, predicted that the police would take action against monk Thich Minh Tue and the following group of monks.

Some people believe that eliminating the group of people following Minh Tue was intended to save the face of the Vietnamese Buddhist Church, because it revealed all its taint when the true monk appeared.

However, after the light of monk Thich Minh Tue, it is difficult for the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha to regain its “face” before the public.

Using violence only makes people more frustrated, more dissatisfied, and more hateful. It will be impossible to build a decent state in that way, it will be impossible to build a church that claims to be righteous in that way.

This state has always promoted “freedom of belief” but must “follow its will.” The beliefs created by demon monks like Thich Truc Thai Minh, Thich Chan Quang, etc. are corrupting social morality.


Hoang Phuc – Thoibao.de